Starseeds - the Star People I first encountered the term +quot;Starseeds+quot; when I atte

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Starseeds -- the Star People I first encountered the term "Starseeds" when I attended a workshop at the "Rainbow Place", a metaphysical healing center in Albuquerque, during the summer of 1987 (just before the Harmonic Convergence). We were told that those of us feeling "drawn" to a mission or feeling some urgency to complete a task, might have a special "blood crystal" in our systems that was being activated. The people conducting the workshop suggested we pick up a copy of a book called "the Starseed Transmissions" to learn more about this phenomena. I did, and the impact of that book resulted in renaming this BBS. I felt my "mission" was to convert my computer bulletin board to a New Age discussion board to help share information about new age issues that might play some small part in bringing about the transition to a real new age of understanding. Then recently, I stumbled on to a strange book called "The Star People" by Brad and Francie Steiger. I must admit these people seem a little "far out" even for me, but the information seems to fit in with the "Starseed concept", so I wanted to hear what they had to say. Francie had an experience where she feels some alien beings communicated with her. As a result she "knows" of the Starseeds and Star Helpers. I guess my previous encounters with these terms made me more open to at least consider her story. Here is her definition of a Starseed; "Right now, all over the world, certain men and women are responding to some remarkable internal stimulus, as if some incredible time-release capsules are going off inside their hearts, brains and psyches. They are having peculiar memories surfacing that remind them of their true ancestral home. These awakening extraterrestrials are remembering that they came to Earth to perform a specific mission. They are coming awake to complete that mission." To summarize the concept. In our evolution the somewhat unexplainable change from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon is explained by intervention and inter-breeding with Star People. If you can believe this, then you can imagine how some modern day homo sapiens are throw-backs to their ancestoral Star People. (this is a LOOSE translation). You also have to have some belief in reincarnation to accept that those of us who are here now may have chosen to be here at this particular time to participate in an important planetary event. With all that in mind, here are the criteria for determining if you may be a Starseed -- Compelling eyes Personal Charisma and magnetism Lower than normal body temperature Low blood pressure Unusual blood type or blood problems Transitional or extra vertebrae or extra or misplaced ribs Hypersensitivity to light or electricity Chronic sinusitis Thrive on little sleep and do best mental work at night Was an unexpected or unwanted child Feel your parents are not your real parents Sense that your ancestors are from another world Experience a buzzing, whine or clicking in your ears Had unseen or invisible friends as a child Had a dramatic experience around age 5 seeing a white light, being of light, or visitation from an alien being who was trying to provide help or guidance Had a serious illness, accident or trauma around age 11 that encouraged introspection Appear to have unusual psychic abilities or have experienced paranormal events Have uncanny natural skill for music, mathematics, the arts or sciences Express alien planetary environments in artwork or writings May have unusual palm readings or fingerprints...especially the mystic cross on the palm Have an unusual attraction to natural crystals and rocks Often have "flying dreams" in which you move easily through the air Have a strong affinity to ancient Egypt and/or the middle east If any of this brings about a strong emotional response, and you have several of these qualities, you might want to read more about Starseeds. I would recommend the "Starseed Transmissions" a channeled work by Kenneth Carey (Raphael) printed by Uni-Sun books, or "The Star People" a Berkley paperback. *** Jami Morgan StarSeed Sysop A Fido Bulletin Board System Albuquerque, New Mexico


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