Note: The following was sent to UFONET I by Dr. Willy Smith. OPEN LETTER TO JERRY CLARK De

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====================================================================== Note: The following was sent to UFONET I by Dr. Willy Smith. ====================================================================== OPEN LETTER TO JERRY CLARK Dear Jerry Clark: I have received from several UNICAT associates a copy of your opus magnum THE SMITH PRINCIPLE. To paraphrase and immortal line: "The 'gentleman' doth protest too much, methinks." Here is why. (1) Whoa! I must have touched a raw nerve to rate such a lengthy and passionate reply! Or perhaps, as Michel (sic) Corbin and others have put it, I might be on target. Remember, you are not supposed to be emotional; that is my province, according to you. At any rate, words can't describe the satisfaction that you have given me with your piece, for which I thank you. I hope you will find a place to publish it (other than the IUR). (2) While I regret that you did not have the integrity (others would have say manhood) to send me directly a copy of your paper, I must admit that I was also pleased by your pusillanimity. (3) You can't really expect that I will release confidential correspondence from Dr. Hynek just to make a point, do you? But maybe you do. (4) Sorry for calling you a "weekend ufologist". Mea culpa! I didn't know your fortunes had improved enough to obviate the need for honest renumerated work, and I will refer to you from now on as the "pseudo-ufologist", unless you tell me otherwise. What about that? (5) Your statements about Fuller et al, are foolhardy, as documented evidence exists that the anti-UNICAT article was solicited more than a year ago by you. For which I thank you, as it has made me many friends around the world. I assume that you have seen the many versions published abroad (sorry, I forgot that you know only English!). (6) My legal advisers have told me that your statement, "...has consistently misrepresented his educational background..." besides being false, is libelous and actionable. But don't fret, Jerome! I know that education --- specially others' --- has always been a sore point with you, and I have no intention of hurting you, as you are such a source of fun! Besides, it would be a pyrrhic (consult dictionary if in doubt) victory, because you have no visible resources to pay if I were to obtain a judgement -- a rather easy thing, since your source is very likely a well-known forger of signatures and other things. Do me a favour: please do NOT reply to this open letter. And when you feel the urge to write against me, or UNICAT, or Dr. Hynek once again (perhaps the next full moon, or when you have a new row with wife Nancy) be more manly and mail me a copy. OK? Dr. Willy Smith UNICAT Project September 1, 1989 27/235


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