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ENOCHIAN NUMBERS EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK "THE COMPLETE GOLDEN DAWN SYSTEM OF MAGIC" BY ISRAEL REGARDIE Having associated myself with Israel Regardie's call for greater openness with occult teaching material, I now wish to share with readers of this book some of my results of my own research. The quotation from John Dees spiritual diaries with which I headed up this paper was written at the time the Angelic Keys were being dictated. Closely read and taken in context, it suggests not only that the keys may involve more than one numbering system, but also that 'the letters' i.e., the characters of the Enochian alphabet, may be 'in confusion' in the sense that the traditional order may not be correct. Much more plainly in part three of 'The concourse of the forces' MacGregor Mathers states: "The numbers such as 456 and 6739, etc. which occur in some of the calls contain mysteries not here to be explained." Following these and similiar hints throughout Dee's diaries, as well as some of the manuscript books discussed above, I have been able to establish three conclusions with a rather high degree of rigour: first, that there are in fact two numbering systems in Enochian, of which one is used for gematria and the other only for translating numbers into single digits; second, that the correct order of characters in the Enochian alphabet resembles that in Greek and Coptic; and, third, that the Gematric code (as I propose to call it) follows a pattern rather more like Hebrew. Since this is not the place to recapitulate my reasoning, I will say only that after checking it several times and having it checked for me on an IBM 370 using a program written in LISP I think it is right. Here are my results. CHARACTER GEMATRIC CODE DIGITAL CODE A 1 1 B 2 2 G 3 3 D 4 4 E 5 5 F 6 6 Z 7 7 H 8 8 I 10 1 K 20 2 L 30 3 M 40 4 N 50 5 X 60 6 O 70 7 P 80 8 Q 90 9 R 100 1 S 200 2 T 300 3 U 400 4 The next step of course is to follow Mathers lead, enter the Angelic Keys with the digital code, and translate the numbers into their correct values. Here is the result. LETTER UNCORRECT VALUE CORRECT VALUE A* F 19 16 A C A M 7699 1214 C I A L 9996 2113 C L A 456 231 D 3 4 D A O* X 5678 4176 D A R G 6739 4113 E M O D 8763 5474 E R A N 6332 5115 G* A* 31 31 L 1 3 M 9 4 M A P M 9639 4184 M A T B 1000 1000 M I A N 3663 4115 N 6 5 N I 28 51 N O R Z 6 6 O 5 7 O B 28 72 O P 22 78 O S 12 12 O X* 26 76 P* 8 8 P D 33 84 P E O A L 69636 85713 Q U A R 1636 9411 S 4 2 T A X S 7336 3162 V 2 4 V* X 42 46 The seven letters with asterisks are the only ones for which correct values were given in the text and were presumably left there to serve as clues of a sort. Very Helpful. __________________________________________________________________ This document is a review of the book "The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic". For the sake of enlightening those who would not otherwise know what type of material the book contains. This is simply a small part of the volume.


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