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®FS1 Notes ----- ¯®FW1 Notes (Continued) ----- ¯®SF1¯®PT1¯®RFA®FC¯---®PN¯---¯®FC¯THE CRY OF THE 28TH AETHYR BAG®FN1®IP0,0¯®FL¯ BAG = Aries, Taurus, Cancer. This transliterates back into Hebrew as Heh, Vau, Cheth = 19. It spells out Chavah = Eve, Adam's wife; to manifest, to show forth to reveal. (These correspondences are taken from ®MDBR¯Liber D, Sepher Sephrioth®MDNM¯.) ¯ ®PT2¯®FL¯®IP0,0¯There cometh an Angel into the stone with opalescent®FN1 Opal = rainbow = Sagittarius ¯ shining garments like a wheel®FN1®IP0,0¯ We might as well get used in the beginning to Crowley's terminology. Where other authorities speak of the Tarot Trumps, or the Major Arcana, Crowley uses the Egyptian word Atu. He is consistent in this usage, and for this reason the word is retained rather than to alter it needlessly throughout the commentary to Tarot Trumps. Atu XIX -- the Wheel of the Sun, symbolic of universally radiating energy, and 19 is the glyph of the circle. XIX refers to the 19th Tarot Key which is the Sun. ¯ of fire on every side of him, and in his hand is a long flail of scarlet lightning,®FN1®IP0,0¯ 19 = Angel L.T.D. of Sagittarius. (L.T.D. means Lord of the Triplicity of Day. In this case it is Aleph, Heh, Vau, Zayin = Ahooz = 19. This is one of the several occasions when ®MDBR¯Liber 777®MDNM¯ must be consulted for specific information. ¯ his face is black,®FN1®IP0,0¯ 19 = Dayah -- Daleth, Yod, Heh; meaning, "was black". ¯ and his eyes white without any pupil or iris.®FN1®IP0,0¯ References to Binah. ¯ The face is very terrible indeed to look upon. Now in front of him is a wheel®FN1®IP0,0¯ See note 3. ¯, with many spokes, and many tyres; it is like a fence®FN1®IP0,0¯Cheth = Fence. Spell this letter as Cheth, Yod, Taul, and it means literally a fence. Its number is 418 -- a very meaningful number to Crowley, representing the Great Work itself. It depicts the Adept in his chariot drawn by a black and white sphinx, the reconciliation and union of the two opposites. ¯ in front of him.®IP3,0¯ And he cries: O man, who art thou that wouldst penetrate the Mystery?®FN1®IP0,0¯ - 10 Binah = Eve. 19 is the great glyph of the feminine, because it relates to the gematria (numerology) of Eve, the first woman in Genesis (as indicated in Note 1) and therefore equates with BABALON. ¯ for it is hidden unto the End of Time.®FN1¯ And I answer him: Time®FN1®IP0,0¯Tau = Time = Saturn = Binah. ¯ is not, save in the darkness of Her womb by whom evil came. And now the wheel breaks away, and I see him as he is. His garment is black beneath the opal veils, but it is lined with white, and he has the shining belly of a fish, and enormous wings of black and white feathers, and innumerable little legs and claws like a centipede, and a long tail like a scorpion. The breasts are human, but they are all scored with blood; and he cries: O thou who hast broken down the veil, knowest thou not that who cometh where I am must be scarred by many sorrows?®FN1®IP0,0¯ That is, must attain to 8®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 3®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ which refers to Binah, the sphere of Saturn and, of course, of sorrow and bitterness. ¯®IP3,0¯ And I answer him: Sorrow®FN1®IP0,0¯ All are references to Binah. ¯®IP3,0¯ is not, save in the darkness of the womb of Her by whom came evil. I pierce the Mystery®SF13¯®FN1¯®IP3,0¯ of his breast®SF13¯®FN1¯, and therein is a jewel. It is a sapphire as great as an ostrich egg®SF13¯®FN1¯, and thereon is graven this sigil: But there is also much writing on the stone, very minute characters carved. I cannot read them. He points with his flail to the sapphire, which is now outside him and bigger than himself®FN1®IP0,0¯Binah absorbs all, as black (Saturn) absorbs all colors. ¯®IP3,0¯, and he cries: Hail! warden of the Gates of Eternity who knowest not®FN1®IP0,0¯ Binah destroys knowledge. It is above Daath -- knowledge.) ¯®IP3,0¯ thy right hand from thy left;®FN1®IP0,0¯ This is another of the innumerable sets of correspondences having their roots in Golden Dawn symbolism. See the essay "On Man, the Microcosm" in Vol. I. ®MDBR¯Golden Dawn®MDNM¯, presumably written by Mathers.) Hands: Mercury, for hand is Yod, Virgo. Also the two hands are the twin serpents. Eyes: Sun and Moon. The positive and negative, executive currents of the Logos. Nostrils: Mars and Venus. The mouth attributed to Mercury in the usual system, cannot be used in this phrase; for the mouth is one, not two, being the Logos. Ears: Jupiter and Saturn. Itself. The Logos is essentially an unity, although manifested through vibration. It is therefore expression,the hands, no longer known apart. ¯®IP3,0¯ for in the aeon of my Father is a god with clasped hands wherein he holdeth the universe, crushing®FN1®IP0,0¯ See ®MDBR¯Liber AL vel Legis®MDNM¯, III, v. 72. ¯ it into the dust that ye call stars. Hail unto thee who knowest not thy right eye®SF16¯®FN1¯ from thy left; for in the aeon of my Father there is but one light. Hail unto thee who knowest not thy right nostril®SF16¯®FN1¯ from thy left; for in the aeon of my Father there is neither life nor death. Hail unto thee who knowest not thy right ear®SF16¯®FN1¯ from thy left; for in the aeon of my Father there is neither sound nor silence. Whoso hath power to break open this sapphire stone shall find therein four elephants having tusks of mother-of-pearl, and upon whose backs are castles, those castles which ye call the watch-towers of the Universe.®SF18¯®FN1®IP0,0¯The elements are hidden in Binah. ¯®IP3,0¯ Let me dwell in peace within the breast of the Angel that is warden of the aethyr. Let not the shame of my Mother be unveiled. Let not her be put to shame that lieth among the lilies that are beyond the stars. O man, that must ever be opening, when wilt thou learn to seal up the mysteries of the creation? to fold thyself over thyself as a rose in the embrace of night? But thou must play the wanton to the sun, and the wind must tear thy petals from thee, and the bee must rob thee of thy honey, and thou must fall into the dusk of things. Amen and Amen. Verily the light is hidden, therefore he who hideth himself is like unto the light; but thou openest thyself; thou art like unto the darkness that bindeth the belly of the great goddess.®FN1®IP0,0¯ In the light of the Cry of LOE, this passage seems to mean precisely the opposite of its apparent meaning. The whole cry from "Let me dwell" on the preceding page, is an invocation of Binah. It is a foreshadowing of the mysteries of the Crossing of the Abyss. ¯®IP3,0¯ ®PT1¯®FC¯OLAHO VIRUDEN MAHORELA ZODIREDAI ON PIREDA EXENTASER; ARBA PIRE GAH GAHA GAHAL GAHALANA VO ABRA NA GAHA VELU- CORSAPAX®PT2¯®FN1®IP0,0¯®FL¯ With the aid of an Enochian dictionary a philologist friend has made the following rough translation: ®IP5,5¯"For the second time I have beautified those dark Heavens I inhabit builded these for the Holy Mother of all. The shrine of the spirits existed, exists, and shall exist, wherein it is provided that the Babes of the Abyss enthroned." (The Translator suggests that the Enochian verb translated as "existed" is reflexive, with the literal meaning, perhaps, as "created itself".) ¯ ®IP3,0¯®FL¯And the voice of the aeon cried: Return! return, return! the time sickeneth, and the space gapeth, and the voice of him that is, was and shall be crowned rattles in the throat of the mighty dragon of eld.®FN1®IP0,0¯ Binah or Nuit = Draco, the Dragon. ¯®IP3,0¯ Thou canst not pass by me, except thou have the mystery of the word of the abyss. Now the angel putteth back the sapphire stone into his breast; and I spake unto him and said, I will fight with thee and overcome thee, except thou expound unto me the word of the abyss. Now he makes as if to fight with me. (It is very horrible, all the tentacles moving and the flail flashing, and the fierce eyeless face, strained and swollen.) And with the Magic sword I pierce through his armour to his breast. He fell back, saying: Each of these my scars was thus made, for I am the warden of the aethyr. And he would have said more; but I cut him short, saying: expound the word of the Abyss. And he said®FN1®IP0,0¯ See the 14th and 13th Aethyrs. ¯®IP3,0¯: Discipline is sorrowful and ploughing is laborious and age is weariness. Thou shalt be vexed by dispersion.®FN1®IP0,0¯ See the 10th Aethyr. These statements are prophetic. ¯®IP3,0¯ But now, if the sun arise,®FN1®IP0,0¯ Tiphareth and the sign of Osiris risen, which is the basic theme of the 5®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 6®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ (Adeptus Minor grade, the Order of the R.C.). ¯®IP3,0¯ fold thou thine arms;®SF24¯®FN1¯®IP3,0¯ then shall God smite thee into a pillar of salt.®FN1®IP0,0¯ Prophetic of the 8®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 3®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ attainment. The pillar is phallic, and salt is the Alchemical Salt of Binah, the Great Sea. See also Liber LXV, ®MDBR¯The Holy Books®MDNM¯, Cap V, vv. 5, 23, 25. (Sangreal Foundation, Dallas, 1970.) ¯ Look not so deeply into words and letters; for this Mystery hath been hidden by the Alchemists. Compose the sevenfold into a fourfold regimen:®FN1®IP0,0¯ The completed system of attainment which is made by the 7®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 4®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯, Adeptus Exemptus. ¯®IP3,0¯ and when thou hast understood thou mayest make symbols,®FN1®IP0,0¯ The 8®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 3®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ may devise a new system of Qabalah. ¯ but by playing child's games with symbols thou shalt never understand.®FN1®IP0,0¯ One cannot become 8®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ = 3®MDSU¯o®MDNM¯ merely by intellectual manipulations. ¯®IP3,0¯ Thou hast the signs; thou hast the words; but there are many things that are not in my power, who am but the warden of the 28th Aethyr. Now my name thou shalt obtain in this wise. Of the three angels of the Aethyr, thou shalt write the names from right to left and from left to right and from right to left, and these are the holy letters: The first 1, the fifth 2, the sixth 3, the eleventh 4, the seventh 5, the twelfth 6, the seventeenth 7. Thus hast thou my name®FN1®IP0,0¯ Each Aethyr has three Angels presiding over it. This would appear to be: ®PT1¯ PXINBAL) POCISINI) = LIXIPSP RAPOLXO) LIXIPSP = Cancer, Sagittarius, Earth, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Leo. Translated from the astrological signs into Hebrew we have Cheth, Samech, Tau, Samech, Teth, Zayin, Teth, of which the gematria, or total number, is 533. In ®MDBR¯Sepher Sephrioth®MDNM¯, 533 is given as the number for Thani Ha Gadol (Tau, Nun, Yod, Heh, Gimel, Daleth, Vau, Lamed) = Draco Magnus, the Mighty Dragon. this is the symbol of Nuit or Binah. The whole symbolism of this Angel is therefore exactly confirmed through a Qabalistic equation of which the Seer has no idea at the time. (He, the Angel, is above the dispersion and disorder just as Binah is above the Abyss of Choronzon.) ¯ who am above these three, but the angels of the 30th Aethyr are indeed four, and they have none above them; wherefore dispersion and disorder.®FN1®IP0,0¯ The four elements unharmonized break up into Choronzon, the Demon of the Abyss. ¯ ®IP3,0¯Now cometh from every side at once a voice, terribly great, crying: Close the veil; the great blasphemy hath been uttered; the face of my Mother®FN1®IP0,0¯ Further reference to Binah. ¯®IP3,0¯ is scarred by the nails of the devil. Shut the book, destroy the breaker of the seal! And I answered: Had he not been destroyed he had not come hither, for I am not save in the darkness in the womb of Her®FN1®IP0,0¯ Binah. ¯®IP3,0¯ by whom came evil into the world. And this darkness swallows everything up,®FN1®IP0,0¯ Typical gesture of Binah. ¯®IP3,0¯ and the angel is gone from the stone;®FN1®IP0,0¯ Thie general attribution of this Aethyr is to the Tarot Trump or Atu XVII attributed to the Star (Heh, not Tzaddi as before). ¯®IP3,0¯ and there is no light therein, save only the light from the Rose and of the Cross.®FN1®IP0,0¯ Binah being gone, the Seer descends to his normal place in Tiphareth. ¯ Aumale, Algeria. ®MDBR¯`November®MDNM¯ 23, 1909, between 8 and 9 p.m.


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