Translations from The Earth Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Qu

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Translations from The Earth Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Questions About The Safety Of Specific Areas, And A Lesson On Harm To Earth August 19, 1993 Questions from Knoxville, TN: Please give guidance on the "relative" safety of several locations (not mentioned here) as possible places to live during the Earth changes. Response Tom has received questions concerning some specific locations for the possibility of living there. The questions were asked in love and from the heart by the person requesting the information. Therefore, I will respond, and I do so in love as well. There are very few locations on and under my surface that will not be directly affected by changes, physical changes. The specific places mentioned will indeed require both cleansing and healing. This will be accomplished by wind, water and underground movements. I am not saying that every inch of my skin in these areas will be challenged by the elements. I am saying that the major portions of these areas will be affected. I am not saying that everyone in these location will make their transition, or even be injured. I am saying that most humans in these particular locations will have to adjust their life styles around the bounty that I will make available to those who are wise and loving enough to realize and utilize my resources. I will also say that some of these areas will be good choices for those who wish to live in love and harmony. But this does not mean that inconveniences and adjustments will not be necessary. The quicker people learn to live off of what I willingly provide, without corrupting or contaminating, the better prepared these individuals will be for the likely hardships that are ahead. When I cleanse an area, it may not necessarily mean I am cleansing from current harm caused. There can be residual negative energies remaining from past generations that have not been totally countered with a more loving way. Negativity does not just cease to exist. The vibration remains until it is cleared out in any of the many ways that are available to all life forms on my planet. There are situations that have created very negative harm to my surface, that can remain unchanged for almost 100 years. This is done when there is no countering love, or when I have not used my own cleansing powers for my own reasons. Some of the areas will require very deep healing in order to change the vibration. Not all such areas or healing situations are so logical to understand, but some are. For instance, you can well imagine the harm caused by your nuclear and atomic explosions. These areas will take a long time to heal. Those who are responsible and are active participants in these harmful deeds will face a similar healing process, although they could choose a much quicker time period. For once your heart and soul's intentions are changed to love, you respond very quickly to positive and loving changes. At the same time, such individuals must bear full responsibility for their actions against me and others. There is absoultely no escaping this, only delaying it. I am pleased to give this information. It is not necessary that I tell of every city, town or village that may be "destroyed". My warnings, as well as others, are quite sufficient to cause everyone to open their heart to what is taking place. It is your individual choice to follow your inner guidance. This "guidance" need not be called something fancy, for those who are not confident in this aspect of self. Simply think of it in terms of feeling good about what you are doing, or where you are at, physically, mentally and emotionally. Just be cautious that you are not feeling these feelings through your old programming, which has taught you to ignore your intuition. It is really very simple, as are all truths. I will leave. This information should be sufficient for those who are wanting to choose any so called "safe haven". I love each of you, only as a mother can understand. I love the One Creator, the father and mother of all things. Earth


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