The Vitamin Cure Healing 6 Common Ailments Rx FOR COLDS +quot;Vitamin C s the most improta

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The Vitamin Cure Healing 6 Common Ailments Rx FOR COLDS "Vitamin C s the most improtant vitamin for building up your immunity," says Dr. Fairbanks. She recommends a gradual build-up of vitamin C to one-to-two grams daily. However, she warns, do not increase your dosage to one gram in one day. Work up to that. The notion that unlimited intake of vitamin C is risk free is a myth, (Too much C can cause diarrhea, even gallstones) Your best bet is the doctor-preferred form--sodium or calcium ascorbate--which can minimize risks. A MINERAL IMMUNITY-MUST Supplements of the mineral zinc also boost your immune system, explains Dr. Fairbanks. "Zinc helps multiply the number of circulating white blood cells, the t-lymphocytes, that are your body's main defense against invading viruses." Dr. Fairbanks suggests 15 to 30mg daily of the superior zinc gluconate or chelated zinc, the pure mineral with a protein base. Don't exceed the suggested limit on your own. Too much zinc can suppress your immune system and interfere with absorption of essential minerals. BONE-A-FIDE REMEDY As many women approach 30, their bones start naturally losing calcium. to restore proper mineral balance and reduce the risk of injuries from fragile bones weakened by calcium depletion, many studies suggest women should rely on a daily 1200 to 1500mg calcium supplement. The most concentrated form, calcium carbonate, can be taken at mealtimes or between meals to avoid stomach cramps. Advises Dr. Zimmerman, "Women who don't tolerate lactose well should aboid lactose bearing calcium supplements." ULTIMATE BONE HEALTH You may not achieve optimally healthy bones without a vitamin D supplement. "Your intestines won't absorb the calcium alone. Vitamin D triggers the intestinal cells to produce a specific protein to bind with the calcium," explains Dr. Fairbanks. She suggests no more than 400 I.U.(International Units) daily of vitamin D, either in the synthetic or natural form. Personally..I use Natural Formulas as much as possible.(Ariel) It is important to note that too much vitamin D can produce vomiting, loss of appetite, itchy skin, or impaired kidneys, as well. Please be carefull... (2) The Vitamin Cure Healing 6 Common Ailments NATURAL MENSTRUAL MEDICATION If easily exhausted during menstruation, regular iron supplements may guarantee normal productivity by warding off anemia due to the drain of red blood cells throughout your period. A minimum maintenance dose, according to Dr. Fairbanks, of 40mg ferrous iron, three times weekly, will help your body manufacture sufficient red blood cells to sustain your energy despite reductions during menstrual periods. "The iron you lose during your period is not the iron you eat that day," says Dr. Fairbanks. "It's already stored in your bone marrow. So if you take an iron supplement regularly, you prepare your body sufficiently by building up your iron reserves for the days your period depletes your supply." Dr. Fairbanks advises that you take iron pills with orange juice or a vitamin C-laden food plus an MFP factor (Meat, Fish, or Poultry) to enhance its absorption. However, beware--taking more than the recommended dose can cause serious health problems such as toxic build-up in the liver, pancreas, and heart; eventually resulting in the ultimate complication--death. A personal friend of mine can attest to this warning, as she was a vitamin junkie... She didn't heed the warnings that her doctor gave her, and the result was "toxic shock syndrome". She was hospitalized and her skin looked like a peeled orange. She did recover, and now follows a strick program layed out by my father, also a Ph.D. and a nutritionist...and is now fine. PMS RELIEF Common PMS symptoms may be eased by supplementing the two fatty acids your body cannot manufacture itself...linoleic acid and linolenic acid. These fatty acids influence the major hormone, prostaglandin, that is responsible for blood clotting, artery constriction and other functions. Yet nobody knows exactly "HOW" these fatty acids play a role in lessening PMS symptoms--they just do. Fatty acids may be taken in the form of lecithin granules, powders or tablets. Follow directions for dosage because more than suggested may result in diarrhea. Additionally, PMS symptoms, due to excess water in the cells (like foot swelling) may be helped you an increased dose of vitamin B6, a natural diuretic. Dr. Zimmerman suggest up to 200mg daily of B6 starting ten days before the onset of your period. (3) The Vitamin Cure Healing 6 Common Ailments STRESS SOOTHER As you probably know, stress can rob you of crucial vitamin B complex. The traditional B vitamins which are depleted by stress, normally help metabolize your food into energy. The standard eight vitamins included in the B complex...Thiamine B1, Riboflavin B2, Niacin B3, Pantothenic Acid; Pyridoxine B6, Cobalamin B-12, Folic Acid, and Biotin) work together to break down food in your muscles, liver and fat throughout your body, fueling your activities. For those super stressful days, Dr. Fairbanks recommends shoring up reserves with daily doses in the conservative range of 30 to 50mg for B1, B2, B3, Pantothenic Acid, and B6, and 100mcg (micrograms) each for B-12 and Biotin, and 400mcg for Folic Acid. If you don't exceed the sugested limit for B3 (Niacin), you can aboid the hot flashes or irregular heart rhythms associated with much stronger doses. FACE FACTS If you tend to break out, research indicates that pure vitamin A helps control certain skin flare-ups. "Vitamin A preserves the integrity of the skin," says Dr. Fairbanks. However, he cautions against taking more than 8,000 I.U. (international units) a day which may bring about numerous dangerous side effects. (as I have described previously) WORKOUT STRAIN SOLUTION Potassium and magnesium make critical contributions to athletic activities. Explains Dr. Zimmerman, "Potassium helps transfer nerve impluses to your muscles for peak energy and magnesium is critical for the breakdown of glucose into energy to fuel your performance." Weekend or weekly sports participants do well to take both minerals in gluconate or chelated forms. Dr. Zimmerman suggests 400 to 600mg of actual magnesium daily and consultation with a health professional to determine your potassium needs. However, anyone on medication, especially diuretics, should consult a doctor before taking these mineral supplements because they regulate your body's electrolyte (electrical impulse conveyors) stores. And consuming more potassium than you need causes your kidneys to accelerate excretion and can trigger a vomiting spasm. (4) The Vitamin Cure Healing 6 Common Ailments DIRTY AIR DEFENSE Vitamin E helps rid your body of the smoke, fumes and dust normally ingested in urban or suburban living areas. Also, vitamin E helps prevent the build-up fo rancid by-products from the breakdown of fatty acids that oxidize in your body. To protect against both environmental pollutants and by products of fatty acids, Dr. Fairbanks advises taking 400 I.U. of vitamin E daily. Though there are no reports of toxicity from megadoses of vitamin E, you probably don't need more than the dose recommended. One final note... Please remember that ALL "fat soluable" vitamins...E, A, etc...are usually stored in the body, and are not excreated during the normal methods. They have to wear out, or be absorbed into the body during its activity. Too many fat soluable vitamins, are NEVER a good idea, without the consultation of a registered nutritionist or Dr's advise.. I hope that you have enjoyed this text, as much as I have...and didn't mind the few added comments of experience. Again, please refer to the file VITAMIN.ZIP for complete details on the discriptions of the vitamins listed here... Enjoy your life, and my you find the happiness that you deserve!! The Wizard Ariel>


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