Translations from The Sun God Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth

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Translations from The Sun God Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Days Of Darkness Are Coming Soon, And Earth Changes In Germany and France August 24, 1993 Darkness Over The Land There will soon be a time of darkness that will cover a large part of the Earth. This may last for up to three days in some of these areas. This is not a time for fear or for special chanting or protection. I will be making some drastic changes in my energy grids or photon belts to accommodate the orbital shifts the Earth will be completing. As a result of these grid realignments, great clouds will be generated. These are clouds of energy that will manifest in a physical way, so as to block many of my visible rays of light to the Earth. These clouds may linger for up to three days. They will be of varying "altitudes" above the Earth. To some this variable array will be even more frightening since the darkness will not appear to have any end. These events will occur shortly after the Earth has shifted and then corrected her orbit, between October 15, 1993 and January 1994. There will be reports of many strange occurrences at that time because many different energies will be activated or altered, all temporarily. Those who are very sensitive to the Earth's grid work may experience some bodily changes. These too will pass. I encourage each of you to not become panicky and think it is the "end of the world", for indeed it is not. I encourage you to ignore the calls and howling of the Bible quoters who will speak with much fear in their heart. There is no cause for alarm. It is simply a time for Earth and solar adjustments. Germany And France Germany and France are "old rivals" which have manifested in the form of much suffering and death. These attitudes and negative vibrations have been carried forward for many years. With these, harm has been brought to the Earth. These are presented in many ways and they are all harmful, whether in the form of wars, gang fighting, prejudices, secret police activities, or munitions and chemical factories. A war ends but hatred continues. All of these have extracted a very heavy toll on the Earth. It is now time to cleanse these lands of the sources of harm. The Earth will be doing this as major earthquakes will be hitting these countries. In Germany, the Rhine will be leaving its banks as it seeks another route with its flow. Great floods will follow. These will wash away the countryside as the people cling to the past. It will be necessary for the past to be cleansed so that there can be a rebirth for the future. Changes must also occur within many of the citizens, particularly thoses who harvest hate and prejudicial emotions towards others. In France, the Earth will also split open. The city of Paris will be devastated as the quakes are followed by great waters rushing and setting aside those material things that are worshipped by many there. The governments will be unable to control the mass confusion that will result from these cleansing energies. There will be more deaths than can easily be counted. This city and area has the reputation for being a city of love. I tell you this is not true, as the people have caused much harm to the Earth. With this cleansing, the peoples focus can once again return to love, love of self and Earth. It is in the survivors of these cleansings that we are pinning the hopes of healing. These activities in Germany and France will have occurred by 1997. These will only represent the beginning of a series of cleansing and healing actions that will change the face of all of Europe and many of the adjoining areas. I leave at this time. I do so in love for all those on the Earth and for the God Source of us all. The Sun God


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