Date: 01-02-88 13:13 To: All Subj: The Moonpool (pt 2) Then a parade of feline musicians w

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Date: 01-02-88 13:13 From: Jeff Bordeaux To: All Subj: The Moonpool (pt 2) Then a parade of feline musicians wandered in singing from the right. I shake my head *bedazzled*; Am I dreaming, or mad? Why me - here to witness this eldritch sight? - A troupe of dancing, cavorting gnomes made their appearence upon a rocky stage. And following them : silver clad, haughty elves accompanied by a wizened old mage. - Now, many strange but noble presences made manifest on that starlit night in June. And I witnessed and heard sweet music, high magic, secrets until dawn, with the passing of the Moon. - And the high bred Queen of Cat Folk smiled with warmth, and left. Left me shaking with these visions, and nodding, I finally slept. - I return often to these stately woods, seeking but never finding the sacred pool, so bright. It makes me sad - very sad to think that it was but a dream, a peculiar night. - But sometimes, at the edge of sleep, soft music slowly beckons, and calls. And I know with every fiber of my being that I will again visit these magical sylvan halls. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: InterVisioN "The ParaNormal Connection" 603-547-6485 HST (1:132/123)


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