The Story of Sindri Laughs of joy and happiness could be heard throughout the Asgard as th

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The Story of Sindri Laughs of joy and happiness could be heard throughout the Asgard as the Aesir celebrated the bondage of the Fenris wolf. Loki smiled politely and laughed when it was appropriate but he was greatly angered. Most of all he dispised Thor who had bound his child and made jokes about the giants. So when the first free moment came he left the table he left the table to go to Thor's house. There he laid eyes on the sleeping Sif and quietly cut off her hair. When Thor came back the next morning he found Sif crying and she showed him her bald head. Thor's anger could be heard throughout Asgard as he searched for the culprit Loki. He finally found Loki and threatened to break his bones if he did not make Sif's hair grow back. Loki knowing he could not bring back her hair pleaded with Thor to let him go to the Dwarfs for help. As soon as Loki arrived he was greated by the master craftsman Dvalin. Dvalin was honoured and set out to work on the gifts. His first gift was Gungfir, which is now Odin's spear, this spear never fails to hit its mark. The ship Skidbladnir which could carry all the Asgardians on land or sea was Frey"s gift. Dvalin's last gift was the fine golden thread which would grow to become Sif's hair. Loki was pleased with Dvalin and told that no finer craftsman lived. A little Dwarf name Brok heard this and sprang up and said his brother Sindri was far better. Loki, a gambler by nature, bet his head that Dvalin was better and so Brok went off to tell his brother. Sindri, upon hearing this, set off to make his gifts and once he had enchanted the 3 metals he place the first piece in the bellows and told Brok to work the bellows and not stop even to wipe his brow or the prize would spoil. Now Loki, also a clever god, turned himself into a gadfly and went to pester Brok. Loki didn't want to chance Sindri winning so he bit Brok on the hand and blood came fourth but Brok still kept bellowing and when Sindri came back Gullenbusti was born. Gullinbusti was a ring which on every ninth day nine rings of equal value would spill fourth. Sindri was pleased with his first work and put the second prize and left Brok with the same instructions. Again Brok bellowed and this time the Gadfly came and bit him on the head but Brok once again ignored it. When Sindri came back he fashioned Draupnir, draupnir was a glowing boar which could run faster than any horse over land or water. Finally the last piece of metal was placed in and Brok began to bellow for the last time. The Gadfly returned and bit him on the eyelid but this time Brok quickly brushed away the fly away the bellows fell silent momentarily. When Sindri came back he was relieved the weapon did not spoil but the hammer's handle was a bit short adn hence Miolnir was made. Loki and Brok went up to Asgard to have the gods judge the gifts and much thought was put into it. Finally Odin arose and said Sindri's Miolnir was the greatest gift for it would help them defeat the giants. Hence this is the story of Sindri the master craftsman.


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