STEINMAN.REP Comments on Mr. Steinman's absurb statements on the subject of the +quot;flyi

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* STEINMAN.REP Comments on Mr. Steinman's absurb statements on the subject of the "flying saucer" phenomena being the work of one of his Gods. Throughout written history women and men looked up in the sky and wondered at the machines they observed there. Those civilizations whose thealogy and theology supported a positive, benign, and gentle Creator experienced these machines, lights, and other constructs as friendly, and manifestations of their God. Those societies with a polarized deity system of Good vs Trickster were decidedly neutral when such manifestations occurred, and usually waited for near-future events to happen before judging if the visitation was from Good or Trickster. Always, superior technology has been condemned as work from a relatively recent newcomer to mythology, the Devil. Where the Trickster was not "good" or "evil," this new God was decidedly evil. It was a Pope who stated that the steam engine was evil, and instant excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church was the punishment for those evil sinners who used steam for work Using steam meant that "earning thy bread by the sweat of thy brow" became much easier, and thus wrong in the eyes of the currently adopted God. Now here we are in the 1989s, and technology has pretty much cut our sweating down to those days when the air conditioning fails to work in one's apartment. Pushing papers around a desk, and punching a keyboard, has a permanent place in today's society. So one would think that the equation "Technology = Evil" would have been put to rest, right? No. Two years ago, on national TV, a religious extremist, hysteric, and Fundamentalist, stated that space craft were the "work of the Devil," and then included as "proof" the "Occult New Age philosophy" in Star Trek and Star Wars. Then we come to William M. Steinman, the subject of this diatribe. I quote from his statement dated 01/19/89, Titled "Ultimate Solutions To The UFO Phenomena," as found in the text file Steinman.txt. "The Flying Saucers originate from an 'eternal dimension', not subject to space and time, as we know it." Mr. Steinman courageously assumes a great deal here, the least of which is that "Flying Saucers" are real, either physical or astral in origin. While he does not clue the reader in on what he means by "eternal dimension," we can assume safely that he refers to an other worldly, etheric "plain of existence" that occultists, such as he, loves to speak of. The existence of such an astral plain is his second big assumption. As an occultist myself, I agree with Mr. Steinman that the "UFO Phenomena" is "other dimensional," and does not belong completely in the realm of "space and time." I do, however, object to the fact that he has stated his assumption as fact. "The Flying Saucers 'materialize' out of this 'eternal dimension' into our space time frame, and have been doing so since time immemorial. Assuming that using the term "Our space time frame" is valid (who knows? It could be *US* infiltrating *THEIR* space), he does not provide any clue here to what he means by "since time immemorial." The "UFO Phenomena," as we presently know it, is only as old as written history, which really wasn't that long ago. Mr. Steinman assumes an antiquity that is not supported or supportable. There is a direct relationship between 'The Great Secret' of the Occult teachings, 'The Mystery of Iniquity' of the Bible, and the Flying Saucer Phenomena. Mr. Steinman mentions his occult teaching, but gives us no clue at all to what he's talking about. As an occultist, one would assume I'd know what he means by "The Great Secret," but I have never come across such a reference once in 28 years of study. One wonders if Mr. Steinman knows what he's talking about. He also fails to mention what this "direct relationship" happens to be! The "Dark Forces" of the Occult, summed up as Satan (Lucifer) in the Bible, is the underlying source behind the Flying Saucer Phenomena. Mr. Steinman is one of the relatively few occultists who believes in the Christian God Satan. I have yet to see any reference in occult literature to such a deity. If we assume, as Mr. Steinman has, that such a deity as this Christian God exists, why would It be the "underlining source" of the "Flying Saucer" phenomena? And if it is, as Mr. Steinman states, why is it that UFOs were reported before his God was invented? I am not aware of anywhere in the Christian Bible where it states that their Gods chief mode of transportation are "flying saucers." I suppose the Pope should excommunicate these Gods: some UFOs appear to be steam powered! The "Dark Forces" are motivating and influencing the so called 'conspiracy Groups', who really control every world Government, through their various Intelligence Agencies. The only "Dark Forces" (note the capitals in deference to Mr. Steinman's fear and awe of them) here on Earth, as far as I can tell, and from occultist teachings, are humans, in the form of hate and ignorance. Mr. Steinman claims occult teachings, but his statements do not support his claim. There does exist in the United States, an alliance between the 'materialization' of these 'Dark Forces' posing as 'Alien Beings' and a high level Intelligence group, presumably 'MJ-12', who in turn operates through the N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., D.I.A., etc. In one sentence Mr. Steinman says that his God Satan is responsible for the "Conspiracy Groups," and in the next he joins such a group by proclaiming that the government has sold-out to this God. So much for consistency. There do exist Above-Top-Secret "saucer bases" in remote portions of the United States (and around the world), in which this unholy and immoral alliance are developing a very advanced Technology, based on Unified Field Physics, Genetic Engineering, and biogenic breeding in preparation for the ultimate "materialization" of the "Dark Forces" when the "Mystery of Iniquity" is finally culminated in "Anti-Christ" or "Ahriman" ("Incarnation of Satan"). While mythology is a wonderful art form, why equate it with high technology? And why this fear of high technology that so many hysterics cling to? Why has he stated, flat out and with no proof or qualifiers, that the United States of North America's government is in "unholy" and "immoral" alliance with his God? This is not even good mythology, and nothing in occult teachings suggests such a belief-- why Mr. Steinman says it does is a good question. This entire subject matter remains the most highly classified and most closely guarded secret of all time, under the cloak of 'National Security'. Then how was he, above all others, made privy to this secret? Faith in God is what protects us against this. Paranoia is what allows the 'materialization' or Psycho-Physical manifestation of the M.I.B. (or other diabolical forms) to 'visit' you, If you know too much. Mr. Steinman clearly has faith in being paranoid. He does not state which of his Gods to "have faith" in. There has yet to be any such "visits" by "diabolical forms," to my knowledge, and I've studied such things-- all such references are generally understood to be allegory. I sincerely hope that such a "diabolical form" has come to take Mr. Steinman away, and thus removed one more fruit-cake from the field of Ufology. Such lunatics give the field a bad name, which it already suffers greatly under. -D. Rice, July 9, 1989


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