Translations from The InterGalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Sm

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Translations from The InterGalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth A Report Claims The Confederation Has Caused Damage To The Mars Activities August 23, 1993 Question from Stone Mountain, NC: A recent computer document asserts that the Confederation has caused damage to the Mars base by altering the atmospheric conditions. The document, which is reportedly from Ed Dames, also claims that there are witnesses to this due to their ability to remote view. Please comment on this document and its assertions. Response We are pleased and honored to present ourselves to you at this time, and to be of service to all of humankind and to the beautiful Earth energy. There is another one of those computer reports floating about that presents some very convincing "evidence" that we of the Confederation, the InterGalactic Confederation, are less than we would want you to believe. In other words, the Ed Dames report claims that we are not of love and light. As a favor to one incarnate human, we will speak to these issues. When one does not believe in the higher truths of the universe and has confined one's truths to those of the 3rd dimension only, it is easy to convince such a person of practically anything, as long it fits within the given paradigms. When one lacks the true, in depth discernment to be able to seek their own truths and answers, then such a person is fair game to the system of programming that has been in place for a long time. To these we offer no proof that we are who we say we are. These simply lack the spiritual awareness to comprehend the significance of love and light. To those who are open, we offer the following information relative to that report. There are many secret groups within this world's society who are convinced that they could only survive as long as they can cling to power and control over all other humans. These groups do have one common heritage - they are so strongly influenced by the forces of the dark as to be indistinguishable from them. Since control and power are essential to maintain, the use of fear and exaggeration are just as essential to these groups. For when there is no fear, there is no control. This particular report makes reference to a coined phrase called "remote viewing", and that we of the Confederation have been "caught" in the act by those capable of seeing in other realities and dimensions. Those who are making such a report cannot comprehend our power and ability, which we use in love. Should we wish to cause a disturbance or even cause harm, do you not think we also have the power to block any witness of such acts? We could easily shield any area from any 3rd dimensional intrusion, astral or otherwise, should you have that ability in the first place. Do you take us for fools, since some of you obviously take us as negatives? This is another campaign by your secret governments, under the direct control of the dark forces, to market against and discredit those of light. It is an attempt to create doubt and cause confusion. Many will speak of "remote viewing" as if it is some powerful spying mechanism. Through Montauk and other similar projects, your government has developed ways of viewing other realities without ever physically leaving a chair or a bed. But each of you has the psychic ability to do the very same thing. What you are not being told is those under the dark influence do not have the ability to penetrate our circles of love and our dimensions of unconditional love, unless we invite them in. This we rarely do, as we do not take pleasure in being near the negative energies. But when we have allowed this, we have escorted the energies to where we wanted them to be, as you would take the hand of a child taking its first steps. Therefore, these energies are not capable of seeing the activities on Mars that are love-based. These activities continue. There has been no harm or cause for alarm to these activities. These are outside of your 3rd dimension. Your space craft can take all the pictures in the world and you will only see what the limited 3rd dimensional technology will allow. Your secret missions and high tech are not capable of locating other dimensional existences of love. We do not mind showing you what is there, but we only choose to show those whose intent is of love and light. We do not ask anyone to believe this response over the mentioned report. We only ask you to use your own discernment, your own intuition, in reading this information. We offer no more than this. We will step aside. We love all those on the Earth. We love the One Infinite Creator. The InterGalactic Confederation


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