Subject: Night of Lights, Fatima and The Way Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 20:39:13 -0500 Jackson

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From: (Jackson Donovan) Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.visitors Subject: Night of Lights, Fatima and The Way Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 20:39:13 -0500 Jackson, Post this immediately to all the newsgroups we have hit so far. I will be sending ____ and _____ copies, as well. It's time to move to a slightly higher level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I was recently sent a survey asking me to give a very detailed description of any telepathic contact I have had with alien beings. It was over five pages long. I am not permitted to tell you who sent it. At the end, they asked me to write down what it all meant, and anything else important they thought I should let them know about. I think I shall not only tell them, but the rest of the world. After all, there should never be secrets between friends. Here then, is what I wrote." "Based on my experiences, what do I think this all means? I think that humanity is going to have to rethink who, and what, they are. They are going to have to rethink much, if not all, of their history, as they know it. The various religions and faith structures they have cocooned themselves in, will very shortly, have very little practical purpose. In short, change is coming to this world, the likes of which has not been seen in thousands of years." "I'm going to take a guess that the reason you sent me this, is because of the Way messages now on many sites on the Internet. They are "causing quite a stir," as they say. If you have not read them, you should. Check out any of the "alt.religion" newsgroups. If you want to really know what's going on, they are your source. I wrote them at the request of a very special lady. The information contained in them is the result of her efforts to bring you a little piece of truth in a world full of misconceptions and deceptions. Would you like to guess who this powerful female being, who rides around in a UFO, is? Her name up there is Ma Ra Ash. Down here, she has been called many different names, two of which, I think you will recognize. In Egypt, she was called ISIS. The Catholic Church calls her the Virgin Mary. She is the reason I wrote the Way messages. She is in charge of the overall project concerning the Earth." "One night, I was taken aboard a ship and shown the entire history of the human race. It was complete, and at the time, I understood it all. Who they were, what they did, and what is happening now. I was shown this, so that I could make a determination as to whether I thought them good, or evil. I realized they were neither. But that everything they did, was simply the only thing they could do. It was all quite unavoidable, the ultimate expression of necessity. She gave me the knowledge of the past, so that I could understand what would happen in the future. So that I, and others, would help her make that future." "I have begun to train people to take her message to all the world. The Internet is an excellent tool for this. One of the women I chose, was recently in North Carolina. She was with quite a few people, and was talking to them about the Way messages. She told them of the Collective, and of the Daughters of Ma (Ma Ra Ash and the others). She then told them about me, and of the contact I had had with Ma Ra Ash and with UFOs. Most of them thought she was a bit "nuts." They even laughed a little. They laughed, up until the UFO appeared. Then they stopped laughing and listened a little more intently. That's about as real as it gets, my friends. This was simply a small sign to a few people that she is there. She plans far greater signs, for far larger audiences, very shortly." "Why me? You would neither believe nor understand, so don't even ask. Why am I doing what I am doing? Would you say no to the Virgin Mary? Of course, I know that she is simply a human being, like everyone else up there. But, she is a very advanced and very, very powerful, human being. With all the knowledge and power that she commands, she might as well be a Goddess, from the average Earth human viewpoint." "In the latest Way message, I explain what she has asked me to do. She is not very happy with what she sees down here. At Fatima, she gave Lucia several secrets and instructed her to give them to the Pope. He was to reveal them to the world at the appointed time. The Church disobeyed her, and that made her very angry. The Way messages contain the secrets of Fatima and much, much more. This she instructed me to do, and this I have done. When you read them, you will understand why the Church refused to release them to the public. Lucia was controlled by the Church, and forced not to reveal her words. I will not be so easily silenced by these petty men. Things will be much different, this time." "So that you may know I am speaking the truth, I can reveal one of the future signs to you. It will be called the Night of Lights. Watch the skies carefully. Remember that the triangle and crescent moon are her symbols. Mecca, Moscow and Jerusalem, will be witnesses, as will other areas. It will occur on the Thirteenth of a certain month. That is as much as I am permitted to know about it. It will be a sign to those who believe in truth, and a warning to those who deny it. When it occurs, remember it is she who does the works. Do not be ignorant of her, nor her signs. Of all the stars in the heavens, she is the brightest." "If it were not for her love of all people of this world, none would survive the coming storm. Remember everything I have said to you. The Night of the Lights is coming. So that you may see, and then believe." "Peace, Ma-Di" ----- The Way installments are now available via FTP and WWW. If you would like a complete set of those currently published, or would like to add missing installments, you may retrieve them using the following methods: FTP (anonymous): /pub/way (This is a very busy site during evenings and weekends. Should you get a "user access denied" message, it just means all available pathways are in use at that moment. Keep trying when you get that message, and usually within another 5-6 tries, you will get through.) WWW (World-Wide-Web):


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