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METAPHYSICAL* 03/01/90 19:24:00 From: AMMOND SHADOWCRAFT To: ALL Subj: TECHNIQUES FOR THE WITCH HUNTERS STRATEGIES FOR THE USING THE CLERGY ABUSE FILES The Witch Hunter has absolutely no authority to decided who has and has not the Spirit of Christ living within. Only their God has that privilege. They can reference only themselves. When they say these people aren't Christians, they are in "sin". They can't make that determination. The _status_ of Christian for these perpetrators is irrelevant. As long as these folks come from within the Christian churches they will have to look for the abusers there. There is ample proof that these folks are there in numbers. Just today the media released information on a Denver Area youth minister (for three Pres. churches), Bryan Bush, 31, who molested 30 boys on 50 occasions. This announcement is many years after the fact. The victims are now grown. The abuse in the witch hunter's church, if it exists, is hidden and will have to be ferreted out. It was a psychologist in Texas who reported the abuse in Colorado to Denver authorities. They can't fully deny abuse until they have taken a close look at their churches. Don't attack the hardened spear point. Attack the softest part of the organization. The soft hand and foot provide the support for the spear tip. Metaphorically get behind the witch hunter and attack there. Write to or talk with the directors of the organization. Time will take its toll. We let the witch hunting organizations know that the 'evil one' is within their midst. [After all he is.] They should be looking there for their quarry. We provide scriptural support for cleaning their house. Tell them to take the mote out of their own eyes. Also that they are hypocrites for taking money looking for Satanists outside the church when their own ranks are affected. We let them know that the media is looking at them as they decide to clean their house. We substitute for the _invisible_ Satanist for the extremely _visable_ and possibly abusive Clergyman or layperson. Send a copy to your local medias. Let them know that abuse exists in the Clergy's ranks. Send copies of clippings of abuse you get from friends. Posit that the witch hunters are askew and possibly hiding clergy abuse within their ranks. That's reasonable to say because many churches and organizations cover up the abuse for years before the victims break the news to the public. A hidden fundamentalist sect in Colorado Springs (with no name non-the-less) abused children and women for years. A girlfriend's 2 year-old boy was a victim. The small, unwatched fundamentalist groups that spring up around a charismatic pastor are the most likely to suffer and hide abuse. Generally these groups have no building nor standard meeting place. They will be hard to find. The higher the internal pressure to perform the higher the repression, the higher the chance of abuse. Keep you ears open for rumor. Shift the burden of proof onto the witch hunters. Make them look over their shoulders for the investigative reporter, the listening ear, the photographic eye. Provide reasonable suspicion and doubt. What their say and how they respond is _not_ important. What they think is. Over time they will either back off or go non-linear. Both responses can be used to turn public opinion against them. Shift the burden of proof onto the witch hunters. Make them prove they have cleaned their houses first. Let them laugh and scorn what they may. The media and the public opinion will water the seeds of doubt we plant. When they know we are watching them they will desist from their attacks. "Ever since then, there have been outbreaks of similar behavior," he said. "It was found that when very holy priests were sent to pray for and about these very troubled people, there would be an increase in the behavior, then eventually a complete liberation from it." Exorcism is more common in countries where Christianity is not well established or where other influences such as voodoo, come into play. Since the 1970's, exorcism has been performed only by a priest approved by a bishop, archbishop or cardinal. "If you ask most bishops in the country, 'Who is your exorcist? they probably wouldn't have one. It's an ad hoc thing," Burtchaell said. "Probably a number of bishops would be surprised to hear there were two in New York," one of the largest dioceses in the nation. Typically, he said, an exorcist must be a "very self possessed, consistently holy man" to survive the experience. "It involves a great deal of self-abuse, bodies being flung around the room, excrement, assumed voices -it's pretty vile stuff." "The average Catholic would have no first-hand information to speak of, " he said. "The darn movie is going to be the image everybody has. But, I must say, events in the movie are very faithful to the stories I've read" about real exorcisms, Burtchaell said. A battery of medical and psychological tests is ordered before some undergoes exorcism. "If a person has Lupus, for instance, and periodically has seizures where they go out of control, that's a chemical imbalance," Harak said. But there also are informal rites to get rid of, or guard against, demons. Harak said a standard, prebaptismal ritual contains "three scrutinies that are really rites of exorcism that have been kind of tamed in the church." "It's not like, 'Oh, my goodness, William Peter Blatty's 'The Exorcist.' It's a recognition that there are good spirits, angels and bad spirits, devils. And the evil spirit hates human nature," Harak said. The church also has a practice called deliverance for ridding "infestations of evil spirit" less serious than possession, Harak said. They are performed From Gwinnett Daily News Tuesday, March 6, 1990 Cardinal discloses exorcisms in New York The Associated Press Theologians expressed surprise Monday about Cardinal John O'Connor's disclosure that the rare rite of exorcism has bee performed twice in New York in a year. But other ceremonies dealing with evil spirits, including a baptismal prayer, are more common in the Roman Catholic Church. O'Connor mentioned the exorcisms during a sermon Sunday and to reporters afterward. He said heavy-metal music spiked with satanic lyrics created an atmosphere conducive to devil worship and demonic possession. The cardinal said the exorcisms were approved by the archdiocese's vicar general and appeared to be successful, but gave no other details. He also said the novel "The Exorcist" is a "gruesomely authentic" portrayal of demonic possession. According to a story published Dec. 12 in the San Fransico Chronicle, Pope John Paul II recently increased the number of exorcists in Rome and in Turin, where there are reported 40,000 devil worshippers. Last week, police in Indianapolis asked an unidentified priest to pray and --- TBBS v2.1/NM * Origin: LONG ISLAND CONNECTION - MAGICKNET NY (2600/301)


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