[1]Yoga-Paths: Sidhis - Supernatural Powers SIDHIS - SUPERNATURAL POWERS Christian Pluym (

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[1]Yoga-Paths: Sidhis - Supernatural Powers SIDHIS - SUPERNATURAL POWERS Christian Pluym (cp32207@labs1.cc.etf.hr) 24 Oct 1994 writes: Here is a part of Patanjalis yoga-aphorisms discribing the supernatural powers of a yogi. 1. DHARANA is keeping your mind on a certain object. Dharana, concentration, is achieved when the mind gets concentrated on a certain object, and stays in that condition. 2. DHIJANA is a continuous inflow of knowledge about that object. When the mind tries to concentrate on a certain object, to stay at, for example, the top of the head, or the heart, and succeedes to get sensations through that part of the body only, that is called dharana; and when the mind succeedes to stay in that condition for a while, that is dhijana, meditation. 3. When dhijana throws away all forms and reveals the meaning, that is SAMADHI. For example, you meditate about a book; gradually you succeed to keep your mind concentrated on that book, and than to percieve inner sensations only. That state of dhijana is called samadhi. 4. These three, when used on the same object, make SAMJAMA. When a person directs his mind on a certain object and fixes it there, and then keeps it there for a longer time, setting apart the object from its inner part, he achieved samjama. Dharana, dhijana and samadhi follow one after another, all of them directed on one object. The shape of the thing has vanished, only its meaning stays. 5. Through achieving the samjama comes the light of knowledge. When a person succeeds to achieve samjama, he has mastered all powers. This is the great tool of a yogi. Objects of realization are numberless. They are divided on rough, rougher and the roughest ones, subtle, more subtle and the most subtle ones. Samjama has to be used first on rough things, and after a person starts getting knowledge about rough objects, he will gradually use it on more subtle objects. . . . 21. Using samjama on the shape of the body stops the ability of noticing shapes, and since the ability of manifestation in the eye is set apart from the shape, the body becomes invisible. A person standing in this room could apparently vanish. In fact, he won't vanish, but nobody will see him. The shape and the body will be separated. The ability to notice things results from the joining of shape and the object itself. 22. This way also vanishing and hiding of told words and other things is possible. 23. There are two kinds of karma: the one that brings return soon, and the one that will bring it later. Using samjama on them a person gets the exact time of his disconnection from the body. This is of great importance, because the thoughts we have at the moment of parting have great influence in determinating the next life. 24. Using samjama on benevolence, compassion, contentment, equanimity, a person will be one upone whom honour these distinctive traits. We have to feel benevolence for all; we have to be compassionate for the ones in trouble; when people are happy we also have to be happy, and to bad ones we have to be indifferent. 25. By means of samjama on strenght of an elephant and other animals, a person gets their strenght. Endless energy is available to each of us if we know how to take it. A yogi has discovered the science that allows him to use it. 26. Using samjama on glittering brightness, one gets the knowledge of the subtle, hidden and far. When a person uses samjama on brightness in heart, he can see things that are happening very far away; he can also see subtle things. 27. By means of samjama on the Sun one gets the knowledge about the world. 28. On Moon, the knowledge about the stars. 29. On Northstar, knowledge about the motion of the stars. 30. By means of samjama on the area of navel, one gets the knowledge on constitution of the body. 31. On the throat pit, end of hunger. 32. On the kurma nerv, firmness of the body. 33. On top of the head, seeing of sidhas. Sidhas are beings little above the ghosts. . 35. By using samjama on the heart, one gets the knowledge about the mind of others. . 39. By using samjama on other bodies, living or dead, one can enter that body. 40. Using samjama on udana, a person doesn't sink in water, he can walk on nails, fire, he can die at will. Udana is a nervous flow that controls the lungs and the rest of the upper part of the body. . 46. This is where tinyness and other powers, levitation, and undestructibility of the body come from. One can achive the eight supernatural powers. He can become as tiny as an atom, as huge as a mountain, as heavy as the Earth, as light as air; He can achieve anything he wants, control anything he wants. The body becomes undestructable. Nothing can hurt him. Breaking the levers of time, he lives in this universe, in his body.


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