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Publicity & Persecution Texts} View File. Name [LAROUCHE.TXT]? suburb.txtFile: Publicity & Persecution Texts->SUBURB.TXTP to pause, S to stopLiving here in Northern Massachusetts, home of the supposedlyopen minded folk of the East coast and spending my spare timerunning a Pagan BBS, I thought we were comfortably far off fromthe recent media blitzs of National tv, the Christian Networksand the recent controversey in CA with the OTO. Then I openedup the local sales-flyer paper we get each week, The MinutemanChronicle Sunday, circulation of 101,672 in the Lowell/Billericaregion, to a blood Dripping headline: Satan in The SuburbsTo one side was the green blobed quote: "Look at me, Satan's Child. Born of evil, thus defiled. Brought to Life through satanic birth. Come look at me and I'll show you things that will open your eyes...." Fron the song 'Possesed' by the group Venom.Blazened in spectacular four color newsink, were a listing ofSymbols: An Anhk (labeled as Egyptian ANCH Cross, and with a sidelabeling of 'The Cross of Satan represents Life') A Peace Symbol (labeled as The Cross Of Neri, and with a sidelabeling of 'Cross upside down with the arms broken') A Dagger, upright (labeled as 'The Sword of power' and a sidelabeling of 'Aggressive force used in Satanic rituals')This in a local shoppers flyer, distributed for free to all thehomes in the area (Oct. 29th, 1989 date on issue) that usuallyhas local town meeting results, real estate ads and the weeksgrocery coupons - in otherwords no real hard news or 'bad news'!Mouth agape I read on... 2 full pages of the paper's worth ofprint (in a paper of only 36 pages, 22 of which are fully ads)claiming expose, local devil worshipers suspected, how to id adevil worshiper etc...My stomache turned at their misinformationand obvious madness of all this. THis area supports an ADF proto-Grove, a Wiccan Group, thecollege is about to allow the formation of a Pagan STudents Groupand two very visbile (media wise) Masonic Temples, and a populationthat is less than 50% Christian (We have in the area a largeimmigrant population from the Orient which sport their own beliefsand places of worship). This sort of 'reporting' should not evenbegin to be visible here... I want people here, and thru the Nets, to see the sort ofmaterial thats showing up, and see why we must start pulling ourgroups and selves together into a true feeling of community andprotect ourselves before we are all destroyed seperatley orforced to do as was done before and slip back into the shadowsto hide from these fanatics....My next few posts will be fromthis paper, which is published by Beacon Communications, 20 MainST., Acton MA 01720, editor Bill Lindsay. If anyone wants to helpsway them by writing to the editorial department, they insist yousend them full address info and a phone number you can be reachedthru. Perhaps a flood of letters from us each time the media doesthis sort of thing will help bring some changes....thats[Minuteman Chronicle Sunday Oct 29th, 1989] SATAN IN THE SUBURBSby Elizabeth Banks, Senior ReporterAlchol and drug abuse is no surprise in area high schools, butpolice are now confronted with troublesome evidence of satanismin some suburban communities. Dead animals in Acton, graffiti in Maynard, heavy metal musicblaring themse of Satan and the occult - all these are evidenceof cults and devil worship, say area police. But, there are signs parents can look for, and some teens aremore susceptible than others to the rituals of satanic worship,according to Wesley Simons, director of Burlington's CommunityLife Center, a teen counseling center. Teenagers most prone to satanism, Simmons said in a recentinterview, are those who have no close relationship with eitherfamily members or friends. And, he added, "These are angry kids." Anger and isolation are the two characteristics, Simons stated,"that predispose an association withh angry acts." Another sign, SImmons warned, is involvement with "Overtlysatanic acts" such as the use of symbols, rituals, animal killings,reading occult books, listening to heavy metal music, andsometimes, playing the fantasy game "Dungeons and Dragons." "Emotional factors feed this behhavior," Simmons stressed. Ifthe emotional problems are not present, he added, teenagers mayjust "dabble" with the symbolism of satanism such as the satanicalphabet, heavy metal music, or related games. Even with strong close relationships heavy involvement couldhappen, Simmons said, but "most likely it won't happen." Cult practices and satanism are not limited too teenagers,police say. Because satanic acts are performed in secrecy policeoften lack concrete evidence of criminal acts. However, policenow say that abducted childeren or runaways may be victims ofsatanic rituals used as a guise for sexually abusing children. One case, reported last March by Lowell police, involved acult of local 13 and 14 year-olds. Two members reportedly drovetwo recruits to a New York town where they were subjected tosatanic rituals involving bloodletting and animal sacrifices. In other suburban communities police report evidence of satanicworship ranging from graffiti on buildings depicting satanicsymbols to shrines in wooded areas, to animal mutilations. Whilemost incidents go no further than graffiti and are perceived asharmless, there are enough isolated incidents of more seriousactivities to concern police in some towns. "Its here," said Inspector Ken Duane, Chelmsfords juvenileofficer, simply said "We have no actual documented facts, but we'vefound little shrines in the woods with rocks and candles." Therewas also one isolated incident of a mutilated dog he said. Duane reports dealing with teenagers involved in satanicactivites, but extreme involvement does not take place "to a hugedegree. Police," he added "definately see a connection betweendrug use and satanic worship. Anyone on drugs is capable ofanyuthing." [Continued NEXT posting...][Continued from last post] Recently, there was "talk" of organizing a satanic groupbetween Chelmsford and Tyngsboro teens, Duane said. But policemanaged to break up the groups and "get some of the leadersoff the streets." "We also see a connection between Heavy metal music anddrugs," he stated. "These kids wear black T-shirts with Satanicsymbols," Duane said. In Chelmsford, as in many other suburban communities, satanicgraffiti is evident throughout the town. Police, Duane said, donot know id it should be taken seriously, or if teens"are justfooling around." Acton police also report signs of satnaic activity. Suspicionsbegan when animals began disappearing and mutilated animals werediscovered. But none of this, police say, could be directlyrelated to satanic activity. Again, while no direct proof exists, graffiti is presentlylocated at ACton-Boxborough Regional Hhigh School depicting thenumbers 666, the sign of Satan. In other areas of town, policehave located upside down crosses. In Burlington, Simmons reports counseling two local teensinvolved in satanism. While he believs neither was seriouslyinvolved, one was "into" "Dungeons and Dragons". There are also reports of suspicious graffiti in Billerica,Lexington and Maynard. The Rev. Gary Heikkila of Maynard's Mission Evangelical Churchbegan investigating satanism after receiving a "strange letter".This letter, he said, "talked about finding a mutilated animalin the Gardner area and otehr things that seemed far out, butworthy oof investigation." Convinced that many Christians are ignorant of Satanic worship.Heikkila spoke with cult experts in preperation for a speechwhich he would later deliver to the Maynard Community. Through his research, Heikkila said he learned "that Satanismis much more than Halloween. These people have violent impulsesthat prey upon angry, powerless people who lead secret lives andare attracted to heavy metal music," he said. "I'm convinced that satanisim is linked to pornography, childabuse and murder," Heikkila stressed. Further study of satanic worship put Heikkila in touch with acult expert in Dallas. "Various types of satanism are on ameteoric rise," he was told. "Satanism is predicted to be thecult of the 90's," he added. THrough his church, Heikkila said a local woman came to himand said she found paraphernalia involved in satanic worship in hergrand-daughter's closet. And, he learned of covens meeting inBoxboro. "There are definately telltale signs," Heikkila continued.Teenagers involved in satanism report keeping a "Book of Shadows".These he explained contain suicide notes. Some young people, Heikkila cnotinued, are preoccupied withdeath, while others have satanic symbols either tattoed or cut intotheir skin with razors. Particularly troubling to Heikkila is the influence of the Churchof Satan, organized in California in 1966 by Anton Lavey, alsoknown as the Black Pope. This church, Heikkila said, "is amazing -its almost like science fiction - but its very real." [Continued NEXT Post][Continued From Last Post]Laveys teachings are "absolutely contrary to everything Christinswould accept." he continued. "(Lavey) teaches Satan is the bestfriend the church has ever had." And, according to Heikkila, bookstores report Lavey's SatanicBible sells out shortly after shipments are received. Taking his research to Gardner, Heikkila made contact with amusician from a heavy metal or black metal band. The band, hesaid is involved in satanism and the music reflects it. Because Heikkila was disturbed by what he learned washappening in his own and surrounding communities, he delivered aspeech about satanic worship. Shortly after, he reports, someoneattempted to burn down his church. During their investigation,police found gasoline and matches next to the church building. While there is no proof that satanists were involved in thearson attempt, Heikkila also reports receiving threateningletters. "I recieved some unsigned letters saying some terrible thingswould happen," Heikkila said. "I would shudder to think aboutthem happening." Police urge anyone, whether a parent or concerned citizen, toreport signs of possibl satanic worship. In response to what isseen as a growing national problem, an organization called BADD(Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons) was founded in 1983 by PatPauling, whose son killed himself after becoming involved in theFantasy game. The organization provides a reading and resource list as wellas information about preventive programs in "teen devil worship"information can be obtained by writing BADD Inc PO Box 5513,Richmond VA 23220. Additional information is available from the National Coalitionon TV Violance, c/o Thomas Radecki, MD PO BOX 2157, Champaign IL61820. Locally anyone with information about cults or seekinginformation about cults and satanic worship may call the CultVictimization Hotline in Concord at (508) 369 5437.****************************************************************** Theres more folks - this was just the largest of the articles,all done up by the same reporter and the same sources of info asmentioned herein....agains, maybe a real letter writing campaignmight help, not only to the paper, but to the organizations theyare plugging so they understand that we aren't satanists! Any othersuggestions are welcome too! I'll try to post a few more from thisbatch of misinformed and unsubstantiated articles (with lots ofphotos too - all of Graffitti for various rock groups includingAerosmith! can't include these here,but they're not much to lookat).[More From The Minuteman Chronicle Sunday]SIGNS, SYMBOLS and SIGNIFICANT DATES------------------------------------By Elizabeth Banks, Senior Reporter As a tool in recogniziong and identifying possible satanicbehavior, a chart depicting satanic signs and symbols is availablefrom BADD INC or the National Coalition on Tv Violence. Also available is a list of satanic holidays and magic colors. According to these organizations signs of Satan include ahorned hand - the satanic salute - the numbers 666, the lettersFFF,or a lightning bolt. And Satan is sometimes written backwardsin "ancient writing" where 'A's are written as triangles. The traditional "peace sign" in satanism is the symbol of theCross of Neri. An upside down cross, often associated with Heavymetal music, symbolizes a denial of Christianity. Another "common" symbol is a five pointed star. Two pointsrepresent devil horns and the remaining three symbolize the denialof the Christian Trinity. For members of covens, simple lines and arrows, often painted ontraffic signs, point the way to secret meetings. One area policeofficer reports seeing such directional signals and severalsuburban towns. Particularly appealing to some teenagers, are satanic alphabetsderived from the ancient runes. Using the


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