THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL vs. GOD +quot;Be strong, o man, lust, enjoy all things of sense an

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THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL vs. GOD "Be strong, o man, lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this". LIBER AL II.22 *** Two people can look at a pencil and agree that it is a pencil because the senses have sent their brains similar information. However, since two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time our perceptions will vary because our position to the pencil will differ. This illustrates the great fall of conventional Religion. Every Sect has a perspective of God which differs from other sects, they will not allow any deviance from what their experience with God has been. They have failed to realize that the experience of the Knowledge of God is different to every one depending on where they are in relation to the rest of the Universe, as I have illustrated above. "God" is a word which attempts to describe an entity which admittedly can not be described; yet those who use the word while preaching claim they know what "God" wants you to do. If "God" wants to tell you something, God will tell you Him or Herself. God wanted men and women to think independently, it is for this reason that God disguised Himself as a Serpent and "tempted" the pair. As Gnostics we must strive to develop a personal relationship with God, without the middle man. All that is needed to accomplish the Union of Man and God is within our hearts, this is the mystery of the Christ. Conventional Religious Cults do not want you to know this. They want you to feel like you need them; this way they can continue selling you real estate in heaven. Cults need to exercise control over their members, they are not in the least bit interested in their devotees developing a personal relationship with God. Every man and woman should strive to create their own religions according to their own Wills and evolutionary development. It is a good idea to study all religions in order to understand the Inner Mysteries hidden therein. Only by this Knowledge can we come to the Understanding which is necessary in creating one's own Myth. Religion has a lot to offer and one can learn much about the culture and lives of the people who follow the religion that one is researching. Remember that since Truth is beyond speech it cannot be communicated. Therefore, in order to avoid folly when reading any Holy Book we must not take the literal meaning as the Truth, or we will be in danger of falling into the trap that the Fundamentalist has fallen into. Furthermore, don't trust anyone who claims to know the Truth. Truth is protected from the vulgar because it is written in a language that only the Initiated will understand. Become worthy of the Truth and it will find you. Peoples experience of "God" will differ because God will manifest Itself to the individual according to their race, culture, education, and previous experience. Because the Magician understands this basic principle of philosophy he uses the term HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL when referring to his or her "God". The Magician knows that the image in which God has manifested Himself to the individual is only one in an infinite at Its disposal. Conventional philosophies go to great lengths to make one believe that their God is the only one. They boast about Its Omnipotence and Omnipresence, yet; they fail to recognize that very same God as manifested in other cultures. In essence, they blaspheme the same God that they claim to serve. The Holy Guardian Angel is your God, It will not make you drop to your knees or expect you to do the will of others. It will walk with you, and be there in times of need to comfort you, and in times of great opposition It will be the blood that boils within you. It will laugh with you in times of great happiness and strengthen you in times of great sorrow. The image which your Angel has given you is uniquely yours. Remember to show others the benefit of knowing their own God, as the sages of time tell us: "In true religion there is no sect, therefore take heed that thou blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God; for if you do this thing in Jupiter thou will blaspheme IHVH and in Osiris IHShVH. Ask and ye shall have! Seek, and ye shall find! Knock, and it shall be opened unto you!" PERCEPTION IS NINE TENTHS OF THE LAW.


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