Date: 11-22-88 23:16 To: All Subj: Twa Flying Sorcerors TWA FLYING SORCERORS (tune: Twa Ma

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Date: 11-22-88 23:16 From: Sourdough Jackson To: All Subj: Twa Flying Sorcerors TWA FLYING SORCERORS (tune: Twa Magicians [Bill Maraschiello's Chicon IV version]) The Lady stood in her front door, As gold as harvest land, When up there came a lusty Smith With his hammer in his hand. Chorus I: Fly, Lady, fly! In thin air you can't hide! The lusty Smith will be your love And clouds he'll take in stride. O Lady fair, of wisdom rare, Your secrets I'll have read Before sunrise--moreover, I'll have your maidenhead. (chorus I) I'd rather die an ancient maid, All buried in my grave, Than a husky, dusky, coal-black Smith My maidenhead should have. (chorus I) She stood upon the fertile ground And swore upon her rod The coal-black Smith would take her not And never be her love. (chorus I) So he took up his hammer-head And swore on iron cold Her maidenhead and secrets Would be his ere night grew old. (chorus I) So she became a chimney-swift And sprang into the air, And he became an aeroplane And overtook her there. (chorus I) She became a demon's wall Of brick high off the ground, So he became a rocket-plane And broke the speed of sound! (chorus I) Then she became the Harvest Moon, Bright Luna in her grace, And he became an astronaut And walked upon her face. Chorus II: Fly, Lady, fly! In deep space you can't hide! The lusty Smith will be your love, And stars he'll take in stride. So she became a ringed world, The glory of the night, Then he became a Voyager, Flew by, kept her in sight. (chorus II) Now she's become a neighbor-star As yellow as the Sun, And he's become a ramscoop-ship; Swift to her side he's run. (chorus II) So she's become a giant blue O'er halfway to the core, And he's become a hypership And jumped to her once more. (chorus II) She shifted form and place all day And half the weary night, For all the changes she did make, The Smith kept her in sight. (chorus II) She could not hide out in the sky; The Smith could always find her. And so the Lady took the sky And wrapped it up inside her. (chorus II) She was a Singularity, Which seemed to stop him dead Until he popped outside and knew He'd have her maidenhead. (chorus II) Now since she covered all there is, As Black Holes might behave, She was quite naked, so the Smith Her maidenhead did have. (chorus II) And so the Smith became her love In one big cosmic bang, And so magicians twa began The World anew, again! (no chorus) Copyright (c) 1984 by Sourdough Jackson --- Gnome v1.20 * Origin: The Lizard King-"I am the Lizard King; I can do anything."(1:104/45.5)


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