Subject: Night of Lights, Fatima and The Way - 2 Date: Mon, 21 Nov 1994 19:54:15 -0500 Pea

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From: (Jackson Donovan) Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo Subject: Night of Lights, Fatima and The Way - 2 Date: Mon, 21 Nov 1994 19:54:15 -0500 Peace to all the Sons of the Earth, blessed be the Daughters of Earth and of Ma. I am writing this to answer some of the many questions we have received concerning the Night of Lights prophecy. But first, let me make the following known to you. There will be a significant increase of UFO activity preceding the Night of Lights in the following countries. Russia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine. In some of these countries, it has already begun. When the time comes, the greatest sign will be in Russia. For it is they who have made the greatest progress in turning from darkness to light. The people of Russia will appreciate the sign more, for it will mean more to them. Q.1) 3When is the Night of Lights going to happen? This December 13?2 A.) Only Ma Ra Ash knows the exact month. I have been allowed to tell you the day it will occur on, which is the 13th. I am not permitted to know the exact month. They don't want to create panic, nor do they wish any of your Earth military forces to be inadvertently harmed in ill-advised maneuvers. I, myself, hope it will occur on December 13th. I think it would be a nice Christmas present to the world. But honestly, I don't know the exact month, only that as she told the three shepherd children, that it would come. Q.2) 3Are they going to nuke the planet or take over?2 A.) Had they wished to, you would have been dead thousands of years ago. The sign will not be destructive in any manner. In fact, it will be quite beautiful. It will, however, signal the end of certain religious empires. Q.3) 3Why just three cities? Why Moscow, the other two, Mecca and Jerusalem. I understand (kind of) with their ancient religious heritage.2 A.) The two great cities of Mecca and Jerusalem were the focal point of two great efforts to bring mankind into the light of civilization and understanding. There would have been a third city, Rome, but they failed to see My Lady9s hand in these matters. They did not obey her wishes, and have forgotten her. Now, she has forgotten them. Moscow will one day be the center of a new and powerful movement. It will become a New Jerusalem. This was My Lady's promise and, unlike certain Churches, she always keeps her promises. Russia has changed . My Lady promised them that if they changed, then they would be brought into her heart. But if you thought the changes in Russia were drastic, wait until you see what happens in the United States. One day, the countries that I listed above will be one nation. This is a promise from MaRaAsh, The Virgin Mary. Q.4) 3Is there a connection to the White Buffalo that was born in the US? The Indians hold that this was a signal of great changes to come.2 A.) Yes. There is a direct connection. You should know that this author has Cherokee blood in his ancestry. I hold the Indian prophecies very sacred. Fatima was the name of Mahammad9s sister, as well as the name of the town were My Lady appeared. Fatima was called, The Sacred White Cow of Heaven. The first book in the Koran is The Cow. The birth of this White Buffalo marked the fulfillment of a promise made to the Indians by the Great Mother. After the Night of Lights, I will meet them at her sacred mountain. There another prophesy will be fulfilled. That's all the questions I wish to answer for now. The Night of Lights is coming. Do not doubt that in the least bit. Be patient. Savor the time you have left, before it comes. Things will never be the same afterwards again. Be good. Hurt no one. Do one good thing each day for someone else. This is all that she asks, is it so very much or really that hard to do? Peace to all, and blessed be the children of Ma, Mem-Aleph Ma-Di ----- The Way installments are now available via FTP and WWW. If you would like a complete set of those currently published, or would like to add missing installments, you may retrieve them using the following methods: FTP (anonymous): /pub/way (This is a very busy site during evenings and weekends. Should you get a "user access denied" message, it just means all available pathways are in use at that moment. Keep trying when you get that message, and usually within another 5-6 tries, you will get through.) WWW (World-Wide-Web):


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