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PAGE 9 WITH PICTURE - SUNDAY MIRROR, JULY 22, 1990 POLICE GIRL'S SEX ROMPS WITH SATAN LOVER Kinky confessions spark security fears EXCLUSIVE by ANDREW GOLDEN and CHRIS HOUSE A POLICE secretary with access to top-secret files is at the centre of a Satanic sex probe. Divorcee Rosemary Barrett took part in masochistic love games with a devil worshipper. By day she worked for the head of an undercover police intelligence unit. By night she indulged in witchcraft and kinky sex sessions. Rosemary, 39, typed up confidential reports on major criminals and terrorists under surveillance by the unit. Now her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Brian Read, has ordered an inquiry into the possible security risk. Rosemary revealed that while she was based at sussex polic HQ in Lewes she: ENJOYED being handcuffed nake to a ladder and whipped by a Satanic leader. BEGGED for three-in-a-bed sex with the cult chief and his high priestess. BRAVED painful beatings by another lover as a tribute to the devil. PREPARED for the "ultimate ritual" of sacrificing herself to Satan. Speaking at her tiny rented cottage in Lewes, Rosemary, who also used the name Carol de'Ath, said "I've always been interested in the occult." She added: "I have known for years that I liked masochistic sex. I used to practise it with my ex-husband. "I heard about an occult organisation run by a farmer in Scotland and I sent off for details. "He lives with his housekeeper and her 12-year-old son and he made, it quite plain he wanted to have sex with me. "We went to his barn and I stripped off to my high-heel shoes. "He handcuffed me to a step-ladder and thrashed me with a horse whip. He was just wearing a shirt. "Then we made love, I couldn't understand why we had not taken part in any rituals. I felt shortchanged. "We did this four times in the week I stayed at the farm. "I stayed in the same bedroom as him and his housekeeper. "I said I would like a threesome, but he said she wouldn't like that sort of thing." Rosemary returned for a second visit and had sex with the farmer again. She also had a kinky five-year relationship with a Sussex potter. "He used to beat me and take pictures," she said. Rosemary told of their masochistic sex sessions in a letter to the notorious Satanic cult The Temple of Set, which she had applied to join. Rosemary, who calls herself Absalon for witchcraft rituals, wrote to her "Master", one of the Temple leaders: "I have ritually bathed my body and am naked except for a pink cheesecloth magical robe. I know exactly what I want from this particular life and exactly how I'm going to get it. "I am preparing this body to be ceremonially sacrificed." This, she says, is partly why for so long she has accepted without question the violent and sadistic way in which her lover had treated her, and why she delighted "in pain". Rosemary tells of being tied to a bed and gagged to stop her cries. In a Postscript, she says: "I just want to make sure that you drag everything out of me that there is to get. "You can even use cigarette ends on me if you like (I've had them before, too)." A police source said Rosemary made no secret of her fascination with the occult. "But nobody took to much notice of her." Rosemary says she has been suspended from her #8,000-a-year job. But a spokesman at Sussex police HQ said: "She is on leave and an inquiry is being carried out."


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