SOLAR CROWN CATALOGUE OF CATALOGUES March 1994 Welcome to the first Solar Crown Catacatalo

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SOLAR CROWN CATALOGUE OF CATALOGUES March 1994 Welcome to the first Solar Crown Catacatalogue, a service designed to make your search for tools, books, candles, herbs, and so forth easier for you. There are ads in many pagan publications, and most of them offer catalogues. But whether they ask for an SASE, or payment for the catalogue, it does get tiresome addressing all those envelopes, writing checks, or whatever. With the Solar Crown catalogue, you have only to choose the catalogues you want, circle the numbers, add up the cost, write one check, and send in the order blank. That's all. The first thing you should do is print out the order blank, so it will be ready for you to fill in as you go read the ads enclosed here. It's the last page of this file. The Solar Crown Catalogue of Catalogues will grow as time passes, so keep an eye out for future editions. If you would like to receive the next edition, just drop a dollar in the mail to Solar Crown Publishing P O. Box 922621 Sylmar CA 91692 and tell us you already have the March edition. As soon as the next edition is prepared, we'll send you a hard copy. Enjoy! ****************************************************************** PROCURER OF THE OBSCURE - a very friendly mail order company and so much more! Tools & Books of the Craft, jewelry, networking, New Age, herbs, rare books, and just a whole lot of Magickal, wonderful items for the new seeker and scholars as well! Information and catalogue: $6.00. Catalogue number: 102. ******************************************************************* LEW PRICE: Over 600 elegantly beautiful, mathematically optimized, handcrafted, non-mechanical varieties of FOLK FLUTES and PANPIPES dating back to prehistory, Pentatonic, diatonic, chomatic, major, & minor tunings. Diagonal, transverse, endblows, and block types. Beautiful Native American flutes. Please tell us what type interests you. Catalogue: $4.00. Catalogue Number: 101. ******************************************************************* SERPENTS OCCULT BOOKS - Out of print, scarce and rare first editions. New and used book lists available. $1.00 Catalogue Number: 105. ******************************************************************* MCKOEWN'S HERBS AND CARVINGS: Herbs - Incenses - Natural Medicinals - Books - Oils - Bodycare - Music - Celtic items - traditional wood carvings - NO WHOLESALE AVAILABLE. 78 page catalogue $3.50 ($2.50 refundable on first order.) Catalogue Number: 103. ******************************************************************* NORTHERN LIGHT: Catalogue for the Craft. Adult and children's books titles relating to the Craft. Also stones, incense, oils, and more. $2.00. Catalogue Number: 107. ***************************************************************** ANCIENT CIRCLES: Celtic Pentagram. This classic symbol of life, created by the union of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit is redesigned with Celtic Knotwork. Available in etched brass. Full Catalogue available for $3.00. Catalogue Number: 100. ***************************************************************** MYSTIC MOON MAGICK CATALOG A great selection of magickal supplies. Catalogue of Myjestic Tradition Oils, fragrant and magickal incenses, pentagrams, ritual tools, spell kits, beeswax candles, robes, altar cloths, tarot cards, jewelry, native american items, and more, PLUS "How to Use Magick," all for $2.00 ($1.00 refundable on first order.) Catalogue Number: 104. ****************************************************************** RAGNAROK Norse/Celtic Occult/Wicca Goddess Books, Jewelry, Statues, and supplies. $4.00 Catalogue #109 ****************************************************************** TYR'S TAMBOURINES Hand-painted Celtic and Pagan designs-Pentagrams - Initials - Goddesses - Gods - Totems. $1.50. Catalogue #112 ******************************************************************* EARTH SPELL Notions, Potions and Smokes for Enchantment and Delight Dream Magick: Enticements and Enchancements for intimacy and love; Wizard Smoke (a remarkably substantial legal alternative for contemplative smokers. Send $16 per oz. Purchaser must be 18 years of age.); Somnolence Sopifora Elixir; Rainbow Refractor Earth Crystals. Catalogue $3.00. Catalogue is included with a Wizard Smoke purchase. Catalogue 108. ***************************************************************** LEA'S LIGHT Top quality, Handmade candles. Wizards, Buddhas, cats, skulls, pyramids, mushrooms, pentacles, and lots more! Choose from solid colors, colors that glow under a black light, tie-dyed candles and rainbows!!! Lots of colors to choose from. $1.50 ($2.00 refundable) Catalogue #106 ****************************************************************** OUR LADY OF THE MOON Wiccan owned and operated mail order. Ritual and occult supplies. Books, tapes, candles, incense, & much more to choose from. $2.00 (1.00 refundable) Catalogue #111 ******************************************************************* THE OWL AND THE TURTLE Hand-made drums, rattles, and Native American crafts. $2.00 Catalogue #110 ****************************************************************** SOLAR CROWN PUBLISHING Books on disk, shareware, computer clip art, buttons, children's stories, diskette labels, and more. Catalogue is $1.00 or free with order of any other catalogue! ORDER FORM NAME: __________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP _________________________________________ VENDOR Catalogue # Price Ancient Circles 100 $3.00 = _______ Lew Price 101 $4.00 = _______ POTO 102 $6.00 = _______ McKeon's Herbs 103 $3.50 = _______ Mystic Moon Magick 104 $2.00 = _______ Serpent's Books 105 $1.00 = _______ Lea's Light 106 $1.50 = _______ Northern Light 107 $2.00 = _______ Earth Spell 108 $3.00 = _______ Wizard's Smoke $16.00 = _______ Ragnarok 109 $4.00 = _______ Owl & the Turtle 110 $2.00 = _______ Lady of the Moon 111 $2.00 = _______ Tyr's Tambourines 112 $1.50 = _______ Solar Crown Publishing 000 $1.00 = _______ (free with any other order) I enclose $ ________ Mail order to: Solar Crown Publishing P. O. Box 922621 Sylmar CA 91342


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