AEN ALERT IMPORTANT AEN ALERT Every member of the United States House of Representatives a

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********** AEN ALERT ********** IMPORTANT ********* AEN ALERT ****** Every member of the United States House of Representatives and Senate are this week being delivered an ultimatum that demands that each of them personally take the initiative to: Repeal the 14th, 16th, and 17th Amendments; Declare that the Federal Government has no legal jurisdiction in any State to make or enforce any criminal laws and may not use any military equipment or troops, even under the guise of using a federalized or non-federalized, but federally funded, "national guard" on U.S. soil or against U.S. citizens; Declare that the United States is not under the authority of the United Nations; Declare the national debt to the Federal Reserve illegal, unconstitutional, null and void, and issue currency, backed by gold, through the U.S. Treasury; Repeal NAFTA; Revoke the United States' participation in GATT; Repeal the Brady Bill; Repeal and/or reject the Crime Bill. Each Congressman has until the second week that the Congress reconvenes in Washington, D.C. in September, to personally initiate this legislation and to make no bones about his sworn duty to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Any Congressman who does not personally undertake to initiate and pursue this legislation is identified as a TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY and will be dealt with by a Court of law, convened by the Citizens of this Country. All MILITIA units will convene in Washington, D.C. the second full week that the Congress is in session in September. All units will be armed and prepared to enforce this mandate. This is exactly what it sounds like. **NOTE: MILITIA UNITS MUST WEAR IDENTIFYING INSIGNIA. If you wear a military insignia identifying you as a member of a military unit, if captured, you must be treated as a Prisoner of War, not as a criminal arrestee, by law. We have five months to get in shape and be prepared to restore this country's liberty. Mentally and physically, we must be ready, willing, and able, to do the job. I have personally signed the ultimatum to be delivered to Congress, as John Hancock said, in handwriting so large that the King cannot mistake my identity. No other persons are or will be identified. A copy of the ultimatum follows in the next message. An additional inititive includes the delivery of signed Declarations of Independence to the White House on the day the militia convenes in Washington, D.C. in September. These Declarations are as follows in the next message. Circulate these Declarations for signature throughout the country immediately. We will be airdropping these blank Declarations, as well as leaflets detailing the militia information, and a point paper on what this is all about, throughout the country, from airplanes, at churches, gun shows, etc. Please do the same, immediately. More pilot volunteers, printers, and funding for the distribution of the Declaration of Independence is needed. Whether I am arrested or killed in the interim has no bearing on the preparations of the militia units or the Declarations of Independence throughout this country. Proceed as planned, plan accordingly, and God bless us all. Linda Thompson Acting Adjutant General UMUS, pursuant to 10 USC 311 Articles I and II, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States of America ******* COPY THIS MESSAGE AND DISTRIBUTE *****


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