GLOSSARY The following Thai words are used in this booklet: //Thudong//, (pronounce `toodo

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GLOSSARY ~~~~~~~~ The following Thai words are used in this booklet: //Thudong//, (pronounce `toodong', from the Pali, //dhutanga//, -- Austere Practices) -- the wandering, ascetical, solitary and meditative life of some bhikkhus. //Crot//, an umbrella with an attachable mosquito net. //Nain//, (from Pali, //samanera//), a novice of under 20 years old undertaking to observe 10 Precepts. A few Pali words are used occasionally: //Bhikkhu//, a fully ordained member of the Sangha over the age of 20, training himself in the observance of the Patimokkha, that is, the monastic Code of Discipline. Nearest English translation of `bhikkhu' is `monk' -- never `priest'! //Sangha//, the community or order of bhikkhus open to people of all races who desire to lead the holy life in the Dispensation of the Buddha. //Vihara//, The Buddhist equivalent of a `monastery' (i.e., where bhikkhus live), but this English word conjures up so many misleading ideas that the Buddhist term `vihara' has been preferred throughout. //Puja//, veneration, worship. In Buddhist practice this is done with the idea of increasing the skilful qualities (such as wisdom and devotion) in one's own mind. Propitiation of forces outside oneself (Gods, etc.), is quite foreign to Buddhadhamma. //Kamma//, intentional action, or willed, volitional action. (In Buddhism, //never// the result of action.)


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