Translations from Voltair Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Bewa

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Translations from Voltair Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Beware Of False Light Workers August 24, 1993 There are many individuals in your society who are trying to make others believe they are highly evolved light workers. Those who are not sensitive to their vibrations can normally take notice of their demeanor. Every chance they get, they let you know they are a light worker and on your side. All the while they are trying to put out your light or drain your positive energies. There have been many warnings about these "false prophets". Even your Bible speaks of these, although you may have to read between the lines. As the time for your graduation draws closer, there are going to be even more who will appear on the scene. Most will know who they are, but some will be sincere in what they do. These "sincere" ones have bought into their programming, hook, line and sinker, as you say. Regardless, they are messengers of the dark and should be avoided by all seeking the true light. There will be some who will actually do everything they can to put out your light, in any means at their disposal. It is wise to not test your own skills against these and to remain away from them. Do not see how "strong" you are in resisting their efforts. Your energies could be more wisely spent on more positive circumstances. Don't let them kick sand in your face, either. Stay out of their kicking range. Even if they are not totally successful, they may succeed in dimming your light, or in draining off some of your energies. Do not play with fire. This is not the time to test your skills. Do not fear them either, but do not be near them when avoidable. Discernment is so important. Despite all that I have said and the use of your own developed sensitivities, you may still encounter the dark forces masquerading as light. There are some very powerful negative energies on the Earth at this time who know all the tricks. However, they cannot "knock out" your discernment system. Even though you may find yourself face to face with some of these, continue to deal with them at the gut or intuitive level. Some of you are in the process of developing even higher discernment skills. These will serve you well. However, for those very powerful negative energies, your abilities will be felt like a radar detector by them. This will be a warning for them to go to plan B or C, which they will. Simply be alert to these. Heed these warnings, but do so in a positive and cautious manner. Know your own strengths but do not let the ego rule when distance and protection are in order. Talk among yourselves about these things. Ask those who have had such experiences to share with you so you might more easily identify the situation, even though each is as unique as the energies involved. As time and events are accelerating, so too will the emergence of the prophets of dark disguised as bearers of light. With these, the moment you try to share your love is when you will be given a warning, should you not already know. I step aside. I do so in love. Voltair, a Star Being of Arcturia


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