Repeal the Brady Bill and NAFTA; Repeal the Drug Interdiction Act and 10 USC 375, allowing

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Repeal the Brady Bill and NAFTA; Repeal the Drug Interdiction Act and 10 USC 375, allowing the use of military equipment and personnel against United States citizens and providing a backdoor method to fund "national guard," under the guise that the guard is a "state asset" even though the federal government provides the salary, funding and support and none of these units is counted as a State Guard asset and the guard and military troops thereby are state assets in name only; and publicly acknowledge that the federal government, through no means, may use military force or equipment against any person on U.S. soil or upon the soil of any sovereign state, except in the case of a declared war in the event of an actual invasion by troops of a foreign country within the boundaries of the United States of America, and only then, against such foreign troops, not citizens or residents of this country; and Immediately remove any and all foreign troops and equipment and to immediately identify each and every federal military troop and federal law enforcement or tax enforcement agent and all equipment now located within the boundaries of any and every state, including all assets of military or task force "special operations" units, CIA, NSA, or any other covert law enforcement, quasi-law enforcement or military agency or activity; and Declare that the United States of America is not operating under the authority of the United Nations; and Declare the federal debt to the Federal Reserve null and void, unconsitutional, and without effect and order that currency no longer be printed by the Federal Reserve or any entity other than the Treasury of the United States, backed by gold within the possession of the United States; and Declare that the federal government does not now have and never has had the legal authority to enact or enforce criminal laws outside the area of Washington, D.C., or outside its territories or its own property, such as military bases, and never upon the soil of any sovereign state, and that all such laws are null and void and without effect; Convene a full Congressional inquiry, to be conducted publicly, by an independent prosecutor selected from a person who has no association in any way whatsoever with any agency of the federal government, into the events in Waco, Texas, from February 28, 1993 through the present, at the property known as Mt. Carmel, with the special prosecutor to have the full power to convene a grand jury from the citizens of all the 50 states, obtain indictments, and issue subpoenas duces tecum and subpoenas for testimony before a grand jury, and to prosecute any and all persons, regardless of their position in government, for any crimes for which a true bill of indictment is returned. You have until the second full week that the Congress reconvenes in September, 1994, to personally initiate legislation to this effect and to do all things necessary to effect this legislation and the restoration of a Constitutional government within this country and if you do not personally attend to these demands, you will be identified as a Traitor, and you will be brought up on charges for Treason before a Court of the Citizens of this Country. Linda D. Thompson Acting Adjutant General Unorganized Militia of the United States of America Pursuant to 10 USC 311 and Articles I and II of the Bill of Rights Additional updates and a copy of the actual ultimatum as mailed will be posted on or before April 20, 1994 and updates on the militia assembly in September will be available on the voice mail line at 317-780-5200 beginning April 20.


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