20-Aug-87 09:49 MST Sb: APmn 08/20 1154 Lecturer's Plea MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Charles Hurtado

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20-Aug-87 09:49 MST Sb: APmn 08/20 1154 Lecturer's Plea MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Charles Hurtado Silva, a self-professed guide for actress Shirley MacLaine's out-of-body experiences, has pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct involving two female patients. Hurtado Silva, 43, a lecturer on out-of-body experiences and psychic healing, entered the plea Wednesday to two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Another criminal sexual conduct charge in a similar case in Madison, Wis., was dropped in exchange for the guilty plea in the Minneapolis cases. Hennepin County District Judge Jonathan Lebedoff placed Hurtado Silva on three years' probation. A citizen of Peru, Hurtado Silva now faces possible federal action. Hennepin County prosecutors informed the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service of Silva's conviction Wednesday and urged that deportation proceedings be brought against him. Hurtado Silva was accused of deceiving the two women into believing they were receiving therapy when he tried to have sex with them. He has been in the Hennepin County jail since late April, when he was arrested at a workshop he was conducting in Minneapolis on miracles and prophecies. Hurtado Silva claims he was actress MacLaine's confidante and guide on a trip to Peru, which MacLaine described in her book, "Out on a Limb." In the book, the confidante is called David. A spokesman for MacLaine has said Silva was one of several people MacLaine enountered and that the character, David, is a composite. Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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