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Translations from Christ Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Why Some Truths Were Not Clarified Including The Crucifixion September 8, 1993 In millions of peoples minds I am the savior that they are waiting for. I am the one that is going to deliver them to the gates of heaven. Why have I allowed this and other similar beliefs to flourish? It is very simple, although from the 3rd dimensional perspective my reason may not appear to be satisfactory. I have NEVER told anyone, directly or indirectly, to put their faith in me as a savior or a God. During my incarnations I have said many things that are interpreted that way, or else they have been deliberately misstated to give that meaning. By what forum could I tell the people to not believe in the Bible? I have told many, many people down through the ages, just as I am telling Tom now, this very thing. What has happened to those words? People do not wish to believe that I am not their Lord God. Besides, there are many truths in the Bible. For thousands of years the human vibration has agreed to remain within the 3rd dimension. Within the 3rd dimension are those beliefs attributed to me as well as the accompanying accolades. Most people did not wish to venture outside the 3rd dimensional vibration. This is a choice I respect. I love all people, even those who believe what is in fact not true. But they believe it is true and do so in a sincere way. I do not wish to infringe on those "truths", even though they are limiting in their scope. I have known that the time would come when people would be ready to look beyond those programmed beliefs. I did not wish to cause confusion when the mass consciousness was not ready for the real truths. This information is always available anyway. You need only to tap into your inner self and reach beyond the programming that you have been enduring for some time. So simply stated, humankind has not been ready or receptive to the truths, whether they concern me or others. I have tested the waters on numerous occasions, but the mass consciousness was not ready. It is now time, though, as the Earth is preparing to move to a higher level, and humanity has a similar opportunity to graduate to a higher level of its own. There are many apparently contradicting channelings concerning different aspects of the life of Jesus. It is always most important that we in the spirit realm communicate to the level of acceptance by the general audience to which we speak. It is of no value if we only turn people away instead of opening the door ever so slowly. It is not so easy for most people to take gigantic steps forward when it involves the acceptance of new truths. You can move so fast that you will actually go backwards due to the confusion that will follow. We know you must overcome your intense programming if you hope to expand your beliefs horizons. So we must "spoon feed" you with most things that may be in conflict with your orthodox views. Even then most do not choose to open up. But we are patient. It is not important to us that certain "facts" be straightened out for you. It is only important that we present you with the various opportunities to open up to the universal truths. In this regard some of the taught or orthodox views may hinder your ability to expand more, while others do not. So we do not go to great lengths to correct those things that are not all that important. One of the Christian beliefs concerns the crucifixion of Jesus. Many religions base a great deal of their teachings on this. They connect it directly to sacrifice, guilt and not being worthy. It does not matter to me if you choose to believe this aspect of the Jesus incarnation. It does matter though, that you may believe this at the exclusion of allowing yourself to be open to the fact that we are equal in the eyes of the One. We are all worthy of the One. It is of concern to me when many choose to remain closed to the universal truths because they may be taught that they, too, must make tremendous sacrifices before they can be seated at the right hand of the Father. It is of concern to all of us when your beliefs discourage you from considering that life exists elsewhere, in greater abundance than on the Earth. I did not die on the cross, as you have been taught. Think about this, why would I? So your sins would be transmutted? I cannot be responsible for anyone but me. What sins? You may choose to think of certain aspects of the One's creation as "sin" because you limit yourself to the co-existence of positive and negative. But there is no sin. So why would I allow myself to be crucified? I could not teach you the Father's truths if I could not be here to do so. Jesus lived a good long life, for those days. That incarnation lasted 55 years and did end with a physical death, but not a crucifixion. It is not important how long Jesus lived or how he died. It is important that you know he did not teach against sin. He taught some of the very things that the so called "new agers" are teaching - going within and unconditional love. He encountered many who spoke of sin and of not being worthy. When appropriate he tried to teach these individuals to love self and to forgive self. For others he simply sent them love in knowing they were not ready to believe that each creates their own reality. Do not be confused by the apparent conflicting stories that you hear. Learn to truly listen to yourself, preferably in a meditative state. Ask your self and your higher self what your truths are. Trust in what you hear. In doing this, should you still feel inclined to believe such things as my crucifixion, then go with that. This will tell you that is what level you are at and that it is not time for you to step outside of those beliefs. Know that this is alright and I and others are with you. You may call on us and we will come to you in love. Listen to what I have spoken. Accept what you can but be open to know what you can accept and perhaps what you may be blocking because of your self proclaimed limitations. I love each of you on the Earth. I love our Father. Christ (Sananda)


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