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ACROSS THE UNIVERSE VOL 1 ISSUE #3 Editor Amy Bortner & John Gialuco Published By The ASCORDIA CENTER Spring 1994 PUBLISHER'S MESSAGE As we approach the Spring with its promise of renewal and revival, we gladly release ourselves from the bonds of winter and its (particularly) cold hold over our lands and our psyches. Turning our hearts and minds towards the Sun, we replenish our bodies and souls with the energies of Spring, looking forward to the new growth of mother Earth and all of her offspring. In a hundred different ways we, ritually honor Mother Earth for her vitality, fertility, warmth and power. Through various rites of Spring, be they tending the gardens or giving birth to a child, dancing in sacred ceremonies or backpacking in the woods, we honor the Earth and her energies as our sacred environment, to cherish and to nourish; to have and to hold till death do us part.... In this issue, we have chosen the theme "Sacred energy, Sacred space" to be our focus. With the understanding that our Earth environment is the original Sacred Space, we honor our connection to the Earth's energy and materiality through ritual and prayer, ceremony and dance. We further explore the notion of sacred space/sacred energy within other environments as well, be they biological, psychological, artistic or metaphysical. Understanding what 'sacred' means from all these perspectives allows us to find the sacred within our everyday lives, within all levels of existence so that our lives and our selves become living expressions of the sacred impulse, the natural impulse to connect to God, Goddess, All That Is. In this issue, we are blessed with a message from the Earth itself, as channeled by Michael Schuster, who expresses its desire to renew and revitalize itself through various "earth shakings" and cyclical purifications as well as through release of its density in vibration and form. Co-director, John Gialuco, gives his account of his (psychological) sacred space - listening to the channeling of spirit and their various messages. Carol Morotti-Meeker gives her celestial forecast for the year 1994 as well as specific trends over the next several months. Debby Starks Taylor offers part 3 of an article about the coming Earth changes as seen through the world view of "Gendarion" and the Seraphic Angel Ascordia talks about the importance of honoring Earth through ritual and prayer. The Ascended Master Daniel has graciously relinquished his column this month to his old friend and buddy "Seth" who talks about the body as a sacred environment in the final article of this issue. So, we invite you, our reader, to continue to share with the energy, wisdom and insight from our physical and non-physical friends and...Welcome to "Across the Universe!" Peace and Love Amy Bortner Director Ascordia Center "Across The Universe" is published by the Ascordia Center, healing center for personal growth and spiritual development. A.T.U. is devoted to the ideals of love, peace and harmony and to the growth of consciousness through personal integration and spiritual communion. A.T.U. wishes to promote the efforts of humanity to understand these ideals by offering a vision of the universe as joyful, creative, unlimited and eternal within a sacred framework of infinite dimensions of time, space and consciousness. "Across The Universe" comes out quarterly and is available at various stores and locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area. A subscription to the newsletter is available for $18 a year (4 issues a year). To get your subscription, send check or money order (payable to Amy Bortner) to Across The Universe. For those of you who are interested in offering an article, channeled transcript or creative writing relevant to this newsletter, please write or call Across The Universe. And for those of you who would like to place an ad with us, please call for ad rates. Note: Business Card ads - $45 per issue. All contents c. 1994, A.T.U. Manuscripts are solicited and A.T.U. assumes no responsibility for the return of material. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. ͻ THE EARTH SPEAKS by Michael Schuster "I am the Earth. I do not entertain an ego perspective. I say `I' because I move through the ego of this channel. I know myself as the totality, of the constituency of the makeup of the planet you call Earth. My focus is far different than yours. I do have an ego structure of a kind, for otherwise I would not have an identity and I do have an identity, but it is not translated in individualized terms, nor is it translated in terms of a group consciousness that you might be accustomed to. I am energy and I am light. I am love, I am the parameters of your emotional body. I am that I am. I know no boundaries. I am flexible and within my flexibility and flexible nature, I merge with probabilities in terms of what you would call future experience. I explore these ideas within my inner mind. I converse with what you would call dimensions surrounding the earth and within the earth. As I come to move through vibrational shifts, I say that you are the Earth, and I am who you are. I am not outside of yourself, I'm quite within your imagination, your inner space. The cells that make up your fingers are the cells of the mountain. The cells that make up the oceans are the cells in your brains. There is an interchange biologically, a great dance, a sharing where all aspects of the earth share molecular structure in a way that escapes your attention. In the dance of the atoms and the molecules, in your atmosphere, as you inhale, the molecules of the air become one with your body. As you exhale, the trees take on your carbon dioxide and create oxygen. You are the Earth. Every cell in your makeup understands itself as the Earth. In a seeming mix up of genetic coding, if you understand the accumulation of your cells that make up your bodily structure, you have lost the sense of connectedness that every cell in your body entertains and enjoys. The makeup of Earth is quite complex. The sustaining qualities of the continuous creation is remarkably complex, yet it is very simple. In terms of your ego perspective, how you view the physicality of the earth, it is a beautiful planet. In terms of how you will come to explore the earth, you will come to recognize me as light, as sound, as having values that you would call telepathic, connecting you to all aspects of your surroundings. In this sense of connectedness that the cells orient themselves to within your body structure, they do not operate with ego, therefore they have no orientation to time, to space, to orientation nor to identity. I represent a matrix, a full understanding of vibration, a full understanding of DNA and genetic makeup, that incorporates a splicing from all other civilizations that have interacted with your earth, that are currently allowed to interact with the earth and who in the future will interact with the earth. In this context, I am an experiment. Since you are part of the earth, you are all experiments and experiments in galactic healing. Your cells understand probabilities, your cells understand the speed of shifting probabilities into dimensions that you would call past and future. You will come to understand yourselves in terms of the knowing that your cells have always enjoyed. Your earth changes are not outside of yourself, this will become more apparent as the vibrations accelerate, as you come to explore your personal challenges in very individualized terms and through a strong sense of individuality. You shall explore your challenges, you shall break through into a sense of a group consciousness, a sense of telepathic expansion, to, in stages, understand and grasp that you yourselves are the Earth. There are many facets of understanding I could explore in which you could consider, in logical terms, your earth changes. I see that they are emotionally based. They are physical in your terms but your world view and how you view who and what I am is a distortion. There are many contradictions on the earth at this time even within groups that consider themselves concerned with the environment. There are those that are sincere and there are those you would consider a sham. There are those who are considerate of the earth and those who take it for granted. There are those who are simply ignorant of their connectedness and have no desire to understand this idea of Self in relation to and as an aspect of the Earth. I do not judge those persons who are ignorant of their connection to my body. I do not judge the constituents of what I am, for I am not in judgment of myself_but I see I must change, I must grow, I must expand, I must heal myself and re-birth for how else can I serve humanity. And one thing that I can say that I am, I am committed to humanity. I am committed to the animal kingdom, the flora and the fauna. I am committed to the wind, to the dreams of the animals, to the insects, to the grasslands and the sea. I'm committed to the stars in the neighboring galaxies. I'm committed to represent an understanding of why the earth was accelerated, why the earth was seeded and why the earth is a school house of your local universe. And so the Earth is changing, because the parameters that you have set forth within your experiences of the collective consciousness have placed a toll on my body that I am unable to sustain. Without judgment, I am surrendering to the path of least resistance, in the idea of earth shakings. The earth shakings that I shall explore shall be a result of your individualized coming to terms with who and what you are, moving through your challenges and coming to release neuro-chemicals into the atmosphere of my body, of my skin, if you will, that will create a sense of trembling, a sense of shaking. For I will mirror your confusion and as I come to mirror your confusion, I shall set forth in momentum an understanding of release, an understanding of shakings, an understanding of floods. And how you, in turn, react to the proliferation of this shaking shall set in motion another set of emotional releases into the atmosphere and in cyclical fashion and in this way you will come to learn in no uncertain terms that you are the earth. In the vibration of my evolution, I am utilizing what you would call "pollution" in a very creative way. I will require great water to cleanse myself and to re-birth who and what I am. And so, he pollution that lingers in your upper atmosphere shall create the melting of ice caps which in turn shall be utilized by my grand plan to integrate all aspects of the earth including what you would call pollution, corruption and the idea of concern for the earth. That I am embarking upon is a grand experiment. For humanity in terms of a conscious choice of the mass consciousness has agreed and set into motion a plan that in religious terms, takes you back to the Father. And in ecological terms, offers you the sensibility to understand your connectedness to the thought form that you call Earth. And it has been the experience of many planets where they have destroyed this link, of breath, to trees, to oxygen and back to the Earth and trees, that they have been destroyed. And so, though you pollute your environment, you will not allow yourselves to destroy your world as others have destroyed theirs. In this experiment, you are allowing yourselves the opportunity to end this incarnational cycle. As you re-cycle your memories, as time comes to a halt, you will end, what you call Karma, now. You will come to an understanding of your agreement with the Earth where I shall release you from your bonds, from your contract, if you will. Where as there shall be a re-cycling of humanity of species coming to explore the idea of physicality as you have come to understand your flesh. In this way, Earth will be re-cycled for future generations and as parallel aspects of my body goes in the fourth dimension, in your terms of recognition, you will still utilize the earth but on a different plateau. And so, in your New Age, you will open up to the potential of Ascension and the ideas of Ascension, you shall come to explore this idea for those who wish to share in this idea.. And for others, there will be an inflow of consciousness into a new third dimensional world view. And for still others, there will be a sharing intergalactically of the civilizations that you would call the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Angelic. As your Earth translates itself to a fourth dimensional world view, the vibration will ready itself simultaneously to a sharing that has not been explored since the beginning of time. As you come to understand Time as a projection of your physical sense, you will come to "un-time," to rely less on your physical senses, to understand more your natural telepathic abilities, so as to merge with the flowers, the trees, the air, the soil, the sand, the sea and the breeze. All animals, all insects, all of humanity will be seen as a continuum of energy, a continuum of sharing, a continuum of value fulfillment that shares with one another, to appreciate in the process of sharing itself a grand overview of physicality, that will be impossible in any other way, of the sharing which has always been with you but you have been ignorant of through your journey. As you come to explore this idea, many myths shall be shattered, myths of separation and judgment. And you shall come to explore an opportunity to love yourselves and in the process, love your projections. In this way, the Earth shall be healed. As you come to heal the planetary Logos, you will simultaneously be welcomed into a galactic federation where you will come to understand the constituency of the Earth that makes up your genetic background. You will come to understand your commitment to the Earth, your Earth's commitment to you and the great love and the great bond that we have always shared and enjoyed and explored together. In the vibration of this bond, you will appreciate your breath connecting to you through the heart to merge ultimately with what you know of as your crown chakra and in the vibration of the rising of the Kundalini, you will understand that the Chi, the Prana, the vibration of All That Is through the breath. I shall celebrate with you in these moments, that you call Ascension, your cells will resonate with the vibration, not of density, but of light. And you will come to recognize that you no longer can sustain the image and the projection of your physicality. You will spontaneously realize tremendous support available to you from the worlds of spirit. ou will come to understand the great sharing, the cooperative nature of the Earth itself, for any break in the chain of ecology disrupts the entirety of the Earth and my body. In the vibration of this occasion, the Christed ones of all time shall return and the totality of this momentum shall carry my body into the vibration of a new foothold to reclaim the galactic heritage of the Great Plan of which I've always been a part. And in this timing, you will choose individually, now, to reach your potential or degrees therein, you will explore in your own timing your own Ascension. I shall celebrate with you. You shall celebrate with me. Consciously, we shall dance into the vibration of song, into the vibration of love, into the vibration of sharing. This has always been the intent of who and what I am. I speak with humbleness for I am who you are. I know no boundaries but neither do you. I shall leave in this timing into the ethers that sustain your world. I am that I am. So be it." Michael Schuster is a trance channeler and spiritual counselor who presently resides in York, Pa. He conducts workshops and seminars on a variety of spiritual topics and is the author of the book "Continuous Energy and Upcoming Earth Changes." ͻ "Sacred Voices" By John Gialuco ͼ Since this issue of the ATU is about `sacred energy' locations or space I wanted to write about what and where my sacred space tends to be. I have found this space to be in the presence of an entity or group consciousness, as they so often have called themselves, while sitting in a chair or on the floor in front of a channeler. I heard my first entity (the Ascended Master Daniel) 8 years ago in a cozy and colorful apartment with five other people including the channeler, Amy Bortner. Prior to this event I had been reading the Seth material, by Jane Roberts, since 1973 and I was fascinated and longed to see a `real' entity such as Seth for all those years. At the channeling, I quietly sat with an open mind and with barely controlled excitement. As I tried to peer into an unknown reality and transformation unfolding before me I flashed onto memories of my experimental youth, searching to find a reference or some gauge that I had used back then, to perceive this new awakening, this introduction to a spirit guide who called himself Daniel. As the channeler's face metamorphosed into a `masculine' appearance and took on a different kind of animation, I sensed a slowing down of my mind. The energy in the room became more light and I was less concerned about the environment outside the 4 walls..I was feeling high! Daniel looked to his left at one of the women for a few seconds and then to another until he faced me. I was ready to jump out of my skin! There was a rush of thoughts that begged to be processed, but my feelings wouldn't allow it quite yet. I wanted to ask the others in the room if they were seeing and feeling the same phenomenon. I even tried to recall some of the reactions that Jane Roberts' students had on meeting Seth for the first time_but nothing. When Daniel began speaking to us I realized in that moment that I had come a long way since 1973. Much of what had come before was not so important now, all the books, the trips to Europe, the questions and answers, the mysteries. they were now part of a psychic structure to a bridge that had I started crossing years ago. I knew, this night, that I could and would begin seeing into "the other side." Since that evening, I have been present to many, many channelings. I have been privileged to see and feel the reality of an entity or spirit being be it a Group Consciousness Complex, an Angel, an Extraterritorial, an Ascended Master or a spirit guide. I have also seen some people channel what they thought was a guide or discarnate personality only to be revealed as another aspect of themselves or an ego energy projection. But as time went on most of them did eventually make a more valid connection. Many entities who come through often begin the evening by scanning the collective concerns of the people in the room, collating the important issues and then addressing some of these concerns later in the channeling. Some have come through to offer specific lessons about healing the self or about past, present and future changes on the planet. Others have come to express their worldview or opinion about certain issues. Humor has often been used by the entities to express their opinions and this humor has often created a sacred energy and sacred space. The ET's always offer a world view which is most unusual, and not available within our everyday perceptions on Earth. I have witnessed ET's who, having never come through a channeler before, describe their impressions and feelings on being in front of human beings for the first time using expressions and turns of phrase that were most unique. Yet, in every case, they always expressed their appreciation and love for our free will and emotional architecture that we, as human beings, have always taken for granted. The Angels often sprinkle their visit with concepts of love and compassion and joyful values as understood by the Angelic realm. They usually offer a meditation or a healing for those present using the channeler's hands and body as an energy projector sending (angelic) energy into the room for the benefit of all participating. This usually take 5 or 10 minutes. I have found the angels and their energy to be the most moving and powerful of all experiences I have had with spirit beings. There are also the Ascended Masters, of which I am most familiar with, who paint an evening with one's personal and earthly histories, both past present and future. They belong to various brotherhoods such as The Great White Brotherhood which are in service to the earth plane and many of their own lessons are learned while working with human beings. They operate beyond the restrictions of time and space (as most of the entities do) and as such can be very help with our own progress and exploration here. I find their energy to often be of a psychological/metaphysical type, one that creates an intensely psychological environment. They call their perspective a meta-psychology, one that can unite the gaps we have about spirituality and psychology, intuition and reason, accident and freewill, and the self and its aspects. Another group of discarnate beings who are in line waiting to "come through" is the various personalities that have had lives in our historical earth probability. Jesus, Elvis, Hitler, Carl Jung, Christopher Columbus, Janis Joplin, Ghandi, Jimi Hendrix, JFK_all of these beings and many others, some who wouldn't be as well known, have given their insights, their "world view" about their life while they were here as well as their impressions about reality in this present. To be sure this group often brings humor and laughter to the people present during the channeling. Some of the mysteries surrounding their experiences are revealed and explained in a very open and candid way. Jimi Hendrix (now called Ankar) talks about his music, the codes that he designed into the sound and words of his songs which, when heard, trigger within the listener a great deal of information about universal knowledge. He talks about the importance of sharing and expressing our feelings to one another (and to express our soul to each other.) He says that it is feeling that unites the brotherhood of man and wo-man. All of these beings have expressed and shared their love and respect for the earth and it's occupants, whether we have 2 legs or 40, fly, walk or swim. For some of the entities, their visitation here has been clumsy and humorous and for others it has been easy and natural like water falling off of a duck's back. Most of them send just a portion of their totality, an aspect of their identity through the channeler for their presentation to a group. Some, however, come as a group consciousness, a merging of concerns, of knowledge, inspiration, identity and personality all welded together in the vibration of love and peace. Many a person has been inspired by these lectures and a few have been uncomfortable with the experience but never hurt or embarrassed. The integrity between the entity, the person and the person's guides is always of the highest order so that the intention on the part of spirit is to enlighten, inspire and to educate all those present for the benefit of their highest good. Many entities operate within their dream state, others operate within motherships just outside of our dimension. Some manage themselves from smaller than atomic structure dimensions and a few "hail" from places that we can't even comprehend. To be sure, though, they are all come from the original source_from God, Goddess, All That Is. John Gialuco is the co-director of the Ascordia Center. He has been an active student, philanthropist, organizer and publicist for the center since its inception in 1987. He is a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted and multi-talented individual who has brought the center into great prominence and renown in the Phila. area. ͻ "Awakening The Heart By Seraphic Angel Ascordia As Channeled Through Amy Bortner ͼ "Good evening to all of you, this is Ascordia speaking now through this channeler. It is indeed, my pleasure to be here this evening with all of you. I am a Seraphic angel, by design assigned to the order of being you know of as angel, as celestial being, as whole light being, if you will. We exist in a dimension, which simultaneously exists in your dimension as well as in other dimensions. We can be here and we can be in other places at the same time. We transcend, then, your space and time. We exist in a dimension that does not need space or time. We are `space-less' and `time-less' if you will. We are eternal and infinite, if you will. So we are here at all times, at all places, for all of you to understand our being, to understand our existence. For we have been here since the beginning of your time, since the beginning of your space. We have been here since the beginning of your being-ness. So all of you here, then, are spirits in physical bodies. All of you here are inhabiting these physical bodies for a limited time, for a limited time only, if you will. So that there is, in fact, a warranty or a satisfaction guaranteed billing, if you will, placed on your life, so that you understand the terms and the requirements and the negotiations involved in creating this life. For this is a temporary existence as all physical forms are just temporary. For what is truly permanent, for what is truly eternal is you as spirit, as spiritual beings, as we then of the Angelic kingdom are spiritual beings. You, then, have come here to inhabit physical bodies to experience human-ness, to experience humanity, to experience your humanity and other's humanity. So what does that mean for all of you is to experience the agonies and the ecstasies of your physical being, of your emotional being, of your intellectual being, of your spiritual awarenesses. To experience the ups and downs of your feeling, the highs and lows, the good times and the bad times. All of these, then, are valid experiences for you to have. We, of the Angelic realm, are here to express to you the possibility, however, of experiencing your humanity with more joy, with more ecstasy and with more bliss. To experience, then, the playfulness, the lightness and the cheerfulness of your existence more and more. "Be like little children," said the Christ, "Be like the child and enter the kingdom of God," And so we of the Angelic realm are here to say to again be like the little child and enter into the kingdom of God as a child will and has and will always do. So take on, then, the qualities of the child that lives within and without. Take on the qualities of playfulness, of joy, of candor, of spontaneity, of trusting your impulses, of trusting your good impulses, of trusting your creative impulses, of giving yourself the `go-ahead' to explore, to take risks, to be daring, to be creative. These, then, are all facets of the child, of the child within you. For all of you still have the child within, that little part of you that cries out to be playful, to be joyful, to take a break from the daily routine, to explore and to discover anew the joys and delights of existence. This, is the child within that beats within all of your hearts. That beats within the rhythm of all of your hearts. So we say that for you to contact the child within is to play more often, to give yourself a break today, to have fun, and to have fun in the process of self-discovery and the discovery of other selves and their self-discovery. So you can remember how to be like a child by contacting your heart, by giving energy to your heart center. These, then, are the recommendations that we give to all of you at this time to never forget, then, the child within. For the child, then, is truly a representation of God, Goddess, All That Is, that does truly exist within all of you. So cherish the child within, nourish the child within, and activate the child within in those ways that we are suggesting. We give you this Valentine Card to you, we say "We Love You," we say "We Cherish You," we say "we nourish and support you all the time." We send you energy constantly and consistently now from the Angelic realm to all of you. When you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and alive and well rested, that is because your guardian angel has helped you revive yourself, you see. When you experience the miracles of daily living, the small blessings and the little gifts and the coincidences and the synchronicities, that is because your guides and guardian angels are there to create them for you. And so what we are saying is that we are always here to offer you our gifts, our blessings, not only then on Valentine's Day but on every day. It is truly a miracle, then, that we can come through this channeler this evening to speak to you in this fashion, to be so intimate with you in this way. For we, of the Angelic realm, usually do not make ourselves known except in intuitive fashion, we have usually gone through other channels, so to speak. We've gone through other ways in the past to make ourselves known. But more and more of you will feel our presence, will feel our presents to you and blessings as we continue to pour our love to the earth at this time, in these times, in these times of great change and transformation. As you know now, the Earth itself is going through a great upheaval, a great releasing of its own tiredness, stress and tensions of the day, of the week, of the month, of the year, of the decade, of the century and of the eons that it has experienced itself through the universe and `across the universe.' The Earth, now, is shaking off the chains of the past, the shackles and bonds, the tired feelings, of stale emotions, of old feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer need to exist on the planet. For this is a time now when the Earth itself wants to be more joyful, when the earth itself wants to be more blissful and more ecstatic. And to express those energies more and more through harmony of nature and all things natural, through the creation of a more beatific land, for a more harmonious land and for a place, then, where all sentient beings, for all conscious beings can come together in a more peaceful, in a more graceful and harmonious fashion. You, then, are now learning to be that way for yourself, to learn peace, then, within the heart and mind. To become more graceful in your everyday activities, to be grateful for your miracles and for your blessings. And to express this gratitude to all around you and to give thanks for their `being-ness' as well. And so we extend, then, not only our love to you, but to your pets and to your plants and to your minerals and to your furniture and to your home and to your cars and to all things then that exist on the earth plane for all things, then, created on the earth plane are of the earth itself, are made ultimately from the earth itself. You, in your earth bodies are made of earth substance. Cars, in their car bodies are made, ultimately, from earth substance. Food, then is created from plant substance which comes from the earth substance. So all of you here are made from the clay, from the dirt, from the very nature of the earth itself and so we suggest then that you give thanks to the Earth, that you honor the Earth, and sanctify the Earth as your true Mother and true Father. For the Earth itself has created the body that you inhabit at this time, for this limited time only. So you must thank the Earth, then, for giving you the body that you have in its way, shape and form. For it is the ultimate creator of your experience in this physical dimension, in this particular dimension. There will be other dimensions that you will experience on other planets, in other lifetimes, in other focuses, in other bodies, and so you will have an opportunity in those times to also give thanks and to be grateful for the blessings of that life and that life experience. So we of the Angelic realm are here to just remind you of the truth of your being, the truth that you are spirit in the flesh, in a flesh created by the flesh of the Earth itself, and that to create the miracle of life, one needs to honor the miracle of life itself and honor the sacredness of the earth plane itself. We then create rituals continually that honor our dimension, that honors God, Goddess, All That Is, that honors all the other species and orders of Angelic beings and that ultimately honor the human and the extra-terrestrial and all forms of sentient beingness that God, Goddess, All That Is has created within its own understanding of joy, bliss and ecstasy. So we suggest that you continue in creating rituals with your friends, with your neighbors, with your church groups, with your civic organizations, to honor the Earth, to honor the wind and the sun, the earth and the fire, the wood, the mountains, the lakes and the beaches and the trees and the flowers and all the beings that live in nature itself. This, then, will be a time of honoring nature and we see then, that the Springtime will be a time of fully blossoming and emerging from the shell of winter, from the cocoon of hibernation, from this time in which you are surrounded by a beautiful shell of light, of white light, of the snow-white light that is a time of protection, that is a time of reflection, that is a time of looking into the self and bringing the light from the self out into the Earth's light itself. And so we say, that allow this time it's due, allow the snow to fall, and allow it to surround you in its beautiful light protection. Feel the coziness and the warmth of the hearth, of the fires of the heart and of the fires of our hearts and of our love as we send our energy to you. And so it is my pleasure to be able to offer myself to you at this time in this format for your general perusal. I am, as always, grateful to be here, grateful to be able to express myself to you. So I send you my love and my blessings and Good Evening to all of you." Amy Bortner is the director of the Ascordia Center and has been channeling Angelic energies since 1986. She is currently offering programs in channeling & meditation and is available for private readings and telephone consultations. Ms. Bortner can be reached at 215-242-8832. ͻ Creating Sacred SpaceThrough Ritual And Art by Katherine Stiles Cogan What is Sacred Space, exactly? It is an emotional, mental or physical environment that is dedicated to a connection and continuity with "God," the higher force, and the Source of all energy. As for Ritual, its very nature is anchored in the physical, moving objects and humans, establishing tradition and pattern through repetition and regularity and ending in an altered state. A Ritual can be something as simple as a morning cup of coffee and sitting quietly to `center.'It can be a regular twilight walk on a woodsy path that leads to a bird sanctuary. It can be calling home on Sunday or making a daily journal entry with the same old pen. Each simple act of choice to return and renew is an act of the truest Ritual and its playing out regularly imbues the space around it with an energy that is retained. On a more esoteric and complex cultural side is the Catholic mass, the Lakota sweat ceremony, and the Shaman's incantation to the demon of his tribesman's fever. Whether personal or tribal, the same underlying structure exists, a decisiveness and a belief system that defies the temporary and the factual. The Ritual commitment to repetition is essentially a regularly confirmed `contract with the Higher Self,' to relax within the reassuring calm of `sameness,' yet, opening up to the non-rational, receiving inspiration, illumination and even information for the mundane daily path. Ritual is trusting transcendence, leaving the mask of limited personality behind, and merging with the universal one_like water, rushing, to fill the crevices of a void. Like the eternal movement of water, Ritual itself is movement in a very Sacred Space. With great beauty, it moves symbolic objects and human consciousness from one state of being to another. Through its spiraling movement, it transforms the surrounding space with sanctity and confirms our decision to make it so. As humans, we have the innate characteristic of wanting to create form, to have organization, to "make sense of things." We must also have movement if we are to survive, grow and transcend spiritually. Movement and form are actually who we are. If you could look through a cosmic microscope at humans, you would see creatures generating form and movement as assiduously as ants building anthills before a summer rain. The intrinsic need for form and movement also has an inner logic, a pattern that can be traced throughout our existence. It is the syntax of our languages, our sciences and disciplines through various ages and cultures. It is cause and effect, evolution and karma, and even the quantum worldview of sub-atomic particles magnetized into relationship. It is the trinity, the 1,2,3, the dynamic power of the triangle pyramid. It is the eternal human myth with a beginning, a middle and an end. But in this driving energy, begging to be released into familiar structure, is the paradox of the non-rational itself. The altered sate, the elevated consciousness, the connection with spirit, is also released within the confines of superior and disciplined structure. This is the gold treasure within the rational-non-rational paradox of Ritual and also of Art. Where these two convene, there will be transcendence. And where Art is brought into the service of Ritual, there will be Sacred Spaces created which have great power, inspiration and creative volition. From our microscope, we can also see that man has created this thing called Art, and that the nature of this multi-faceted set of disciplines in its distilled essence is the mother-father-form-maker for all other forms and structures. Art, at its core, has the principles of integration and unification of all available elements and its purpose is to bring all these interlocking layers of relationships towards a single point of focus with the power and precision of a laser beam. This is a description of a `masterpiece.' It is also a laying out of a blueprint, a matrix for the processes of Creativity, Spiritual Transformation and the most powerful tools with which to create every nook and cranny or our world. Because we live in a time that pulls on our spiritual energy, the need for Sacred Space, and its sister, Ritual, is greater than ever before. In a world deeply deprived of sacred environments which nurture and center and inspire us onward, we need to relocate or create them anew. Through Ritual and Art, and through creating sacredness in our every daily act, we will transform our world over from the old and outworn and into the vital and continuously fertile. Katherine Stiles Cogan is an artist focused on Sacred Space, Ritual and Art. She is also a psychic counselor and is available for intuitive readings and spiritual counseling. Ms. Cogan leads guided group and individual meditations and can be reached at 215-925-4352. ͻ Mapping your Body with Sacred Places by Ute Arnold ͼ (This exercise was inspired by and created in honor of Jean Houston, a Mystery School Teacher who taught me powerfully.) How would you like to travel to far away places, places said to be sacred like Mount Shasta in California; the Taj Mahal in India; the Isle of Iona in Scotland or the pyramids in Egypt or Peru? Sacred places are infused with special energy fields that vibrate at different frequency levels than the surrounding locales. They are healing sites infused with the powerful energies of Mother Earth as well as the knowledge and wisdom of ancient peoples who were intimately connected with the earth's healing energies. These sites have been infused for millenniums with the thoughts, feelings and actions of the people who lived or traveled there. Sacred places offer to realign us, to balance and to heal us. They contain the living charge of the ancestor and a doorway to the past. Imagine turning your body into a treasure map of your favorite sacred places, allowing your psyche to go on a real archaeological dig in which different civilizations reveal themselves to you. Your sacred place could signal a place of entry into the interior of the world within you, a restorative world that holds the balance between your psyche and your body. "Would you like to visit such a sacred place and utilize the wisdom and energies from this ancient center? Yes? Then let's go!" Exercise: -Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, within a comfortable environment such as your bedroom, study or garden. (This exercise will charge this space with sacred energy.) -Inhale and exhale the breath with ease. -Continue breathing for several minutes, - Allow the breath to wash over your entire body, starting at the top of your head, energizing and invigorating each part of your body from the head all the way down to the toes. -Focus on releasing energy into the body and sense new levels of excitement as energy is released into thousands of your cells. Sense the energy releasing, particularly into your brain, (especially the two brain halves and the pituitary gland). Now, feel your brain being activated and enhanced. -Now, travel with excitement and clarity of perception, such as you have never known before, to a place on this planet Earth, to a culture you have always wanted to know more about. Perhaps it is Stonehenge in England or the Pyramids in Egypt or the Sacred Peruvian mountain Macchu Piccu. -Allow yourself vision time...questing time so that your body, your psyche becomes a dreaming place, going down deeper and deeper..into another time, another space. In this holy space, the transcendental energies comes through and enter your body. -Notice your expectations, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Finally, bring this sacred site into clear vision. -Notice the sounds...and colors...fragrances and smells. You feel the breath of the your hair...on your skin.. -Notice the buildings, the people, landscape and architecture Let the memories of the people who have gone there before you rise and let their harmonizing force and energy go back and forth between you, exchanging essence, inspiration and communion. -This place that you are in is now coming alive! All around you, are animal spirits, plant spirits, water and rock spirits. -Who talks to you? What do they say? What is your reply? -Who flies, or creeps, or crawls or dances past you? -You are meeting at a level of healing forces from nature and the energies of these forces surround you and become a part of you. Concentrate on these sacred energies and feel how they enter your body, mind and emotions. -You find yourself in a place of profound mystery. A strange and powerful silence envelops you. -Now anchor this chosen mystery site and the energy and the wisdom of the ancients by becoming aware of that part of your body that naturally calls out to embrace it, to hold it forever in its cellular memory. It may be your throat or pelvis or any other part of your body. If you are familiar with the Chakras (body energy centers), you could focus on one of them and bring the energy of your sacred site into it. Visualize this site slowly forming itself over your chakra center or that part of your body that calls out for its energy. Hold the visualization as long as you can. Then release the vision and trust that you have instilled its energies into your very cells and cellular memory. You can do this exercise every few weeks to explore further, storing sacred places in your body and transforming it/you into a sacred landscape_for you are discovering that you can live on many levels of reality of which your everyday, conscious awareness is just one. "Within and around the earth Within and around the hills Within and around the mountain Your authority returns to "You." Ute Arnold is a Holistic Therapist in private practice and the director of the Healing Circle Center in Colmar, PA. She is a certified Rubenfeld Synergist and is a personal growth facilitator having given numerous presentations for centers in Scandinavia, France, Canada and the United States since 1978. Planetary Waves of Change by "Gendarion" As channeled through Debby Starks Taylor "Tribal mentality was the genesis of individuation, groups forming together to strengthen individuals, groups experiencing life so that individuals could develop. So group orientations spawned, rather that spurned, development of individual consciousness. See how it is coming full circle. Yes, now mankind has developed to the point where his individual consciousness is preparing to accelerate through the dynamics of all that is taking place now socially. Individual awareness is flourishing, coming to a point of defiance of fear-based, fear-motivated, fear-oriented social systems. The perception [by some] is that to move into group situations is to avoid correction of the fear-based mentality to move into organizations with individuals is to blend too thoroughly so that individual consciousness is lost. Individuated consciousness [seems] threatened somehow by group organic behavior. And we stress this organic aspect for we see that the body needs separate systems to function completely and perfectly as a whole and yet each one still maintains its own autonomy, maintains it own ability to function separately from the others. So it is a paradox, separate along with the whole, the separate exists in the context of the whole. As a whole there is need for more perception of the benefits of tribal mentality. As you gather many individuals together who are strongly and individually conscious, who are autonomous in their understanding of what it is to be connected within, gathering all these together brings greater strength to a tribal situation. We stress the term "tribal" because there is a need for a more complete sense of cooperation.. a more organic, simplified functioning as a whole. Try to imagine yourself being an organ in the body and how interdependent you are with other facets of the physical body and yet how responsive.. how mutually responsive all systems are within the body. Defenses create attack in the body. Resistance from one system creates disharmony, imbalance and great stress in other systems. When anything is held back that is needed for the entire being to flow there is often chaos and a breaking down of another system as a whole. Try to think organically as you move through this time. Try recognizing that there is connection formed even now. The mind will attempt to fool you that there are many divisions and separations. To become aware of how to maintain your individual consciousness and yet allow yourself to move more organically, functioning with others as a free flying unit of mutually responsive energy is what is needed in the times ahead. This is where trusting and self-confidence come in. You see if you feel secure enough as an individual unit of consciousness you can trust and allow yourself to be interfacing with others. Surrender is not self-annihilation. Surrender is not denial of your needs. Surrender is not a denouncing of your needs, nor a repressing or a subjugation of your needs. You are not giving anything up by surrendering. You are adding to yourself by surrendering. Surrendering can be perceived of as softening boundaries, still maintaining boundaries and yet softening the requirements of those boundaries. Seeing that through the interface it is like a cell being fed by the bloodstream. We see you need to take things in and send things out to continue functioning as a separate cell or unit. Should you block any receiving or sending you could malnourish yourself as a cell. See yourselves as cells in this way. You will understand what it is to maintain personal integrity, to maintain a sense of self and yet still feel that there can be a flux, an ebb and a flow with others more completely. How you work this out in your individual expression is where free will comes in. But there is need to be more responsive to each others needs, to be more tuned in to each others needs, so this mutual respect can exist. It is difficult to let down or to soften boundaries with someone who you can tell has no concept of what you need and has no concept, or little, of what they need themselves. So there needs to be more sensitivity in all those who are attempting to have this freer flow of trust. Trust is not a blatant collapsing of your boundaries to someone that you suspect may be hostile or may be like a parasite coming in to suck the energy from you. Parasitical (human) beings are those who feel that they have insufficient resources within themselves so they need to drain them from others. So be selective, be discerning, be kind to yourselves as you attempt this blending. Do not be disturbed if blending of systems at times does not work or function correctly. It is as though we are all being transplants, we are all experiencing ourselves as transplants into a foreign body. It is foreign to us to feel that we are truly organic. We have little tastes of it here and there, we have tastes of it in group situations that are working and yet in terms of daily living on an ongoing basis, it is rare for individuals to feel that this moves smoothly, continuously. But it will become the norm in the times ahead to move and function smoothly with others in an organic way so that all of God's energies can be utilized and all of God's resources can be extended to all. "Hands Across America was no accident in the mind of God. We see a need for individuals to extend themselves to each others for God's resources to reach all. Not just through forms of charity but through giving and receiving of all kinds so that none are isolated, none are cut off. Poverty and deprivation disappear automatically. There is no need to rub out, eradicate or stamp out crime or poverty. They will become obsolete in due time." Debby Starks Taylor is a metaphysical teacher, channeler and healer and currently resides in Rockledge, PA. She is currently completing her first book "Guardian Angels." ͻ "Sacred Sites of Mother Earth Doorways to Spiritual Growth" by Jim McStravick and Amy Bortner ͼ What makes a sacred site sacred? For those of us brought up in any of the traditional western religions, the answer had to do with the veneration of certain historic locales over many generations. When we were children, we were told by those in religious authority that at such and such a place, this or that individual met with a vision, a personage, or entity whose origin was divine, hence, making that place sacred. What about now? The now being broadly defined by what we call the New Age. Now we know we are part of a greater cosmic whole, a greater multi-dimensional reality certainly infinitely larger than the quaint though beautiful Heaven-Earth-Hell model we were told as children to explain the universe and its divine beginnings. Now we understand that we live in a dimension of time-space that is basically composed of moving energy and light. That the Heaven and Hell we experience is the one that we make and that we create, or rather, co-create our reality by projecting our thoughts and beliefs into a dimension that acts to coalesce energy into form. This time-space reality is actually a three-dimensional holographic field upon which energy is projected and through which energy moves, grows, changes appears and disappears and such a field exists within a continuum of multi-dimensions and infinite realities. As we understand our reality to be of one of many space-time dimensions and that we are actually multi-dimensional, we co-exist simultaneously then, within infinite dimensions with different identities, forms and energy fields. Whether you are talking about a molecule, a person, a dolphin, a planet or a star, all participate in a multi-dimensional universe created from and for an infinite source of energy and energy pattern. All living forms, including the human form, then, are manifested and actualized energy fields within a particularized dimension (or focus) which we perceive to be as physical. Recent advances in science as well as ancient metaphysical texts indicate and demonstrate that there are more subtler, non-physical bodies i.e. energy fields that surround and interpenetrate the physical body indicated by the categories of astral, etheric, mental , emotional, causal and ketheric bodies. Humans, animals, plants, as well as the Earth, moon and stars partake of these subtle energy fields. Kirlian photography as well as the perceptions of psychics, intuitives and mediums have shown us that these energy fields and their auric emanations do indeed exist. These energy fields or auras surround and interpenetrate the human body and express themselves as great color, pattern and energy movement. Within the form of all organized consciousness, within the body of all sentient beings and within the physical body of all human beings, then, are conduits, pathways and connections between these physical and non-physical energy bodies. These connections are called energy vortices or chakras that spin at different speeds, connecting to different energy frequencies and therefore connecting to different dimensions. These chakras are connected by a complex web of paths or circuitry (energy meridians) that connect every part of the body to every other part as well as to every other subtle (non-physical) body. This energy grillwork of bio-electric and electro-magnetic circuitry and major/minor chakras creates the field upon which energy can move, grow and coalesce. These interdimensional connections between the subtle bodies vis a vis the chakras exist for the purpose of energy and information exchange as well as for co-ordinating the growth and development of the (soul) being inhabiting the body. Just as there are connections or pathways between the different energy bodies within sentient form and just as there are connections maintained between the physical and non-physical dimensions through the chakra and meridian system, there are connections or pathways and chakras that are located on the body of our planet Earth-Gaia-Terra that connect it to other dimensions and frequencies as well. Such energy vortices or chakras are more commonly known as power centers or co-ordinate points and are all connected to and by an electro-magnetic grid system of "ley" lines. These power centers or energy sites are the Earth's chakras. And it is around these points that both natural and man made sacred sites have come into being. Sedona, Arizona, Niagra Falls, NY, and the Grand Canyon are examples of natural power centers and sacred sites The pyramids of Giza in Egypt or in Tikal, Quatemala, the Henges in England, the Towers in Zimbabwe, Africa and the Native American burial mounds found throughout the United States are all examples of man made sites developed for spiritual practice and sacred ritual that were built upon powerful energy centers of the earth. Sacred sites have always been created or honored as places of great power. Used for sacred ritual and prayer, for invocation and manifestation, they were aids to connecting to other dimensions, realms and planets and for literally aiding the projection of consciousness into other dimensions. Many sacred sites were created to serve a more earthly purpose, as well, to function as gigantic calendars, maps and calculating devices for the peoples of an ancient time. Art, Science and Magic have all been utilized and developed by the proper use of these sites. These power centers or Earth chakras emanate certain kinds of energy that can be measure and categorized. It has been determined that there are three types of energy that coalesce around these sites, electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic. These energies are very strong and the frequencies are measurably greater than their surrounding locales. The power of these centers is literally palpable as well as measurable and one can easily sense the energy in varying degrees through right attunement, prayer or meditation. It has been discovered that by attuning or meditating to the energies of a sacred site, one can connect and travel to other dimensions, contact other-dimensional beings, receive psychic impression from the past, present or future, connect to one's past lives (alternate focuses), Higher Self, Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. Generally speaking, attuning to the energies of a sacred site, triggers one's expansion of awareness and confirms ones interconnectedness to other dimensions and realities ultimately connecting one to the whole. Indeed, it is one of the more profound experiences that we can have here on the earth and one comes away from such an experience utterly changed and profoundly moved. Page Bryant, in her book, "Terravision," offers an excellent listing of sacred sites around the world and a more detailed but certainly not complete list for North America. Ms.Bryant also gives excellent advice on how to approach a sacred site ( with the proper attitude and etiquette.) It is necessary and proper to ask permission and then to state out loud one's intention before proceeding to the site. One's intention can be simply to experience the energies or for utilizing the energies for healing, balancing and energizing or for creating a greater contact with other dimensional beings and intelliegences. Once there, one should meditate briefly before entering a sacred site and again clarify ones purpose for entry. All sites are cared for by spiritual guardians and the sites in North America ("Turtle Island" to the indigenous peoples), are cared for by Native American spirits. So, while at the site, it is proper to give thanks to the guardian spirit by a ritual show of gratitude. Usually an offering of fragrant herbs or tobacco will be sufficient. When one leaves, the site should be in the same condition as one has entered it, untouched yet revered and honored. There are many sacred sites right here in the Philadelphia area, more specifically within the Fairmount Park system. Such areas as the Belmont Plateau, the Art Museum area and the Wissahickon Park harbor sacred energies and sacred sites. The Wissahickon Creek and surrounding Valley Green are areas that were used by the earlier Native Americans for tribal meeting places, "look-out" posts, sacred ritual and for burial ceremonies. This area is filled with power spots and there are a number of areas along the Wissahickon Creek that are highly charged energy centers or points. (I will let the reader discover them for him/herself.) Another site that is close by is Council Rock in Lorimar Park right off the Pennypack Creek in Cheltenham Township. Council Rock is a huge rock formation that was also used as a meeting place by Native Americans and is a lovely environment with very peaceful energy. Going some distance away from the Delaware Valley, we find Boulder Field in Hickory Run State Park. The field is the remains of a glacial moraine and the energy is quite concentrated in this field. A similar structure and energy is to be found at Ringing Rocks at the Ringing Rocks Sate Park. (Page Bryant mentions this site in her book "Terravision") For more information, it is best to refer to one of the several excellent books out on the market that describe the sacred sites in great detail. The following are books about sites in North America. "Sacred Sites - A Guidebook to Sacred Centers and Mysterious Places" Edited by Frank Joseph "Sedona Rising" by Dick Sutphen "Terra Vision" by Page Bryan and for the more academically inclined. "Earth Memory The Holistic Earth Mysteries Approach to Decoding Ancient Sacred Sites" by Paul Deveraux. In closing, we would like to say to all of you in search of the sacred, to look into the heart of the mother, Mother Earth, for your sacred space. For there, within and upon her lands, will you find your spiritual home. "Peace, Love and Good Medicine" and if you would like to know more about sacred sites, contact Jim McStravick (The "Urban Shaman") c/o the A.T.U. to answer your queries. Jim McStravick has been an enthusiastic client, student and philanthropic support of the Ascordia Center for three years. He has a strong love for the Earth and Native American culture and is studying shamanic traditions. Amy Bortner is a teacher, channeler and healer and is currently the Director of the Ascordia Center and the publisher of the newsletter "Across the Universe." ͻ What's Going On in the Heavens? by Carol Morotti-Meeker ͼ How's 1994 been for you so far? Okay. Here are a few pointers from two different astrological traditions that indicate "which way the wind will be blowing" for the year 1994. Let us look at the Eastern tradition first and then examine our own Western tradition so as to get a more complete astrological perspective. More from two different astrological traditions that indicate "which way the wind will be blowing" for the year 1994. Let us look at the Eastern tradition first and then examine our own Western tradition so as to get a more complete astrological perspective. More specifically, we will look at the Chinese tradition to find out more about the year 1994 as it represents the Chinese Year of the Dog. The Chinese New Year was celebrated on February 10, 1994 beginning on the New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. (The Chinese New Year always begins on the New Moon.) This celebration marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the (Wood) Dog and continues until January 30, 1995. In the Chinese tradition, each year is associated with one of the 12 (animal) signs and with one of the five elements or qualities ... earth, fire, water, metal and wood. The year 1994 is associated with the animal Dog and the element Wood. Though the year of the Dog comes around every 12 years, the year of the Wood Dog comes around every sixty years, so that only those born in the year 1934 or 1994 would be considered "Wood-Dogs." A person who is a `wood-dog' is honest, considerate and well-liked, enchanting, warmhearted and even tempered. A'wood-dog' makes close and lasting relationships with people, seeks intellectual stimulation and will work hard to develop him/herself. Stable and generous of nature, they will seek growth, balance and beauty in their environment. Attracted to money and success, but not into materialism, "wood- dogs" have an aptitude for dealing with people from all walks of life but like to deal with partnerships and powerful affiliates. They are also watchful, worrisome and protective of hearth and home. The culminating period of this year is the Spring, as the sign of the Dog is associated with the Springtime. The Springtime will bring in great growth and prosperity. The temper of the times in the year of the Wood-Dog calls for people to reassess their values, polish their virtues and persuade others to join forces against tyranny and unrest. It is also a year that you may feel pessimistic, anxious and worrisome about the future. Many will be protective of hearth and home. There will be a sense of uneasiness with possible clashes, upheavals and rebellions. Some people may advocate growth and renewal yet bite off more than they can chew and drift from one project to another. The mood may be a bit resolute and tense with plenty of political action A move towards a more liberal approach to government and politics is likely. Although we may be a bit on the defensive, generosity and goodwill will also be present. Now, let us look at our Western astrological perspective. Until the end of 1995, the planet Saturn will reside in the sign of Pisces. So what does that mean for you? If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant (rising sign) or any planet or sensitive point in your natal horoscope in the first ll degrees of any mutable sign - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, then Saturn (the Cosmic Teacher) is bringing you some lessons to structure and solidify certain areas of your life. These next two years will give all of you opportunities to give form and realization to your dreams, fantasies and desires. Here are some guidelines to remember: No suffering allowed (aloud). Look at those points in your life where you may identify yourself as a victim. Re-emerge, suffering prevents you from relating to others. Take back your power. Express your heart's desire. Make a wish list. Remember the laws of manifestation. Accept the help the universe brings. If you don't accept help, you will be isolated in your pain and sorrow. Learn to receive. Participate in the solution Discover novel ways to solve problems. Go after what you want. Give structure and form to your dreams. Give back and forgive. Live to enjoy and give thanks. Now let us continue by briefly describing the effects of the solar and lunar eclipses coming up in May 1994. The solar eclipse will occur on May 10 at 1:07 PM EDT. at 19 degrees, 48 minutes Taurus. It joins the transiting moon's South Node signaling that this is a time to release old attitudes about your values and thoughts on comfort, possessions, the foods you enjoy and your ideas about love and romance. The lunar eclipse comes in on May 24 at 11:34 PM EDT. At 3 degrees, 43 minutes Sagittarius. This indicates a time to release old ways of thinking and negative philosophies and religious beliefs and attitudes about people from cultures other than your own. This eclipse is in conjunction with Venus so it may be difficult to harmonize your emotions with what and/or whom you love and with your concept of relationships. The lunar eclipse in conjunction with Venus also creates a need for you to re-evaluate and harmonize yourself with what you value. So, "Tack those sails carefully" and have a great life! C. M/M. Carol Morotti-Meeker is a professional astrologer, psycho-therapist and metaphysician. She presently lives in the Chestnut Hill area if Philadelphia. ͻ Seth Speaks Channeled By Jane Roberts ͼ "Now_dictation. The body is a spiritual, psychic and social statement, biologically spoken. It is obviously private, yet it cannot be concealed, in that "it is where you are," in usual terms. The individual body is what it is because it exists in the context of others like it. By this I mean that a given present body presupposes a biological past of like creatures and intent. To one extent or another, all creatures use language (underlined), implying a far vaster socio-biological relationship than is usually supposed. While each individual springs privately into the world at birth, then, each birth also represents quite literally an effort, a triumphant one_on the part of each member of each species, for the delicate balance of life requires for each birth quite precise conditions that no one species can guarantee alone, even to its own kind. The grain must grow. The animals must produce. The plants must do their part. Photosynthesis, in those terms, reign. The seasons must retain some stability. The rains must fall, but not too much, the storms must rage, but not too devastatingly. Behind all of this lies a biological and psychic cooperative venture. Cells possess "social" characteristics. They have a tendency to unite with others. They naturally communicate. They naturally want to move. Period. In making such statements I am not personifying the cell, for the desire for communication and motion does not belong to man, or even animals, alone. Man's desire to journey into other worlds is in its way as natural as the plant's urge to turn it's leaves towards the sun. Man's physical world, with all of its civilizations and cultural aspects, and even with its technologies and sciences, basically represents the species' innate drive to communicate, to move onward, to create, and to objectify sensed inner realities. The most private life imaginable is a very social affair. The most secluded recluse must still depend upon the biological sociability of not only his own cells, but of the natural world with all of its creatures. The body, then, no matter how private, is also a public, social, biological statement. A spoken sentence has a certain structure in any language. It presupposes a mouth and a tongue, the kind of physical organization necessary; a mind; a certain kind of world in which sounds have a meaning; and a very precise, quite practical knowledge of the nature of sounds, the combination of their patterns, the use of repetition, and a knowledge of the nervous system. Few of my readers possess such conscious knowledge, yet the majority speak quite well. In one way or another, therefore, it certainly seems that your body possesses a kind of quite pragmatic information, and acts upon it. You can express almost any idea that you want in vocal terms, even if you have hardly any conception at all in the way in which your own speech is executed. The body is geared then to act. It is pragmatically practical, and above all it wants to explore and communicate. Communication implies a social nature. The body has within it inherently everything necessary for its own defense. The body itself will tease the body to speak, to crawl and walk, to see its fellows. Through biological communication the child's cells are made aware of its physical environment, the temperature, air pressure, weather conditions, food supplies and the body reacts to these conditions, making some adjustments with great rapidity. At cellular levels the world exists with a kind of social interchange, in which the birth and death of cells are known to all others, and in which the death of a frog and a star gain equal weight. But at your level of activity your thoughts, feelings and intents, however private, form part of the inner environment of communication. This inner environment is as pertinent and vital to the species' well-being as is the physical one. It represents the psychic, mass bank of potential, even as the planet provides a physical bank of potential. When there is an earthquake in another area of the world, the land mass of your own country is one way or another affected. When there are psychic earthquakes in other areas of the world, then you are also affected, and usually to the same degree. In the same way, if one portion of your own body is injured, then other portions feel the effects of the wound. An earthquake can be a disaster in the area where it occurs, even though its existence corrects imbalances, and therefore promotes the life of the planet. Emergency actions are quite rigorous in the immediate area of an earthquake, and aid is sent in from other countries. When an area of the body "erupts," there are also emergency measures taken locally, and aid sent in from other portions of the body to the afflicted parts. The physical eruption, while it may appear to be a disaster in the area of the disease, is also, however, a part of the body's defense system, taken to insure the whole balance of the body. Biologically, illness therefore represents the overall body defense system at work. I am trying to put this simply_but without some illness, the body could not endure. Give us a moment..First of all the body must be in a state constant change, making decisions far to fast for you to follow: adjusting hormonal levels, maintaining balances between all of its systems; not only in relation to itself_the body_but to an environment that is also in constant change At biological levels the body often produces its own "preventative medicine," or "inoculations," by seeking out, for example, new or foreign substances in its environments [that are] due to nature, science or technology; it assimilates such properties in small doses, coming down with an "illness" which, when left alone, would soon vanish as the body utilized what it could [of it], or socialized "a seeming invader."The person might feel indisposed, but in such ways the body assimilate and uses properties that would otherwise be called alien ones. It immunizes itself through such methods. The body, however, exists with the mind to contend with, and the mind produces an inner environment of concepts. The cells that compose the body do not try to make sense of the cultural world. They rely upon interpretation, therefore, for the existence of threats of non-biological nature. So they depend upon your assessments. If that assessment correlates with biological ones, you have a good working relationship with the body. It can act swiftly and clearly. When you sense threat or danger for which the body can find no biological correlation, even as through cellular communication it scans the environment physically, then it must rely upon your assessment and react to danger conditions. The body will, therefore, react to imagined dangers to some degree, as well as to those that are biologically pertinent. Its defense system often becomes overexerted as a result. The body's defense system is automatic, and yet to a certain degree, it is a secondary rather than primary system, coming into mobilization as such only when the body is threatened. The body is, therefore, quite well equipped to deal with its physical stance in the physical world, and its defense systems are unerring in that respect. Your conscious mind, however, directs your temporal perception and interprets that perception, organizing it into mental patterns. The body, again, must depend upon those interpretations. The biological basis of all life is a loving, divine and cooperative one, and presupposes a safe physical stance from which any member of any species feels actively free to seek out its needs and to communicate with others of its kind." (11:09 to 11:35) The body's main purpose is not only to survive but to maintain a quality of existence at certain levels and that quality itself promotes health and fulfillment. A definite pertinent fear alerts the body, and allows it to react completely and naturally. You might be reading a newspaper headline, for example, as you cross a busy street. Long before you are consciously aware of the circumstances, your body might leap out of the path of an approaching car. The body is doing what it is supposed to do. Though consciously you were not afraid , there was a biologically pertinent fear that was acted upon. If, however, you dwell mentally in a generalized environment of fear, the body is given no clear line of action, allowed no appropriate response. Look at it this way: An animal, not necessarily a wild one in some native forest, but an ordinary dog or cat, reacts in a certain fashion. It is alert to everything in its environment. A cat does not anticipate danger from a penned dog four blocks away, however, nor bother wondering what would happen if that dog were to escape and find the cat's cozy yard. Many people, however, do not pay attention to everything in their environment, but through their beliefs concentrate only upon "the ferocious dog four blocks away." That is, they do not respond to what is physically present or perceivable in either space or time, but instead dwell upon the threats that may or may not exist, ignoring at the same time other pertinent data that are immediately at hand. The mind then signals threat-but a threat that is nowhere physically present, so that the body cannot clearly respond. It therefore reacts to a pseudothreatening situation, and is caught between gears, so to speak, with resulting biological confusion. The body's responses must be specific. The following article is excerpted from the book "The Individual And Nature Of Mass Events" (a Seth book) as channeled by Jane Roberts. Classified Ad Unergy; Unity and Energy A one and three year Holistic Therapy Training integrating body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and nature; with healing forms derived from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Gestalt Therapy and Rubenfeld Synergy. Also available- Private Sessions; Classes in Body/Mind Connection and for Sexually Abused Women. March 26 & 27 - Introductory Workshop Call Healing Circle for training brochure 215 - 822 - 0729 New Hope Channeler's Support Group Spring Schedule of Events Wed., April 27 - 7 PM "How to make Contact And Communicate With The Angels" Speaker: Melenda Joy Miller, Metaphysical Teacher & Healer Wed. May 25 - 7 PM Transition Awareness"; What Is Real, What is Unreal? Speaker: Marion Hooper & her Guides - Metaphysical Teacher And Healer Wed. June 22 - 7 PM "Moving Into The 4th Dimension - The Ascension Process" Speaker: Amy Bortner, Director of the Ascordia Center, & Ascended Master Daniel New Hope Free Library 93 W. Ferry St. New Hope, Pa. 215-340-0534 AREA EVENT LISTINGS Upcoming Events With Ute Arnold March 26, 27 10 - 5 PM, 10 - 4 PM $12 Holistic Therapy Training W/E Workshop, Unergy c Method (See Classified Section) Contact the Healing Circle Center: 215-829-0729 May 28, 29 10 - 5 PM, 10 - 4 PM $120 Workshop for the sexually abused Contact the Healing Circle Center 215 - 829 - 0729 Upcoming events with Michael and Treenie Roads July 2, 3 10 - 5 PM, 10- 4 PM $120 Workshop - "Talking With Nature" Quakertown, Pa., Contact Ute Arnold at 215 - 829 - 0729 "Create-A-MAte " Workshop Sat., May 14 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM $150 (before April 30) Sun., May 15 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM $175 (after April 30) Discover valuable skills for attracting a compatible and loving partner and sustaining a fulfilling and loving relationship. Come and play with us in a fun filled event for couples and singles. For information, contact: Wolf and Ruttenberg 215 -624 - 2691 POETRY POETRY POETRY DECEMBER SOLSTICE 1993 By Ray Hearne Oh Gaia! We hold fragrant candles to your heart To honor the warmth and love that gave us our start Upon this sweet and earthly plane. Breeze echoing whistle song fills our breast Lightening balls brand tree tops with faire fire Water races out of stream beds with impassioned zest Sand woos granite in earthquakes of desire! Mother Earth! In flesh we dance across your land Now bristling with the frost that scatters sight The eve of longest dark is vanquished by our hand Of candle bearers who praise the Inner Light Carrying us into the star-blessed night. NEW AGE BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS PHILADELPHIA AND VICINITY The Delaware Valley is one of the leading areas in the country which is being supported by an active computer bulletin board network and PANNET (Phila. Area New Age Network) is the hub of this network. For more information on becoming a BBS member, call "Under The El BBS. For exploring the New Age, Wiccian or Metaphysical realms, call one of these BBS'S near you. 121 BSS 215-748-5358 Action BBS 610-833-5721 Anterra Network 215-675-3851 Attic Treasures 610-394-9565 Blackboard BBS 215-788-5881 Cyberdome 215-923-8026 DSC BBS 215-443-9434 Emerald Isle 610-277-2013 Forethought 386 610-277-8271 Ice Caverns 215-542-9618 Luvcat's Lair 215-467-7407 Mystic's Moutain 215-884-7449 Spyder's Web 610-352-6284 Storm Front 215-788-4662 Swinger's BBS 215-727-8409 The Garage 610-832-0925 Under The El 215-638-8121 Unnamed BBS Audubon 610-277-9642 B.V.M. 610-485-7417 Maltese Cross 215-440-4439 Mystic Rhythms) 215-638-9409 Ongoing Events With Debby Taylor Dreamstudy Group Monthly (Mondays) 6:30 PM $10 Increase your spiritual insights through sharing dreams Rockledge, Pa. (Abington Twp.) Call: 215 - 663 - 0704 Channeling Training Frequent (Saturdays) 10 - 4 PM $75 Rockledge, Pa. (Abington Twp.) Call: 215 - 663 - 0704 "An Evening Of Channeling" Monthly (Wednesdays) 8 PM DONATIO Pebble Hill Church, Edison-Furlong Rd., Doylestown, Pa.. Call: 215 - 663 - 0704 Meditation Group Monthly (night varies) 7:30 PM $10 Rockledge, Pa. (Abington Twp.) Call: 215-663-0704 POETRY POETRY POETRY AWARENESS DREAMS by Linda Wirta And there were fairies donning iridescent slivers in wings. sprinkles of sparkly dust floating descending in formations of silvery mists on my curly tendrils my eyelids the bow of my mouth eventually filling the crevices of my Being My eyes twinkle simultaneously with Ancient Wisdom Child-like delight and innocence. I released a sigh of knowingness Creatures of the forest winged ones hoofed and clawed kiss my enchanted Being in a magical moment of stillness Spirits united of feather fur and skin alike Captured amidst a whoosh; a whirl; twirling entanglement of the many becoming One. My heart stretches to reach what once was beyond my grasp. Now effortlessly attainable. Santa The Easter Bunny Ghosts And ME. Classified Ad Carol Morotti-Meeker, M.S. A.C.S.W. Astrology and Numerology charts read with a psycho-spiritual interpretation. Discover what your name and the planets can tell you about the future. Private consultations and classes available. The Philadelphia Holistic Guild Speaker Presentation Schedule SPRING 1994 Our speakers present topics of interest to the general public as well as to holistic health practitioners. Sunday, April 10 7 PM "Direct Experience of the Qi" Bert Rinkel, D.Ac. Mr. Rinkel will talk about the shamanic roots of Chinese acupuncture and will demonstrate its health benefits. Lecture, demonstration and Q.&A. Sunday, May 15 7 PM $5.00 `"Urine Therapy: An Ancient Vedic Path to Wellness" Tony LoMastro, Re-Birther - Mr. LoMastro will talk about the benefits of the use of urine (in topical application and through ingestion) for the cure of a variety of major illnesses. Sunday, June 12 7 PM $5.00 Topic to be Announced Jacob Schwartz, Ph.D., Astrologer - Mr. Schwartz is a world renown astrologer having recently toured through Russia and has been the astrology columnist for New Frontier magazine for many years. Location for all events - Arnolds Way Health Food Store, Main St. Manayunk (Phila) Our fee policy: (For general public and non-members) -1st evening event - no charge, subsequent events - $5.00 per evening. For information, call: 215-233-9748 (24 hour info line) Event Listing APRIL 9 - 1 PM to Early Evening - $30.00 (class fee) "Sweat Lodge for those in Helping Professions" (Open to Men and Women) Class precedes the ceremony. The Lodge is a sacred ceremony and there is never a fee for ceremony. Potluck dinner to follow.For info., Call Angela Rapalyea (Bear Heart) 215-233-0825 POETRY POETRY POETRY Earth Angel by Sandra Dolan "While sitting in my art studio I asked the angels to inspire me to channel a special angel, something that would inspire people and help them relate to angels, to my delight a beautiful angel manifested from my hand onto the canvas holding the mother Earth, "Earth Angel", I felt the love radiate from the angel to the earth into the picture, I could feel the presence which flows through all things, time, space, plants, grass, the earth, creation in that very moment. What a gift to feel the love that is there for our planet from the earth angel and God's creations. The light of god is subtle, sometimes we just feel that light touch our heart for just an instant, but in that instant the seed of light is planted in each soul, I am that I am, of all living things, filling the hearts of people with that light to shine out to humanity. The angels tell me that we are a reflection of that love; the same as the essence of that angel who reflects God's unconditional love and as we open our hearts to that love, it also goes out to our mother, the earth, to help her heal and express her beauty through the ocean, the sky, the trees, the mountains, it is all there for us to remind us who the greatest artist really is." Sandra Dolan is a visionary artist who studied with the masters of light to create her sacred paintings. Her work captures the unique essence of spirit in her angels and soul paintings and reflects ancient symbols, mandalas, color vibration and the language of light, the inner essence, helping you to see your spiritual self. Sandra is available to channel your guardian angel or soul portrait by appointment or by photograph and is available for workshops and lectures. She can be reached at 609-585-9575 Ascordia Center Schedule of Events APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL Awakening the Heart Learn how to open your heart and heart chakra to divine love and the transcendental energies of the Celestial realm. Using heart attunement meditations, creative visualizations and key affirmations, we will access our hearts sacred center in order to receive and express the energies of Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy! Awaken your Heart, Awaken Your Life! A.T.H. Workshops Sat. April 2 1-5 PM $45.00 "The Life Center" 26 Bridge St. Lambertville, N.J. 08530. For more information and registration. Call: 609-397-2541 Sun. April 10 1-5 PM $45.00 "Inner Light" Book Store, 252 Alexander Rd. Princeton, N.J. 08540, For more information and registration. Call: 609-683-8108 Sun. April 30 1-5 PM $45.00 Ascordia Center, 219 E. Willow Grove Ave. Phila., Pa. 19118 (Chestnut Hill). For more information and registration. Call: 215-242-8832 Ascordia" Channeling The Seraphic Angel Ascordia, as channeled through Amy Bortner, will talk about the coming Earth Changes, the political and social upheavals in the United States and the transformation of human consciousness in the challenging years ahead. Friday, April 8- 7:30 PM - $10 Member/$12 Non-Member "See of Tranquillity" Center, 27 N. 13th St. Allentown, Pa. 18103. For more information and registration. Call: 610-435-0944 Wed. April 20 7:30 PM $12.00 "Inner Light" Books, 252 Alexander Rd. Princeton, N.J. 08540. For more information and registration. Call: 609-683-8108 Opening to Channel As we enter the great Age of Awakening, we are opening up to our greater reality, making connections to the higher spiritual realms and to our spiritual colleagues. Find out how you can be a channel for divine communion and learn how to contact your Higher Self and Spirit Guides in this channeling training program. We will be working directly from the book "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer as well as receiving inspiration from spirit as channeled by Amy Bortner. O.T.C. Class Thurs. March 31, April 7-28, May 5 7:30 PM $150.00 "Ascordia Center", 219 E. Willow Grove Ave. Phila., Pa. 19118 (Chestnut Hill). For more information and registration. Call: 215-242-8832 Lecture/Preview Friday, April 15 7:30 PM $25.00 Class Friday, April 22 - May 27 7:30 PM $150.00 (135.00 if you attend the lecture/preview) "Sunday's Child" - Body Therapy Center, 913 Langhorne-Yardley Rd. Langhorne, Pa. 19047. For more info. and registration, Call: 215-752-7666 Angels Among Us Find out how you can attune to the Celestial realm and make contact with your guardian angel! This is a lecture /mediation presentation and will be repeated in June at "Sundays Child" Body Therapy Center. Tuesday, April 26 7:30 PM $7.00 "Inner Light" Books, 252 Alexander Rd. Princeton, N.J. 08540. For more info. and registration. Call 609-683-8108 "Walk - In" Support Group This is a support group for those of you who either are a "walk-in" or have friends or family who are "walk-ins". "Walk-Ins" are written about in Ruth Montgomery's book "Strangers Among Us' and more and more of us are finding out that we are indeed new souls who have entered physical bodies to serve our (light) mission to hasten the great Age of Awakening. Group discussion, meditation and refreshments are served. April 13, May 11, June 9 (Thurs.) 7:30 PM 5.00 "Ascordia Center" - 2nd Wednesday of the Month Meditation/Healing Circle This is a support group for those who need to relax and" let go" through meditation and creative visualization. We will try out new meditation techniques each meeting. Refreshments will be served. Ascordia Center-4th Sunday of the Month (Full Moon) April 24, May 22, June 26 7:30 PM $5.00 FOR MORE INFO. AND REGISTRATION CALL: 215-242-8832 MAY MAY MAY MAY The Book "Beat" Amy Bortner, Dir. of the Ascordia Center will talk about the development of her center as a school for metaphysical education and spiritual development. She will also discuss the merits of meditation and communication with spirit and will give a sampling of her channeling abilities for the public. Wed., May 11 7:30 PM Free to the public Bassett's Book Store - Chestnut Hill, Pa., Germantown Ave., Phila., Pa. 191182 - Call: 609-397-2541 Tues., May 17 7:30 PM Free to the public Border's Book Store - Cherry Hill, NJ - 513 Rt. 73 South Marlton, NJ, 08053 Call: 609-985-5080 "Awakening The Heart" This is an extension of the Awakening The Heart workshop in which we will explore in more detail the techniques and processes for attuning and energizing the heart center to the exalted states of Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy. We will explore the following themes over the next five weeks, "Chooses to Love Yourself," Letting Go of Fear," "Discovering Your Personal Joy" and "Heaven On Earth." A. T. H. Classes Wed, May 18 - Wed. June 15 7:30 PM $125 "Sunday's Child" - Body Therapy Center, 913 Langhorne-Yardley Rd. Langhorne, Pa. 19047. For more info. and registration, Call: 215-752-7666 "Discovering Your Personal Joy" - Lecture/Meditation Through enlightened discussion, we will discover those values and experiences in our life that enhances and supports our self esteem, creativity and the capacity to experience more personal joy. Following the discussion will be a heart attunement meditation that will awaken our capacity to experience more personal joy in our life. Awaken your hearts, awaken your joy! Sunday, May 22 7:30 PM $25 "Sunday's Child" - Body Therapy Center, 913 Langhorne-Yardley Rd. Langhorne, Pa. 19047. For more info. and registration, Call: 215-752-7666 JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE "Angels Among Us" Ms. Bortner will lecture about the role of the Angelic realm in the development of the `New Age' movement and how they are directly responsible for the development of humanity's greater spiritual awareness at this time. She will also offer personal readings to retreat participants during the afternoon and evening. Sat., June 4 10 - 6 PM $65 full day, lunch included Del-Val UFO/Bucks Co. Theosophical Society Spiritual Retreat Tamimend Park, Southampton, Pa. Call:215-357-2909 "Ascordia "Channeling (See April schedule for description) Fri., June 10 7:30 PM $10 members/$12 non-members "Sea Of Tranquillity" Center, (See May schedule for address and phone) Sun., June 12 7:30 PM $25 "Sunday's Child" - Body Therapy Center, (See April schedule for description) "Contacting Your Guardian Angel" Lecture-Meditation Presentation - (See April schedule for description) Sun., June 17 7:30 PM $25 "Sunday's Child" - Body Therapy Center, (See April schedule for description) "Walk-Ins" for Evolution" Lecture-Meditation Presentation - (See April schedule for description) Fri., June 24 7:30 PM $5-Public/free to members The Life Center, (See April schedule for description) ķ Ascordia Center 219 E. Willow Grove Ave., S-3, Phila., Pa, 19118 215-242-8832 Ľ ??? DO YOU NEED HELP ??? Abused Women Program 739-9999 Addiction Referral & Intervention 744-9796 Adoption Alliance 343-0758 Adult Children of Alcoholics 333-0444 Aids Action Line 981-0088 Al-Anon and Al-Ateen 222-5244 Alcoholics Anonymous 574-6900 Alzheimer's Association 568-6430 American Civil Liberties Union 592-1513 Big Brothers & Big Sisters 567-7000 Blind - Low Vision 276-6092 Child Abuse Prevention 831-8877 Children's Youth Services 686-9694 Christ Mission 236-8070 Gambler's Anonymous 468-1991 Graduate Hospital 893-2000 Homeless Adults Services 686-6782 Incest Survivors Anonymous 848-3830 Landlord/Tenant Problems 893-5306 Legal Aid Services 787-1800 Marriage Counsel of Phila. 382-6680 Mayor's Action Line 686-3000 Meals On Wheels 248-0660 Narcotics Anonymous 934-3944 People's Emergency Center 382-7522 Planned Parenthood 351-5560 Rescue Mission Meals 627-1656 Salvation Army 787-2800 Senior's Center 546-5879 Senior's Helpline 765-9040 Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous 731-9760 United Way - S.E PA. 665-2500 Veteran's Admin. Helpline 823-5800 Welfare 560-2547 Women Organized Against Rape 985-3333 YMCA 557-0082 If you want free information or help for any of the following problems, just call. All numbers are in the 215 area See additional listings in the blue area of the yellow pages,distributed by a friend: Michael Nibbio. Ŀ We have available the following "Daniel Speaks" Lecture series in tape form. We also offer the "Ascordia Speaks" lecture series. (Ascordia is a Seraphic Angel). The "Daniel Speaks" Lecture Series and the "Ascordia Speaks" Lecture series is available exclusively through the Ascordia Center. Please call 215-242-8832 or mail inquiries to PO BOX 132, 12 W. Willow Grove Ave., Phila., PA 19118. THe proce for the tapes is $9.95 each. D1-Daniel Speaks D18-Mechanisms Of The Self D2-The Self As Catalyst D19-Karma, Freewill & Destiny D3-Peace In The New Age D20-7 Levels Of Consciousness D4-Love And Conflict D21-Atlantis:Reclaiming Your Ancient D5-Integration Self, Tape 1 & 2 D6-The Inner Self D22-Sex, Sin & Society D7-Relationships D23-The Ascended Masters & The D8-Sexuality Celestial Hierarchy D9-Friendship D24-Myth, Ritual & Magic D10-Communication D25-The Art & Science of Inner D11-Creativity Dimensional Communicatoin D12-Networking in D26 - Myth, Magic & Ritual The New Age D13-Children " ASCORDIA SPEAKS" D14-Living With Grace A1 - Ascordia Speaks 1 D15-Yultide Channeling A2 - Ascordia Speaks 2 D16-Thanksgiving A3 - The Purpose Of The Angels In The D17-Peace:The Next 10 Years New Age & The Right Use Of Will. A4 - Discovering Your Personal Joy FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE CALL 215-242-8832 OR SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER $18 TO AMY BORTNER PO Box 132, 12 W. Willow Grove Ave., Philadelphia, PA. 19118


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