OUR FIRST CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS Did you ever wonder how the first contacts may have ha

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OUR FIRST CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS Did you ever wonder how the first contacts may have happened and how they were chosen, or if someone did come from another world how would they look at us. On other worlds we can expect that values, morals and social customs will be quite different than ours. Someone coming here may not understand our way of logic anymore then we understand why a pig likes to play in the mud, or a dog likes to chase his own tail. It is difficult for most people to change the size of their thinking to accommodate the larger and more comprehensive view that ET's would have toward us. We are so full of ego and value judgments that we may have trouble understanding how humans from other worlds would make their decisions toward communicating with us. A human race not so different then ours called The Pleiadians traveled to Earth in the 1600's to learn about us and to plan a long mission to re-establish the TRUTH for earth mankind. There method of communicating was to select one of us as a contactee and to educate and prepare him to go forward into the public and awaken us as to their existence. We were to be gently awakened to the idea that we are not alone and that we are not the only thinking and rational beings in the Universe. This book is a collection of their observations of us and how they see us and given to Eduard Billy Meier in Switzerland from 1975 through 1978. Eduard "Billy" Meier was born on February 3rd, 1937 at 11:00 am, into this world, to help with that mission. Billy was chosen because he had performed this role many times before. He lived a short time before he became aware that he would be a "Prophet" or "Truth announcer" to the planet EARTH. It was the summer of 1980, on a warm sunny afternoon in Los Angeles, when I found myself wandering around in a book store next to the UCLA campus filled with tables full of books promising education, adventure, romance, and all at bargain prices. Since I wasn't looking for anything in particular I was easy prey for a "close out" sign protruding up out of pile of books that looked like they had been stirred up in a blender. Always the one to be searching for the unusual I began to push my way through the books looking for something to catch my eye. There were cook books, old text books, some with covers torn off, others with several price reductions and a few still in their plastic wrappers. I was scanning through the pages of the life story of Errol Flynn and dreaming of those great old movies with beautiful women and swashbuckling heroes when I glanced down at the table and saw a picture of a UFO hovering over a grassy knoll with some logs laying below it. I thought, this is better, must be a book on special effects from Universal movie studios or something. Funny I didn't recognize the picture as being from any movie I had seen. It was much too clear to be from one of those old movies from the sixties. I opened the book and began to flip through the pages of beautiful extraordinary photos of flying saucers, taken in broad daylight like I had never seen before. As far as I knew, even the special effects people had nothing this good. I wasn't even reading the captions, I was just racing from page to page devouring the images. When the last page came I was so excited I started racing through the book again, this time carefully reading the captions next to the photos. It seems these photos were all taken in Switzerland by someone named Billy Meier and were supposed to be authentic real photos of "Beamships" from another world. I glanced at the cover of the book for the price to make sure I could afford it and discovered that it hadn't been sold for $39.95 as the publisher had hoped, but was marked down to $19.95. A couple of ID's later the book was mine and I was sitting at home carefully examining each page with a careful eye. "This book is important", I said to myself, I just knew it. As I slowly turned through the pages I became more and more sure that this poor overlooked book from a close out table held some important truths about life from another world. I became obsessed with the book and for days could think of nothing else. The implications were very serious indeed. Here at last could be proof of existence of life on other worlds. And if this was true then think of what we could learn. I had read every word in the book several times. It seems Meier had the opportunity to have physical contacts with these visitors. They had taken him with them in their ships on many occasions for the specific purpose of educating him on a variety of subjects about life: the Universe, religion, history and science. They even allowed him to ask questions put together by himself and a group of friends of his who seemed also to be involved in the contacts. The book I had answered some of these questions but didn't go into very much detail. I was hungry for more and found myself calling information in Arizona to find the publisher,I had to know more. It took just a few calls to reach publishers who were located in a small town in Arizona and turned out to be the actual investigators who had just returned from several months in Switzerland investigating this case. They were very helpful and answered a lot of my questions, offering some new insights into the case. My phone bill was pretty high for awhile as I kept calling and asking more questions. It turned out that Meier had over 115 meetings with these visitors and had compiled several books out of thousands of pages of notes he had taken. The investigators told me they had put photos through many different kinds of analysis and could find no evidence of a hoax of any kind. They had investigated other witnesses who had seen the ships, some of whom had also taken photos of the ships, they even had been to the sights where the photos were taken and reconstructed the photo scene for computer comparison. Meier had given them metal samples he had received from the off world visitors that was representative of the type their ships were made of for analysis. These metal samples had been turned over to a scientist at IBM named Marcel Vogel, who proclaimed they could identify a most of the ingredients of the metal, but not the be manufacturing process. It was beyond our technology at the moment and clearly not of this earth and had to have been made in somesort of vacuum process. It seems the investigators were almost losing their own objectivity as they were having trouble finding any reason to doubt Meier's claims. He truly seemed to be having contacts with human visitors from another world. This other world by the way was a planet just 10% smaller then ours called Erra, located is in the Taurus section of the sky in a small a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades. Most all of Meier's contacts were with a Pleiadian women who called herself Semjase. She explained that her people settled in the Plejas, as they called it, over 230,000 years ago and had currently lived on 3 planets within their solar system. Their ancestors had come there as a result of wars in their home system and were descendants of a race called Lyrians. She said the Pleiadians themselves had never lived here on earth, but we shared common ancestry as in , the past on several occasions the Lyrians had settled on earth. Semjase believed that currently about 1/3 of the population of earth carried the Lyrian genetic. The Lyrians, by the way, were tall blond, blue eyed, white skinned had people who stormed through the galaxy with their giant war machines dominating many planets, and leaving there mark wherever they been went. There history dated back 22 million years and was mostly wars and blood shed. The Pleiadians had found peace through the understanding of the Creational laws of the Universe and had hoped to help us, their younger brothers by passing on some of their wisdom. Meier had been chosen as a physical contactee since he had acted in a similar capacity in previous lives and could be counted on to perceive and pass on the information in a truthful manner. It seems the Pleiadians and a few other races were kind of keeping an eye on us. They said that Meier's spirit is the oldest on our planet and could be counted on to be helpful and useful to their mission. Their science allowed them to follow a spirit as it went through its life cycles. Reincarnation was not only true but an exact science to them. Hardly a day went by during the next few years that Meier and his experiences were not on my mind One book was not enough, I wanted to talk to Meier, read his notes and hear all about his experiences. I had traveled through China, most of the east, 3 trips to the Vatican City, Europe and Japan putting pieces together of our humanity. My quest led me down a lot of trails that always came to the same ending. We just didn't now very much about life yet. We were still stuck on this planet with no one to guide us. History had left us on our own to create several thousands of years of beliefs, religions and cults, which always seemed to lead to war and blood shed. 1984 found me in Rome on business with the hope that I could make a visit to the Meier home. I placed a call to the investigators who were going to try and get me an invitation, and was informed it was not a good time to go. Due to a recent attempt on Meiers' life, which their left him shaken but OK, the household was noticeably not in the mood for visitors. There had been several attempts over the years, apparently by those who believed he was either to a threat to their beliefs, or some kind of maniac. I was becoming more and more intrigued with wanting to meet Billy Meier. I returned home and spent another two years telling everyone I knew about Billy Meiers experiences. By the courtesy of the investigators I had made a set of slides from my book, which I still carried around, and often was had people over to the house for a little slide show. Soon I was renting halls and giving talks all over the city almost every night. I had become the local Billy Meier authority which allowed me to meet thousands of other people hear who shared my interests. We all wanted to know more. I suppose like everyone else were all searching for meaning to our lives, a purpose for being, an answer to what all of this is. Here, within the Meier information at last their were answers, but one book was not enough. It was time to go to Switzerland. I wrote a letter to Billy and asked if I could visit. I knew in the seventies thousands of people had been to his home. They'd come trampling through the gardens, climbing in the windows and poking around in the garage. Meier's house had become like a tourist information center with people everywhere who leaving little or no privacy for him. Visitors and would sometimes just walk into his home and start going through the drawers and taking what ever they could. To date Billy has taken over 1300 photos and a lot of 8mm movie footage, hundreds of the photos are already missing or damaged. Unfortunately the ugly American had been there. They had all come, movie people with talk of stardom, magazines and newspapers looking for the story of the century and scientist trying to prove they were right and Meier was a fraud. Billy had made a promise to Semjase to not turn anyone down, he would talk to everyone and tell his story. That promise had not worked out well, as his few appearances in the surrounding towns were met with hostility and anger and Billy found himself being called every name in the book. His precious notes from his extra terrestrial friends had been misquoted and his pictures had been duplicated, stolen or laughed at as being models. The investigators, in their efforts to test the photos, had traveled back to Billy's home with models of the ships they had made. They then shot new photos of their models with Billy's camera and their own. Two models had been made, one of which was a present to Billy and still sets on his desk in his office. The photos were taken back to the lab for examination with the results that the computer caught the models every time. The real photos were examined in a series of tests. Through the use of electron microscopes, laser scanning the film grain was examined for distortion resulting from double exposure, lamination or projection methods. Further testing on lighting angles, shadows and edge focus were done to check for overlays and paste-ups. Edge and image enhancements were done to reveal any suspicious lines or wires that may have been used. A microdensitometer was used to analyze the film grain for possible overlapping film crystals, which eliminated the possibility of dark room techniques or film overlays. Additionally, Z-scale Contour and Z-scale Density average tests comlrmed the craft to be a large, three dimensional object. As a surprise while experimenting with special emission scanning techniques, unusual "energy" fields were found in a photo surrounding the area of the ship and still another test revealed supernormal light distortion properties around the ship in a photo under certain ranges of the light spectrum. It seems we could now detect the energy coming off of the Beamships. Unfortunately this imformation never got out to the general public, but instead some of the pictures that had been taken of the models fell into the wrong hands and were released by those who didn't like Billy, as being a means to reveal him as a faker. Here was a man who had traveled to other worlds, seen other civilizations and who had the pleasure of hours of conversations with people from another world, and he couldn't get anyone to listen. Frustrated and dejected by a society who apparently didn't want to hear the truth, Billy decided to close his doors. No more visitors. His home life had all but been ruined, he had no privacy, his health was poor and he barely had enough money to live on. Not able to hold down a job anymore, since he was the local "star man", Billy now lived on his farm with a few other people who believed in him, they had formed a group called the FIGU and lived together to help Billy with his books and further their own education. My letter was fnally answered, it was OK for me to come for a visit. So with my bags packed I headed out to Zurich. A couple of train rides later found me in Schmidruti, the home of Billy Meier. When I arrived I was escorted to the guest patio in front of the house where several members of the FIGU began to tell me all about the latest group of Americans who had taken Billy's material and used it for there own profit. There was a lot of anger and frustration as it seemed they had been disappointed again by someone who had made promises and not kept them. Americans it seemed, at least the ones who had come to Schmidruti, were turning out to be materialistic and greedy, and showed little interest in his knowledge and his books. It was the pictures that caused the great interest, everyone wanted to make a movie, a video or write a book, and all with their own views and attitudes mixed in. It wasn't important that Billy was the mediator to the Pleiadians and we had a chance to learn something, there just seemed to be more interest in trying to make some money out of it. Now don't get me wrong, I try just as hard as the next guy to make a buck. I realize we live in a world which revolves around the dollar, and you just can't get much done in this world unless you play the game. But in some areas perhaps we have allowed common sense to turn into greed. My stay for 3 weeks was disappointing in that I couldn't meet Billy. He was upset with America and apparently was suspicious of me and wasn't in the mood for someone else with a lot of questions. I spent my 3 weeks working around the farm during the day, and at night I was allowed to ask questions of the other people who lived there, and at last I was allowed to see the notes. I had already seen some of the notes before I came over, but not like this. I became friends with several of the people there and they began to share their stories with me. They talked of seeing the ships over the house, one person had even watched as Billy disappeared when he was taken up into the ship. One of the members, who had driven Billy to a contact and was waiting for his return, had been shaken up when Billy materialized out of thin air right in front of her. These were the people who were getting the knowledge, not the public. Billy kept to himself now and for years he had stayed at home with his friends, away from the ridicule of the public. There were books here on science, how the Universe was created, the life cycles of man, the Spiritual laws of the Creation we live in, and much more. All in all there was close to 10,000 pages of notes put into books on many subjects which I studied every night until I fell asleep. At last here was information so logical, so rational, so truthful that I found myself captivated by my thirst for knowledge, and quite often watched the dark of night say hello to the light of morning with a book in my hand. Proof comes to all of us in different forms, and for those looking to validate Billy's claims and only being mildly acquainted with him through the few things written about him so far, you have to pretty much rely on the photos to make up your mind. But here in Schmidruti, is the real truth, the books, the experiences and actually the man. The information given to us by another race of human life that is far more advanced then us. Among these books is one thinking called the Prophecies. The Pleiadians arranged for Billy to receive transmissions from the highest of spiritual sources, the name Petale was given to this spiritual level for identification only. From this information the Prophecy book was written by Billy which tells us about how we are creating our future. The Back was copywritten in 1975 and contains information about Earth, primarily from 1980 up past the turn of the century. Very few dates are given as the Pleiadians use what they call an "event clock" to measure things. You see the future, unlike the past, isn't a fixed thing, but a projection of how things will happen based on the present, or now. If you do nothing about now, and allow things to go along own, the fiuture will go pretty much as it is. If however you take responsibility for yourself and control your future if can be ever changing. For the Pleiadians their science has advanced to a point were they have discovered what the energy of "Time" is, and can travel using this knowledge to visit other time frames, something which at the moment seems almost impossible to us, but is well within their grasp. As a matter of fact, without this capability they would not even be visible to us since they live in a different time and space then we do. They do not live in the Pleiades we see in the sky, but a Pleiades of a different time pulse separated by a different space. They actually make a shift of some kind so we can perceive them. They say there is also a way of seeing or thinking the future during meditation, if you know how to do it. These messages from the future will come to you in a code or symbol, and you must know how to interpret them. Back to Schmidruti I returned to Schmidruti the next year and stayed for most of the summer. This time I didn't stay at the guest house, but was invited to stay on the property in a guest mobile home. Billy and I became friends and spent a lot of time together, by day I worked on translating his books into English, and at night we would have some great conversations which taught me a lot. I discovered a man whose knowledge seem to have no limits. My school became the kitchen table where I would sit, talk and ask questions about many different subjects. Never failing, he would always answer my questions without prejudice or emotional attachment. He seemed to have the ability to know just what I needed to know at any time. Quite often before I would even ask a question he would already be smiling, ready with the answer. There was a point where I thought I was just a fast learner, but I soon discovered that Billy had the understanding of what logic is and how and when to tell you what you need to know. You see if you get the right information just when you are ready for it, you assemble the knowledge quickly and form new rational logic patterns. If you are not ready for information it generally will just get put away somewhere in the back of your mind where you will attach your attitudes and viewpoints to it, maybe even some emotional views or anger will taint the information. Billy told me stories of his travels to other worlds and how he had felt when he was allowed to visit one of the Pleiadian Motherships for several days. He still has many photos of the mothership and other worlds which he no longer will offer to the people. He has been made fun of so much by an ignorant public, that he now waits for a better time when we are ready for the information, then perhaps we will treat it better. Among the most fascinating information I learned was about the spread of human life throughout our galaxy. We are confined to our planet and can only guess about what lies beyond our solar system. Billy has seen some of it and the Pleiadians have told him about a lot more. Among his books is a 2 volume set called the Genesis which contains the knowledge of our Universe. In short our Universe is far older and larger then our scientist realize. A longer explanation can be read in the Genesis but in sumrnary our Universe was Created through the idea of Creation, which is the eternal energy of life. The Universe we live in is 47 trillion years old. The shape of the Universe is similar to an egg and if a cross section of it could be revealed it would show that it is divided into 7 different sections or belts separated by bands of energy, similar to what a tree trunk looks like. The outside energy belt of our Universe is called a Push belt and serves as a protective layer as it pushes against the adjoining Universes and separates us. Each section has a different purpose, as for instance the section which we live in is called the Material belt and is the only section of the Universe where there is material life. The other belts are of non-material or spiritual matter, the center being the greatest source of Creational energy. The Universe is currently expanding and will continue to do so for some time. Its life span will be 311,040,000,000 years when it will have contracted back into itself and go into a sleep stage. It will then expand again on a larger scale and go through another cycle only longer and bigger. There are 7 cycles of expansion, contraction and sleep, then our Universe will change its form and become what is called an UR Universe which will continue the same cycles, but without a material belt, as its function is to create other Creational Universes like the one we live in. Only Creational Universes have the material belt. When our Universe was created a twin Universe was also created right next to us which is called the Dal Universe by the Pleiadians. It is identical to ours and supports human life just as we know . It is the cycle of expansion and contraction, wake and sleep that forms the logic after which human life is patterned. During our material lives we follow the same pattern as the universe, we have the daytime or awake period, and then we contract or sleep at night. When our material lives come to an end our spirit sleeps and prepares for another material life to continue its growth. You see, we ue all spritual beings with an everlasting life span, through a series of material lives in order grow through the process of feeding truth to spirit. It is the material lives that gather the formation through our many senses, sight, touch, feel etc.. The purpose of the material is learning, that's why we all have this, to search for Truth. Fortunately it is onIy possible to feed your spirit Truth as the spirit can not be illogical or sick only the material is capable of that. The reason for this that your spirit is always connected to, and is part of, the Creation which serves as a source Truth for us. The Creation is also constantly growing through learning, and we all contribute to that, which is why we all have a responsibility to each other and to the overall growth of the Creational Spirit which is the guiding energy of the physical Universe. Remember even though you do not know answers to everything, they do exist, we are not creating new knowledge's, they already exist, we are just discovering them. This means that you go through material life, searching and learning, and your spirit is listening to everything, but it only takes in what is Truth according to Creation. This protects your Spirit from becoming illogical and sick. You must also realize that only you are capable of feeding Truth to your Spirit, no one else can do this for you. You are totally responsible for your own spiritual growth. This also means many of us go through a material life cycle and because we live such untruthful lives we add almost nothing to our Spirit. This is called spiritual stagnation. There is no new information being fed to the spirit when your material life has passed. This is a sleep stage much like the normal sleep you will have tonight where you cogitate or finish out the things you have learned. You return to material life when you are ready and begin a new personality with new opportunities for growth. You see, our life cycles emulate the same growth pattern that the Universe is going through. Once we have a better understanding of the logic of Creation we will better see the relationship of how our life cycles work. In our galaxy, which we call the Milky Way, there were originally over 44 million planets which evolved human life as we know it. Currently there are over 7.5 billion planets with 343 different forms of the human body living on them. The Pleiadians have come in contact with 1,800,000 of them. Our planet is visited every year by about 3000 ships, most of which only pass by and have very little interest in us. There are also other types of non-human life forms in our galaxy and throughout the Universe, some of which also come here. Billy was told about a race from a set of twin planets called Zeta Reticuli that have on some occasions abducted humans for experimenting. The Pleiadians have communicated with this race on our behalf to stop the abductions. We have also been warned that there are other races both human and non-human who are quite malicious by our standards and would quickly take over our planet. Billy was told that the probability is very high that the planet Earth will soon face the reality of defending ourselves from attackers from other worlds. It is not clear whether or not the Pleiadians or other races would help defend us. Apparently they have in the past, and do maintain a certain surveillance over our planet. However, they have stated that they are not allowed to intervene in our Political or power structure on their own. They belong to a council or federation of planets which forbids them from interfering in our right of freewill. It seems as a planet we must make a choice of aligning ourselves with them and other peaceful races in order to get their help. If we choose to align ourselves with other non-peaceful races they will not come to our aid. There is evidence to support the idea that our government has already aligned itself with a hostile race in order to gain knowledge for weapons and power. If this turns out to be true, it could be the warning the Pleiadians have given us, and would prevent them from coming to our aid. A Visit From The Pleiades One night, about midnight, after I had been at Billy's home for about 6 weeks, I was walking down the road toward the house and noticed one of the FIGU members named Englebrecht standing in front of the house. He motioned to me to come over and watch the sky. It was a beautiful night high in the hills of Switzerland, clear skies with a million stars painted against a black canvas. Englebrecht does not speak very good english, but he motioned for me to stand and watch the sky where he was pointing. He motioned on his watch for me to just wait a few minutes, which I did. Soon he raised his hand and pointed toward the Eastern sky. I shifted my view to where he was pointing and there it came, rising up from the horizon, a streak of white light moving at a very fast rate. It climbed up steadily and then leveled off and began to race across the night sky in front of us. It was a steady stream of white light moving considerably faster then anything else I have seen in the sky. Kind of like a shooting star but rising up instead of falling. Then it took a slight turn and kind of bent right up into the sky and began to blend in with the stars. I was just standing there in amazement when Englebrecht turned to me and said "Quetzal". That was the name of one of the Pleiadian pilots who frequently visited Billy. He was apparently leaving the base the Pleiadians still have in Switzerland, and who knows where he was going. I had just seen my first Identifiable Flying Object. Now it was true for me also. In a couple of days I left Schmidruti and retumed home to America. The knowledge I have gained from the books and from Billy I have put on Audio and Video tapes so people can learn for themselves. If the Pleiadians have a single purpose in helping us it's to give us this simple truth to live by: We are living through a series of material lives in order to learn and feed our spirit with truth. This is necessary for the spiritual growth of not only the Creation we live in, but it is the only way we ourselves can grow. It is the meaning of our lives. The food our spirit lives on is called the Truth. In ancient Lyrian tongue there is a phrase used for meditation. Saalome gam naan ben uurda gan neeber asaala hesporoona. This translates to mean, "Peace in Wisdom to the planet Earth and all beings ofthe Creation". So to you, my friends, in search of your own truth, 'Saalome'.


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