Note: The following was sent to UFONET by Dr. Willy Smith. TO: UFO publications, electroni

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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The following was sent to UFONET by Dr. Willy Smith. --------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM: Dr. Willy Smith DATE: Aug. 7, 1989 TO: UFO publications, electronic media Proponents of Gulf Breeze photographs SUBJECT: Statement of Position --------------------------------------------------------------------- In mide-June, 1989, the UNICAT Project submitted several photographs for computer enhanced image analysis. The photos considered fall into two categories: i) portrait of a girl with an anomalous image above her right shoulder; and ii) photos of an alleged UFO obtained by Mr. Walters/Hanson of Gulf Breeze, FL starting in November, 1987. The results have been spectacular: the girl's photos were undoubtedly obtained by using double exposure, thus demonstrating the photographers familiarity with the technique, while the UFO photos show a well-defined supporting structure under the alleged spacecraft. The reaction of the interested parties has been swift and predictable. Instead of addressing the main issue, i.e., why a real UFO needs to be supported, the proponents have flooded the mails with anonymous and world-shaking communiques which can be described only as malicious gossiping, aimed at cushioning the negative impact of the new information revealed by computer analysis. The releases follow the time-honoured pattern that what counts in politics is not the truth, but what is believed to be the truth. In an attempt to provide a semblance of credibility, names and circumstances are provided, but no supporting evidence is offered. Authorship of the masterpieces of intrigue -- I am told -- have been attributed to various sources, some of them luminaries on the UFO scene, such as Budd Hopkins and/or his associates, or Dr. Maccabee, or secondary characters in the play, as for instance Col. Roberrt (sic) Reid or "Ed-of-Gulf-Breeze" himself. Whatever the case may be, until such times a signed copy of the statements reaches me, I will not dignify them with a formal response. The computer-enhanced material has not been released yet, as some questions have been raised by the photographer regarding the copyright protection of the photos, an issue that has been complicated by the fact that the lawyer that initially contacted me has indicated that she does not represent Mr. Walters any longer. In the meantime, information received from the Copyright Office in Washington has created some doubts with reference to the validity of the copyright for the specific instance, as well as disclosing interesting possibilities based on the doctrine of "fair use.". ------------------------------------------------------------------ FILE NAME: STATEPOS.A07 (as requested by Willy Smith). ------------------------------------------------------------------


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