(This might be a little off-tpoic) ARE YOU AWARE THAT...... YOU ME AND OUR FELLOW AMERICAN

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(This might be a little off-tpoic) ARE YOU AWARE THAT...... *YOU ME AND OUR FELLOW AMERICANS ARE FACING TOTAL DISASTER? * THAT WEURE ALREADY INTO A FAST DEVELOPING POLICE STATE ENFORCED BY FOREIGN TROOPS THAT ARE ALREADY HERE? * WORSE YET, THAT MOST OF US KNOW LITTLE ABOUT IT? * MUCH LESS WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? The following is the sole responsibility and opinion of the: American Freedom Network 6142 Gotfredson Road Plymouth, Michigan 48170 DID YOU KNOW: That a United Nations' flag flies over Fort Polk Louisiana? That it domiciles foreign troops put there by a secret but powerful international ruling clique? That these troops are occupying our country to back up an inhumanely repressive Gestapo/Storm Trooper/Brown Shirt all rolled into one Multi Jurisdictional Task Force? That President Clinton's call for a 300,000 strong new National Police Force is really a camouflage for the personnel for this already in existence super-police force? That the newly passed crime bill is really a license for this step? That about a half million United Nations' troops (mostly Orientals from numerous sightings) are already in America? That the unmarked black helicopters and the Men In Black (MIB) often seen in many parts of America are part of these same United Nations' forces? DID YOU KNOW: That this traitorous and treacherous occupation took place with the secret connivance of our President? Of his cabinet? Of our vaunted military leaders and heroes? Of our knowledgeable Congressmen and Senators? Of our own state governments? That the widely advertised economies of "military base closings" were really for the purpose of using these bases for United Nations troops and DETENTION CENTERS, a perfumed term for CONCENTRATION CAMPS? ARE YOU AWARE: That our American governments, federal and state, are but puppets of the world's super rich despots now working through the United Nations to establish a diabolical one world government called the New World Order? DO YOU KNOW: That their plans are for a "Global 2000" New World Order that calls for the peonization and enslavement of American labor, a process already 35 years along the way? The destruction of the American middle class? And a huge army of unemployed, bidding against each other for the little work that is available? Did you know that the 30-year-old of today earns about 37% less than his father did at age 30 while productivity of Americans has increased over 100% in the same period? DID YOU KNOW: That the newly passed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is really a first step in taking away American sovereignty? Of merging America and Americans into the New World Order as a unit with Mexico and Canada? Of destroying the 50 states of the Union and instituting a 10-region Federal Administration under FEMA? That it is the biggest single step to date of lowering American standards to that of peons? DO YOU KNOW: Why mysterious coded markings are appearing on the back of much of this nation's highway signs? Could they be there as guides for United Nations troops who cannot comprehend English or understand our maps? Now do you understand why the American image has been converted to one of "hated imperialists" in the countries where these troops come from? DO YOU KNOW: Why huge detention facilities, enough to hold over two million "detainees", have been built and are being built in much of America, especially the granddaddy of them all, the Elmandorf detention facility in Alaska already dubbed "America's Siberia"? That the Soviet gulags in Siberia were summer camps compared? DO YOU KNOW: That FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is all set up to put a dictatorship in place over the American people when martial law is declared in the not too distant future? That this dictatorship is so fiendishly calculated with the use of new technology that Hitler's dictatorship was a mere boy scout's exercise! And, speaking of Hitler, DID YOU KNOW that our first gun control laws passed in 1968 were literally word for word translations of the very same gun control laws passed in 1938 by Hitler's German government? OF COURSE YOU KNOW: That President Clinton is setting up a new 300,000 member national police force "to fight crime". DID YOU KNOW that America already has more police per capita than any nation on earth? That, in reality, this new police force will be the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force (swat teams) that will make Hitler's Nazi Storm Troopers, Brown Shirts and Gestapo look like models of virtue? That the MJTF will have actual street gangs as part of it's forces? That these sadistic gangs get to keep the loot they can grab on raids - raids which will be many against those who are not "politically correct"? That the participants in these forces will be hooded and unidentifiable? DO YOU KNOW: That 80% of the world's population is slated to disappear, about 100 million of it by the target date of 2000 AD? That genocide is planned by our covert leaders? DID YOU KNOW: That our covert masters intend to break up the family? That whole races are slated for extermination? And especially free minded Americans of all races? That the Christian religion is being destroyed and is slated for eradication as it was in Russia? That thought-control will be instituted? That we will be programmed as obedient and servile zombies? DO YOU KNOW: That our high achievers and independent thinkers are due for detention and liquidation the way Lenin and Stalin liquidated the Soviet "intelligentsia", that is, people inspired with the idea that we Americans are and should remain free peoples? DID YOU KNOW: That this same monstrous ruling cabal actually put the Bolsheviks in power in Russia in 1918 in the first place? And that Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Gorbachov and even today's Boris Yeltsin were and are mere puppets of this same secret cabal? (Of course, if you respond to this offer, we'll tell you the shocking truth about who are real rulers are!) And speaking of Mikhail Gorbachov, DID YOU KNOW that, as of this writing, he is in Presidio California with Russian staff members working with the Federal legislator, Alan Cranston on a hush hush project? DO YOU KNOW: That our government in Washington D.C. is merely a puppet government following orders given by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) headquartered in Chatham House in London, England? The same RIIA that dictates to Russia and other countries through the United Nations in behalf of the New World Order? That Bill Clinton had been groomed by the British and American super rich traitors for his present role since he was a teenage protg of Senator William Fullbright of Arkansas? And the same for Vice-President Gore as the son of a U.S. Senator? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD: Of the Club of Rome, NATO (NATO is in charge of the huge computer setup in Brussels, Belgium designed to constantly monitor every man, woman, and child on earth and keep up-to-the-moment records), the Round Table, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and a host of other organizations that are directed by the RIIA to implement the one world dictatorship they call the New World Order? DID YOU KNOW: There are several secret societies, some of which you know well, that are traitoriously working to subjugate us to a Big Brother police state in which they will be in most control positions? That, in fact, the blue blood secret society, the gruesome Skull & Bones Society to which former President George Bush belongs, is but just one involved? That the largest secret society has over 3 million members, substantial of which are ALREADY in control positions in our country? DID YOU KNOW: That our national parks and federal land holdings have been foreclosed upon by the international bankers on behalf of our secret rulers? That they are protecting their properties behind such fronts as environmental groups, pretended "save endangered species" areas and other repressive measures? That they are re labeling our national parks as "international Biospheres" and restricting them with armed federal guards and National Forest Service Rangers? DID YOU KNOW: That virtually all government offices, law enforcement agencies, military organizations and courts have gold-fringed American Flags? That these flags symbolize that these military organizations, law enforcement agencies, courts and government officials are following laws of the high seas (British Admiralty Law) contrary to the U.S. Constitution? That court judges are grossly violating their solemn oaths to uphold our Constitution in the discharge of their duties? That the effect of this is to place us under commercial laws and deny us our Constitutionally protected rights? DID YOU KNOW: That the top two or three candidates for the presidency of the United States are and have been in the pockets of the vicious international despots who are our real rulers? That this has been so for more than 100 years? That, no matter who wins our votes, the ruling cartel still wins and we Americans always lose? That this means we have been under puppet presidents since at least 1880? DID YOU KNOW: That Federal Taxes (so-called U.S. Income Taxes) are fraudulent and unlawfully imposed and enforced upon those who live within the 50 States of the Union? That the $700 billion collected annually along with hundreds of billions more go DIRECTLY into the coffers of the super rich of the world through the Federal Reserve Banks (your IRS checks are endorsed into the Federal Reserve Banks which are privately owned instead of into the U.S. Treasury which applicable law calls for), the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? That you can regain your precious constitutionally protected rights and drop out of the tribute system into which you were ensnared? DID YOU KNOW: That you can take steps to protect your home, real estate and other assets against seizure, foreclosure, probate, judgments and most taxes (because they are illegal, even under our present commercial laws)? DO YOU KNOW: That the effort to "extend" "Health-care" coverage to all of us is really designed to create a medical dictatorship and saddle us all with an "EVERYTHING" NEW WORLD ORDER CONTROL CARD? DO YOU KNOW: That the so-called "Health Security" card now being readied for every American (yes, ALL of us must be covered by the new "health care" system, mustn't we?) is really a "smart card" with a computer chip and magnetic stripe and bar code bearing your Social Security Number and linking it to all the hundreds, even thousands of pages of personal data about you? That this card is readable by local or satellite scanners at all times? That it has both input and output features and will constantly be updated by the world master computer system in Belgium via satellites? That it keeps you located at all times? That it is due to be replaced by an even more sophisticated system, a computer chip embedded in our wrists, foreheads or other body parts? That these chips will be soon embedded in our babies so that they may be tracked "for their shots" and more really inhuman, debilitating and devitalizing procedures? That these chips are NOW being tested in the U.S.A. and the world on prisoners, pets and livestock? DID YOU KNOW: That this same card is slated to be your debit card in a soon forthcoming cashless society? That this EVERYTHING CARD will be your key to existence in the New World Order? That, without it, you can neither work nor buy anything? ARE YOU AWARE: That the is and cannot be any "health-care" in our so-called health care system? That our so-called health care system is but one more tool of the wealthy elite to rip us off, despoil us in body and mind, and control us like we were zombies? That, instead of delivering health, "health care's" ten million physicians, nurses and other personnel are, in reality, delivering more disease, more suffering and ever mounting medical bills? Bills that will exceed a trillion dollars in this year 1994? ARE YOU AWARE: That health is normal and natural for humans just as it is for animals in nature? And that health costs nothing--that it's easy, simple and uncomplicated? ARE YOU AWARE: That the concept of medicine is pure myth? That you cannot be poisoned into health with drugs neatly called medicines? That, instead, drugs cause our devitalization, diseases and deaths? That death rates drop by as much as 60% when physicians go on strike and cease to administer drugs? That the whole medical system is but another tool with which to control and degrade us? With which to dispatch to their makers "USELESS EATERS" and CONSUMERS of the world's precious resources which our real international ruling despots fancy as theirs? ARE YOU AWARE: That health is a TOTALLY-DO-IT-YOURSELF-AFFAIR and consists completely and only of meeting your simple biological needs? Needs like good air, pure water, comfortable temperature, body cleanliness, adequate sleep, being loving and lovable, loved and appreciated, foods of our natural disposition (God-made foods, not man-altered junk), some vigorous activity as in exercise, sunshine and natural light, emotional poise, assurance of life and it's natural means and yet other needs? Of rejecting and discontinuing practices, substances and influences that ruin our health? ARE YOU AWARE: That America is a nation of drug addicts? That most of us a subtly addicted to life-sapping, mind-dulling drugs such as caffeine as in coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, teas and cocoa? As nicotine and other poisons in tobacco? As alcohol in beers, wines, and other beverages? As in tranquilizers, aspirin, pain killers, uppers, downers, amphetamines, barbiturates, sleeping pills and train loads of other prescribed and over-the-counter drugs? As in a multitude of drugs added to our "foods" as preservatives, additives, flavor enhancers, condiments, stabilizers, etc.? As in marijuana, cocaine, heroine, opium, and other recreational drugs? AS IN COOKED FOODS AND THEIR SUBSEQUENT INTESTINAL FERMENTATION AND PUTREFACTION BY-PRODUCTS WHICH CREATE A PLETHORA OF NOXIOUS AND PATHOGENIC SUBSTANCES? ARE YOU AWARE: That our clandestine rulers want to make us into mindless drug-controlled zombies that obediently and unquestioningly submit to their rapacious mandates? DO YOU KNOW: That virtually all the TV and radio networks and stations, newspapers, magazines, and other communications media have long since been bought and are now controlled by these same super rich devilish despots? That we are constantly propagandized, brainwashed, misinformed, disinformed and misled? That, very simply, they aren't telling us the truth or what we should know? DID YOU KNOW: That you, working with others dedicated to a free country and Constitutionally protected rights can rather easily establish this condition again on your local level and thwart those evil international despots who want to enslave us? DOES THIS ALL SOUND OMINOUS TO YOU? What is touched upon above is but the tip of the iceberg! Plans are that we be as effectively controlled as if we were handcuffed. "HE WHO CONTROLS YOU MIND CONTROLS YOUR BODY TOO!" Our minds have long since been programmed and conditioned to be unquestioning followers of our treacherous newspapers, TV, magazines, propagandists and officials. It's already very late! It's time to do something now- -quickly while that is still possible! Something that will turn the tables on this monstrous plot before it's too late. That means you must act NOW! But you must act wisely, purposively, lawfully and effectively! WHAT CAN YOU DO? - You must alert your friends and neighbors to the grave dangers that are imminent. They are probably more unbelieving and skeptical than you are. They, too, have been lulled asleep at their ship's helm. - You must find out what to do and how to do it on a local level in your city, township, county and state. You must work with your awakened friends and neighbors to change your local governments and law enforcement personnel to ones that will uphold your rights and truly represent your interests, thusly removing them and your local bureaucrats as power bases upon which this dastardly New World Order intends to build. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW? WE URGENTLY SUGGEST... - That you reproduce this information and pass it out to friends, mail to distant acquaintances, leave on bulletin boards, or distribute electronically via e-mail or post to the internet. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: AMERICAN FREEDOM NETWORK 6142 GOTFREDSON ROAD PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN 48170 //// American Freedom Network is responsible for the contents of the above text and the opinions expressed are those of the American Freedom Network. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to help@anon.penet.fi. Due to the double-blind, any mail replies to this message will be anonymized, and an anonymous id will be allocated automatically. You have been warned. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to admin@anon.penet.fi. -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hey, Kids: Clip & Save! - - - - - - - - - - - - | "You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the | | people some the time; the trick is to fool enough of the people enough of | | the time." Bill Clinton, Lincoln Day, 1995 | Ron Schwarz ab621@leo.nmc.edu |


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