Translations from The InterGalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Sm

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Translations from The InterGalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Planetary Like Object Was On Collision Course With Earth August 17, 1993 There have been some recent discussions and questions about meteors and asteroids which may or may not be on a collision course with the Earth. Ashtar has recently spoken of one which is due to impact with the Earth by the end of this year (see Ashtar's August 2, 1993 translation). There is an asteroid that some have heard about, and the questions still occasionally "pop up". This is the one we wish to speak of at this time. The "law of averages" would say that every planet is likely to be struck by all different sizes of cosmic objects as each body moves about in a seemingly random manner. This same set of "odds" would also suggest that eventually one will happen along that is of such size as to cause the destruction of an entire planet. This indeed happens throughout the universe. But it is not an accident. Remember, there are no accidents. There has been a very large planetary-like object that directed itself to collide with the Earth. If this had occurred, most of the planet would have been destroyed due to the immense size of the cosmic object. This was to have taken place within the last 15 years. Now, what has happened? This particular object was roughly the size of the United States. It was NOT invited by the Earth. Rather, it determined its own agenda as it was making its way from deep within the cosmos. Communications with this particular energy told us that its intent was to destroy planet Earth because of all the negative vibrations emanating from the human population. The Earth spoke with the rock mass in an effort to persuade that energy to respect the Earth and its own life forms. This was to no avail. This particular mass was on a direct collision course with Earth. The Sun and Earth considered an orbital shift but knew this object would shift as well. We were called in to assist. There are "specialized" groups of craft that are equipped with certain techincal devices which are called on from time to time to do this very thing. But this was a particularly large mass and it had a mindset to maintain its course. However, we could not allow it to impose its destructive will on the non-receptive Earth. Our craft flew many orbits around the planetary object for measurements of mass, levels of electromagnetic energy, and in efforts to dissuade the object to change course. Our craft were also joined by craft from the dark forces. They proposed to jointly destroy the mass. This we did not wish to do, for we respect all life forms and all energies. So we had to "convince" the dark forces to not take these actions. In the meantime we came up with a plan of our own. We felt it best to deliberately disect the energy mass. We went about using our specialized technologies in cutting the planetary object into some 20 smaller pieces. Keep in mind we are still talking about many very large planetary-like objects. However, with the smaller energy masses, we were able to escort those out of this galaxay. All the while we were doing this, we communicated with the respective components in an effort to prevent a further occurence. In this regard, we were successful except for the last three pieces. These were determined to proceed as they had planned, even with a lesser effect. We are still referring to physical masses measuring hundreds of miles across. We therefore consulted with the One Creator and were given permission to vaporize these last ones. This we did. This allowed the energies to continue but not in a solid form. This would be similar to your physical transition. We chose these actions only because of the disasterous harm which would have been caused to the Earth. Therefore, these energy masses are no longer a threat. But it was "touch and go" for a while. The entire process took about three years to complete. We had slowed down the planetary object even before we started to break it up. This was one of the largest such operations we had been involved with. This was also a major lesson in the use of free will and in unconditional love. The energy mass placed conditions on its acceptance of the human vibration. It also did not allow the Earth the free choice of its own to exist as it felt it should in accordance with its own path. This was a blatant attempt at causing harm. Even in this situation we did all that we could to respect and preserve the energies involved. There is nothing to keep this from ever happening again, since free will is at issue. We are always willing to help in the name of love and light. We serve each of you and are honored to do so. We leave at this time. We love each of you and we love the One Infinite Creator. The InterGalactic Confederation


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