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THE GOLDEN DAWN CORRESPONDENCE COURSE (OUTER ORDER) The purpose of The Golden Dawn Temple and Society is to elevate the knowledge of the student through The Golden Dawn Correspondence Course as offered by the Inner Order of the New Zealand Order of the Smaragdum Thalasses (Thoth-Hermes Temple). The plan is simple and straightforward. Students desiring to become initiated may complete the Correspondence Course, supplementing their work with the already available materials. Having successfully completed the course, they may apply for initiation to the grade of 5=6. Prior to the 5=6 Grade, Outer Order Grades based on completed course work and examinations will be awarded. M E M B E R S H I P A minimum annual donation of $14.00 is requested for membership in the Golden Dawn Temple and Society. This provides you with a membership identification and Probationer certificate from the Society. After you have recieved your identification we require that you use your I.D. number in all future correspondence. Any additional donation funds is greatly appreciated. Your annual donation entitles you to a 20% discount on all Falcon Press books and tapes, and on occasion, other featured material. Additionally, a net-working service of other individuals or groups in your area (if available) will be provided upon request among participating individuals. No addresses will be released without permission. T H E C O U R S E The Correspondence Course consists of 180 lessons and is provided in groups of 2-10 lessons depending on their size. Lessons will be sent on the average every 4-6 weeks. The course is broken down into four, 9 group segments plus one four group period. After each 9 group segment you may request examination for the appropriate certification. Examinations will be given in the form of essay. Upon completion of your examination, you are requested to return it along with a certification fee of $32.00. If the work is satisfactory, you will be awarded the appropriate grade certificate. If unsatisfactory, your fee will be refunded and you will be instructed as to what areas of study require more attention. We currently offer certification for the following Grades: Probationer 0=0, Neophyte 1=10, Zelator 2=9, Practicus 3=8, Philosophus 4=7, and Adeptus Minor 5=6. For the Grade 5=6 there is an additional period of study and review, after which you may petition for a final examination. In achieving this grade, you will be awarded 5=6 certification and become elligible for the Inner Order Correspondence Course. F E E S Four methods of payment are available for The Golden Dawn Correspondence Course. Please make check or money order payable to: The Golden Dawn Temple and Society. (A) $27.50 per group. (B) $150.00 prepayment for 6 groups. (C) $265.00 prepayment for 12 groups. (D) $695.00 prepayment for entire course. O U T L I N E O F C O U R S E 0. Introductory lecture 1. Hebrew Alphabet 2. Hebrew Caligraphy 3. Introduction to the Kabbalah 4. Gematria 5. Notariqon 6. Temura 7. Three Veils of Negative Existance The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram YHVH - The Formula of Tetragrammaton 8. The Four Worlds 9. Kether - The Crown 10. Chokmah - Wisdom 11. Binah - Understanding 12. Chesed - Mercy 13. Geburah - Strength/Severity 14. Tipareth - Beauty 15. Netzach - Victory 16. Hod - Splendor/Glory 17. Yesod - Foundation 18. Malkuth - Kingdom 19. Middle Pillar (Tape) 20. The Eleventh Path 21. The Twelfth Path 22. The Thirteenth Path 23. The Fourteenth Path 24. The Fifteenth Path 25. The Sixteenth Path 26. The Seventeenth Path 27. The Eighteenth Path 28. The Nineteenth Path 29. The Twentieth Path 30. The Twenty-First Path 31. The Twenty-Second Path 32. The Twenty-Third Path 33. The Twenty-Fourth Path 34. The Twenty-Fifth Path 35. The Twenty-Sixth Path 36. The Twenty-Seventh path 37. The Twenty-Eight Path 38. The Twenty-Ninth Path 39. The Thirtieth Path 40. The Thirty-First Path 41. The Thirty-Second Path 42. The Four Color Scales 43. An Introduction To Alchemical Theory 44. Sceptre of Power (Book) 45. Energy, Prayer and Relaxation (Book & Tape) 46. Awareness (Tape) 47 - 50. Geomantic Divination 51. Introduction to The Tarot 52 - 130. Individual Tarot Cards 131. Divination 132. Tarot and Alchemy 133. Tree of Life Projected on the World 134. Convoluted Forces 135. Tattvas - Introduction 136. Glossary 137. Tattvas - Influence 138. Tattvas - Evolution 139. Tattvas - Mutual relation of Tattva and Principles 140. Tattvas - Prana 141. Tattvas - Mind 142. Tattvas - Cosmic Picture Gallery 143. Tattvas - Manifestation of Psychic Force 144. Tattvas - Yoga the Soul 145. Tattvas - Spirit 146. Tattvas - Science of Breath 147. Astrology Introduction 148. Astrology 1 (GD) 149. Astrology 2 (GD) 150. Astrology - Natal Calculation 151. Astrology - Planetary Hours 152. Astrology - Electional 153. Astrology - Horary 154. Astrology - Progressions and Transits 155. Astrology and Ceremonial Magic 156. Talismans 157. Voice in Magic 158 - 170. Shemhamephoresch - All 12 Zodiacs covered. 171. Full Ritual of The Pentagram 172. Full Ritual of The Hexagram 173. Pillars - Symbology and how to make 174. Banners and Altars - Symbology and how to make 175. Swords - Symbology and how to make 176. Lotus Wand - Symbology and how to make 177. Fire Wand - Symbology and how to make 178. Cup - Symbology and how to make 179. Dagger - Symbology and how to make 180. Pentacle - Symbology and how to make __________________________________________________________________________


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