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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: S I T T I N G / P R A C T I C E G R O U P S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ USA -------------------------------------------------------------------- MASSACHUSETTS -------------------------------------------------------------------- Amherst/Northampton area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Lisa Plantefaber E-mail: Description: Looking for an informal vipassana sitting group in the area. Updated: 20 Sep 94 Sources used: Lisa Plantefaber Boston ~~~~~~ Name: Nichiren Shu of Boston City: Boston State: MA Contact: Rev. Shingyo Imai Voice#: 617-524-0230 Lineage: Nichiren Shu Updated: 28 Aug 95 Sources used: Michael Faulconer Brookline ~~~~~~~~~ Name: Clear Light Society Address: PO Box 306 City: Brookline State: MA Zip: 02146 Voice#: 617-734-2939 Lineage: Zen Teachers: Patricia Shelton Description: Daily sittings (except Sunday) 6:30am Updated: 94 Sources used: David Sperry, CLS Cambridge ~~~~~~~~~ Name: Buddhist Association of MIT Address: c/o Yu-Hwei Chen, #10 Magazine St., Apt 902 City: Cambridge State: MA Zip: 02139 Contact: Nate Osgood Voice#: (617) 492-7458 E-mail: Description: Non-profit student religious group. Not limited to members of the MIT community. Dharma talks, retreats, and other events. Updated: 26 May 95 Sources used: BAMIT Newsletter #7, Mar 95 Name: Cambridge Buddhist Association Address: 75 Sparks St. City: Cambridge State: MA Zip: 02138 Guiding teacher: George Bowman Voice#: (617) 491-8857 Updated: 10 Aug 95 Sources used: Craig Presson Name: Cambridge Insight Meditation Center Address: 331 Broadway City: Cambridge State: MA Zip: 02139 Voice#: 617-491-5070 Description: Sitting schedule: Mon-Fri 7-8am; Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 6-7pm; Wed 6:45-7:30pm, followed by Dhamma talk & tea); Fourth Friday of month 6-9:30pm alternate sitting/walking, followed by tea; Sun 2-5:15pm alternate sitting/walking). Name: Cambridge Zen Center Address: 199 Auburn Street City: Cambridge State: MA Zip: 02139 Contact: Jane McLaughlin Voice#: 617 576 3229 E-mail: Lineage: Korean Chogye Affiliation: Kwan Um School of Zen Resident Director: Jane McLaughlin, JDPSN, Abbot Spiritual Director: Zen Master Seung Sahn Teachers: Mark Houghton, JDPSN, Guiding Teacher Description: Urban residential center. Morning and evening practice free and open to the public; weekly Dharma talks, and a full calendar of special events. Walk-in instruction, kong-an practice, etc. Updated: 3 Sep 95 Sources used: Dharman Craig Presson Contact: Vajramati Name: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Description: Wednesday 7:00PM Voice#: 617-576-7345 Updated: 17 Dec 94 Sources used: jim.o'; also David Miller 31 May 94] Contact: George Kinder Address: 4 Brattle Street City: Cambridge State: MA Zip: 02138 Voice#: (617) 964-6065 Roslindale ~~~~~~~~~~ Contact: Ann Tobey Address: 30 Symmes Street City: Roslindale State: MA Zip: 02141 Voice#: (617) 323-1930 Updated: Mar 94 Sources used: Dharma Seed Tape Library Warwick ~~~~~~~ Contact: Elaine & Ron Dehart City: Warwick State: MA Zip: 01364 Voice#: (508) 544-3383 Updated: Mar 94 Sources used: Dharma Seed Tape Library Wellesley ~~~~~~~~~ Name: Boston West Sitting Group Contact: c/o Alex Rose Address: Hardy Road City: Wellesley State: MA Zip: 02181 Voice#: (617) 235-3703 Description: Meets three times weekly: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings Rotates between homes in Newton, Weston, and Wellesley Updated: 94 Sources used: Alex Rose [end]


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