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ITEM FROM THE BIRMINGHAM EVENING MAIL. -------------------------------------- FRIDAY OCTOBER 5, 1990. ----------------------- MUM TELLS HOW SHE WAS LURED INTO A SATANISTS' COVEN. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MY TORTURED LIFE AS A BLACK WITCH. ---------------------------------- Devil worship and child abuse have hit the headlines in Rochdale- sparking fears for children everywhere. Womans editor, FIONA MURRY reports on a former Midland witch who was drawn into a black coven where she witnessed child abuse. Audrey Harper was a loser, a drifter and a prostitute. Looking back, she realises she was easy prey for the evil people who lured her into a Satanic coven. Since the day she was born, her life lacked security, comfort and love. She was abandoned by a mother who couldn't afford to bring up another child. It was the start in life that eventually led her into the nightmare world of black magic. Audrey, now 50, says she became a black witch. In "Dance With the Devil", a new book published today, the Stourport woman tells of child abuse and sacrifice-and how she turned to Christianity to escape. If it is true, her story supports the growing fear that muh child abuse is linked to Satanism. While living in rough in London and dabling in shoplifting and prostitution, Audrey was picked up and taken to a party in SURREY. It was Hallowe'en 1961 and she was 21. WARLOCK ======= But it was no party-it wasa coven of Satan worshippers and she was to be initiated. In the most appalling revelation of the book, Audrey reveals how that night she saw the sacrifice of a baby, only days old. "I didn't know at the time that babies born to the coven, and farthered by the warlock(the leader of the coven), are bred to be sacrificed." "Thats the whole purpose of having them, and they are sacrificed before they are registered so they are not missed by society," said Audrey. She now travels to country speaking against witchcraft and said the West Midlands was buzzing with black magic. One young local woman was taken to a coven by her parents. She was made pregnant four times by the warlock and each baby was sacrificed, said Audrey. CHURCHES ++++++++ She is surprisingly frank about her feelings as a girl when she became a witch: "I was quite pleased to be one. I wanted the powers I thought witches had, possibly because all my life I'd never had any power." Audrey still lived on the streets, but she was obsessed with her 'other life' with the coven where she took part in sickening dececrations of churches and grave-yards. Perhaps her most terrible action was luring other young drifters into danger. Wide-eyed young runaways were drawn to a party by the promise of food, drink and company. As she got deeper and deeper into a heroin habit, which was supplied by the warlock, her scruples were overcome by her need for a fix. Audrey's life spiralled downwards into the murky, sleazy world of drugs. She was such a mess that even the coven no longer wanted her. But they said she would never be free of Satan: "Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will never have peace of mind. You deserted us and Satan will pursue you." After auicide attempts, drug overdoses and spells in drying out clinics and psychiatric hospitals, Audrey found salvation in BIRMINGHAM. She drifted here and became a patient at ALL SAINTS HOSPITAL drug addiction unit. And it was in Birmingham that the demons were finally driven out of her by ROY DAVIES, then minister of the Emmanuel Pentecostal church in STOURPORT. Audrey was married by then, had a baby and was attending church reluctantly with her husband, but she was still deeply troubled. She had murderous desires towards her child, which she blamed on Satan. FREE. ----- Roy Davies realised the dark secret of Audrey's past and helped to exorcise her. Audrey left Roy Davies that night, free for the first time since she encountered the Satanic coven. Her story is so remarkable that it is hard to believe that such things go on. DANCE WITH THE DEVIL BY AUDREY HARPER & HASRRY PUGH IS PUBLISHED TODAY BY KINGSWAY PUBLICATIONS, PRICED 3.50. Well there you have it folks. If you feel you might like to tell the Birmingham Evening Mail what you think about this. You can write to their letters page at.... The Editor Evening Mail Colmore Circus Birmingham B4 6AY Or you can telephone the letters line on. (021)236 3366exe231


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