RITUAL TIMING +quot;Time is the chrysalis of eternity.+quot; Richter For the most part, pr

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RITUAL TIMING "Time is the chrysalis of eternity." Richter *** For the most part, practicing Magicians pay very little attention to timing, with the exception of the Solar and Lunar phases. There is great folly in ignoring the rhythm of time. Much research has been done to establish the fact that cycles DO occur throughout the day. For example: Until 1960, when caesarean births became the preffered method of delivery, 75% of all births occured between 4:00 and 6:00 A.M. Other surveys have shown that the awareness level in most people reaches its peak at 12:00 P.M.; when the Sun is at its zenith. Awareness plays such an important part in Ceremonial Magick that the Practitioner should become conscious of which times of the day enables the best performance. This is one of the functions of The Diary. Aside of performing Rituals when the appropriate planet is visible, there ARE no rules regarding timing. However, it has been said elsewhere in this book that in Magick one must surround themselves with every possible characteristic that the subconcious will recognize as a quality of the planet you are working with. Therefore, by attributing timing to planetary elements, one adds another symbol to their arsenal. I work within the following guidelines: 1. Because of the strong magnetic field around the Earth, it is best to wait until at least 24 hours have past after Full Moon before doing invocations. Before, during, or after this 24 hour period following the Full Moon is okay. The best times for invocations are when the Moon is reflecting the most Sun light. 2. It is VERY helpful if one does their rituals on the days that correspond to the planet. For example: Monday corresponds to........... Luna Tuesdays corresponds to......... Mars Wednesday corresponds to..... Mercury Thursday corresponds to...... Jupiter Friday corresponds to.......... Venus Saturday corresponds to....... Saturn Sunday corresponds to............ Sun 3. It's best to do a planetary ritual when the concerned planet is either in conjunction with the Sun, or when the planet is on the horizon. In all, be conscious of where the planets are at any given time. 4. Pick a day for rest. Fast if possible on that day. Burn incense to your Holy Guardian Angel, or light a candle in His or Her honor; or perform some other form of devotion. "Inflame thyself in prayer".


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