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************************************************************************** OTHER BULLETIN BOARDS FOR THE NATURAL SCIENCES ************************************************************************** Update Dec. 10, 1987 ************************************************************************** *NEWEST INFO* See BIOSIS TAXONOMIC REFERENCE FILE, which is recently up. SRS RBBS. Run by the division of Science Resource Studies (SRS) at the National Science Foundation (NSF), this bbs "provides up-to-date information on fiscal and human resources for science and engineering activities. It contains comprehensive statistical tabulations as well as brief narrative reports and announcements of available publications." The system is free and open to the public. It is available 24 hours at 202-634-1764. For more information contact Vanessa Richardson, NSF, 202- 634-4636. (Info from TRS Bulletin Board, Dec. 10, 1987.) SCOOTER SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE. A public BBS in Philadelphia which seeks to attract members of the scientific community. The sysop is Brian Muldover, a graduate microbiology student. The BBS contains downloadable software and text files with scientific orientation, multiple conferences, and NET-MAIL. Online 24 Hrs. at (215) 657-5586. (Info from TRS Bulletin Board, Dec. 10, 1987.) (P.S. Superb science software available, but use 1200 bps to try to connect, not 2400.) BULLETIN BOARDS According to Thomas Duncan and Christopher A. Meacham (MEKA Newsletter No. 1, Nov. 1986), the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley CA 94720, is installing an electronic bulletin board (1200 baud) for plant systematists. Watch Taxon and Herbarium News for announcements. A similar BBS for botanists on the East Coast is being considered by staff at the Bailey Hortorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. BIONET is a DNA sequencers' bulletin board (has a subscription cost). Information is available from BIONET, Intelligenetics Inc., 1975 El Camino West, Mountain View, California 94040-2216. General information is available from IntelliGenetics at 415-962-7364 or by electronic mail at genbank@bionet-20.arpa. Compilers of new DNA sequence data who would like to add this information to GenBank, a nucleotide sequence database, should contact Los Alamos National Laboratory at 505-665-2177 or genbank@lanl.gov for further information. (Information from Science 238: 1215, 1987.) BIOSIS Connection is a new service planned by BIOSIS. This will be "an electronic service for life scientists and information professionals." There will be electronic mail, online databases like references to journal articles, proceedings of meetings or symposia, recently published books, recently granted US patents, info on life sciences journals, also announcements of employment opportunities, and bulletin boards. This is an exciting development because it will publicize and further legitimize online services. The costs are estimated at a basic rate of $30 per hour for searches plus extra charges for bulletin boards and electronic mail. For info write BIOSIS, Product Development Section, 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103. BIOSIS TAXONOMIC REFERENCE FILE is a new bbs that offers a taxonomic and bibliographic database in addition to electronic mail. It's free, and quite interesting. Bob Howey is System Operator. Microbiology is emphasized. To contact this system, dial (data): 215-972-6759, Noon through 8AM EST, 24 hrs weekends. It is publicized as a project run by the Biological Abstract group: see review in Science Software Quarterly 2(4): 10-13, 1986. From Bob Howey comes the following description of TRF: -------------------------------- The Taxonomic Reference File (TRF) is a Bulletin Board System (using RBBS) catering to people with an interest in Biology and the life sciences. The TRF is sponsored by BIOSIS, producers of Biological Abstracts (r) and BIOSIS Previews, part of the worlds largest collection of abstracts and citations for biology and the life sciences. The TRF encourages all members of the life science community to participate in conferences on various topics relating to the biosciences. Features include: * File uploading/downloading * Listings of other life sciences BBS' * Databases of bacterial taxonomy information available to qualified microbiologists =====> Phone number: 215-972-6759 <===== =====> 12:00 NOON - 8:00AM Mon - Fri (EST)<===== =====> 24 Hours Sat & Sun <====== Call today! -------------------------------- BIOTRON "The Biologist's ElecTronic Network" is a new member service of AIBS. Right now the only online function is the posting of positions open and sought, but future services include BioScience contents, meeting programs and abstracts, new products, book reviews, bulletin board and electronic shopping. From the AIBS announcement: "To access BioTron, DIAL 202-628-2427, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 300/1200 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, full duplex, Xon/Xoff active, carraige return at end of lines. Stop/start received text with Control-S/Q. Then select a 40 or 80 column terminal, with or without line feeds, or select to set your own configuration." ECONET is a large, sophisticated Compuserve-like electronic mail network for workers in natural resources, including organizations interested in international development, disaster relief, international health, environmental concerns, and energy. For a cost of $10 per hour connect charges, you get an electronic mailbox on ECONET and may transfer files, participate in conferences, and download bulletins. No other charges will be incurred other than your call to a local Tymnet number. This is a worthwhile electronic mail service since messages can be transferred fairly inexpensively long distance, especially between the many countries on the Tymnet network. Botanists interested in joining ECONET should contact Jim Beach, who will send information on ECONET to anyone who contacts him at Missouri Botanical Garden, PO Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299; 314-577-9508. HERPNET (dial: 215-698-1905) 300-1200-2400 baud, for herpetologists has been established in Philadelphia. Uses Satronics communications system. KYFHO Wildlife BBS (free, dial: 512-836-6881) in Austin, Texas, presents various data on endangered wildlife. For info, contact P.C. and Bob Hanes, Systems Operators, KYFHO WILDLIFE BBS, P.O. Box 15223, Austin, TX 78761. We haven't been able to contact this system yet. MBCRR is the Molecular Biology Computer Research Resource, run for molecular biologists by Temple Smith in Boston. Information is available from Molecular Biology Computer Research Resource, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 44 Binney Street, Boston, MA 02115. ONLINE DATABASES ABLES, through The Missouri Botanical Garden (contact Marshall R. Crosby at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO for information) is just now creating a nomenclatural and bibliographic data base for electronic access by bryologists (will charge a fee). You can now download several computerized "Recent Literature on Mosses" files that are nice for bibliography uses. AGRICOLA, an index to the document collection of the National Agriculture Library. 5,000 journal titles are scanned. For info, contact Utilization Section - Circulation, National Agricultural Library, Science and Eduction, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD 20705, 301-344-3755. ENDEX, a computerized data base containing descriptions of specific environmental and biological data files maintained by federal, state and local government agencies and various research organization. NEDRES update to this will be available on the commercial BRS (Bibliographic Retrieval Services) system. For info on NEDRES, contact NEDRES Program Office, Assissment and Information Services Center, NOAA/NESDIS (E/AIx3), 3300 Whitehaven St. NW, Washington, DC 20235, 202-634-7722. GRIN, Germplasm Resources Information Network, contains the most current information on sources of germplasm and how to get samples. See Herbarium News 6(10): 58-59 for more info, or contact The Database Manager, GRIN DataBase Management Unit (DBMU), BARC-West, Beltsville, MD 20705; phone 301-344-3318 or 344-2646. NAPRALERT (Natural Products Alert) is a bibliographic reference tool for the world literature on natural products research. It is apparently quite flexible, providing a variety of ways to approach a problem and to extract data. Pharmacological, ethnomedical and phytochemical information is organized under a single "correct" binomial (a synonym file is also available). Free to researchers from developing countries; $10.00 per question otherwise, plus $.50 per page after first three pages. Information is available from Dr. Charlotte Gyllenhaal, Research Assoc., Pharmaceutical Sciences (m/c 877), Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, PO Box 6998, Chicago, IL 60680. See also Herbarium News 6(7): 41-42, 1986. OSPREY NEST, Washington, D.C. area. Specializes in birding information sharing for mid-Atlantic area. (301) 989-9036 at 300/1200 baud. NATURE NET, Portland, Oregon. Info and programs on a variety of conservation organizations and topics. (503) 222-5240, up to 2400 baud, 24 hours a day. (NOTE: Information on additional electronic bulletin boards and databases for botanists is requested from users of TAXACOM. Send an E-mail message to the SysOp with details.) ***********************


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