Date: 01-02-88 13:11 To: ? Subj: The Moonpool (pt 1) THE MOONPOOL It is a lazy, restful

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Date: 01-02-88 13:11 From: Jeff Bordeaux To: ~? Subj: The Moonpool (pt 1) THE MOONPOOL - It is a lazy, restful time here in the forest glade. The sun is departing, the stars arriving and the trees are a darkening jade. - An air of buzzing, drowsing stillness invades the meadow, lends weight to my head as I settle down - bedroll, backpack and strains of music are seemingly played. - A deep, cool, dark pool is here, mirror clear, reflections of skies, as peace fills my mind, my soul and sleep gently touches my eyes. - I know not whether I was awake, or in dream or how much time had passed, when I felt the magic of this place camped there, upon the grass. - No sounds - no crickets? (The Music!) As the Moon awakens the pool, so bright. Why this anticipation, premonition, this magical feeling, this ghost haunted night? - Then, a siamese cat enters the meadow- silver grey, regal compusure, flowing lines. And somehow I know - I see intelligence and wit, and power, as she looks into my eyes. - How does she speak without speaking? But somehow, she communicates good will, and cheer. 'Stay quiet, childe of man.', she says. 'Be still - you are but a guest here.' --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: InterVisioN "The ParaNormal Connection" 603-547-6485 HST (1:132/123)


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