This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal. Each issue of the Rocky M

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This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal. Each issue of the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal is published by High Plains Arts and Sciences; P.O. Box 620604, Littleton Co., 80123, a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation, under a Public Domain Copyright, which entitles any person or group of persons to reproduce, in any form whatsoever, any material contained therein without restriction, so long as articles are not condensed or abbreviated in any fashion, and credit is given the original author.! STAR STONES by William AH, here I am once again, back from an extended trip to the Great Beyond, with a few things for you to ponder: If you recall, I mentioned that the left side of the body was "incoming" and the right "outgoing" --in some cases with males, this seems to be reversed. The best way to test for this is to get quiet in a secluded room, and go back and forth with a crystal, switching from one hand to the other, flowing energy alternately. Your "sense" will tell you which is correct for you. Next, and this is for all of you, practice alternating your flows so that you become able to choose the direction at will. Then when you need to circle energy, either in Circle or simply with a partner, you can do so no matter on which side they may be sitting or standing. On to other general information. According to ancient teachings, healing can be accelerated by placing the appropriate stone on the body area needing the energy. Many of you probably know this. However, they also cautioned that to place stones on the forehead can be "dangerous", causing light-headedness or "spaciness" -- especially if opal, malachite, or lapis lazuli is used. You really don't have to wear a stone to be effected. Any stone of 1/4 carat or larger will effect the wearer if kept within three feet of the body. Since I have mentioned crystals so much in this article, I'd like to go into a little more detail about them, concentrating on the familiar rock crystal, or quartz. Although it is the most common mineral in the world, being composed of silicon and oxygen, still it has some amazing properties that have been revered for centuries. It has long been a symbol of purity, patience, perseverance and elevation of the spirit. Romans used it to heal glandular disorders and reduce fevers. Pink, or "rose" quartz is said to give the wearer a soft complexion and reduce wrinkles. Yellow quartz, or citrine, stimulates openness and the awakening of the mind. Quartz crystals are known to hold negative energy. Cleansing can be a good bath in open sunshine or a true bath in distilled water, sea salt and baking soda with a rinsing afterwards (excellent cleanser for diamonds, too!). Trying to quit smoking or drinking?-Wear a crystal. Want to "key" one to you? Hold it in your "transmitting" hand, visualize a meter, with the needle pointing to a number; short out the crystal/meter to zero. Then charge the crystal with your own personal energy till the meter reads "100%", and "lock in" the charge. Now it's yours to heal you and yours. Next time I'll begin with the Astrological Stones for that month. Until then, enjoy your treasures of Nature......... William ........from RMPJ, Oct '86


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