Every action we take with focus and intent is a form of Magick. Every time we arrange a fe

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Every action we take with focus and intent is a form of Magick. Every time we arrange a few stones and feathers together with awareness, we are using shamanic medicine. --Amber Wolfe The following information was taken from Amber Wolfe's book "In the Shadow of the Shaman", which I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to continue on the shamanic path in a modern "Aquarian" way. These correspondences are not hard and fast rules, but rather serve as guidelines for the beginning of study. At some point, you will begin to re-write these to suit your own methods and ways of working. This is the beginning of individual power on the Shamanic path. -=Satinka The following are some useful Plant and Mineral World totems that you may use as personal shamanic medicine. Carrying these totems or interacting with their energies can help you maintain that balance and centeredness so needed on the path of the shaman. To strengthen friendships and relationships: Mineral Plant Rose Quartz Lemon Balm Coral Daffodil Topaz Thyme Green Jade Rosemary Tiger-Eye Gardenia Carnelian Violet To increase prosperity and career improvement: Malachite Almond Adventurine Mandrake Sapphire Nutmeg Diamond Honeysuckle Crystal Geodes Ferns Shells High John the Conqueror root To increase personal confidence and power: Tourmaline Ginger Rutilated Quartz Ash Rhodonite Oak Garnet Cinnamon Amazonite Clover Azurite Carnation To strengthen intuition and social awareness: Fluorite Mugwort Moonstone Rose Lapis Lazuli Citron Crystals Marigold Amethyst Peppermint Turquoise Pine To increase communication abilities: Amber Spearmint Citrine Quartz Vervain Topaz Bay Sodalite Iris Chrysocolla Sage Emerald Sweetgrass To uplift emotions and increase energy: Petrified Wood Heather Agates Rose Abalone Holly Red Coral Lavender Jade Cedar Jasper Morning Glory Most of these are easy to obtain and use daily. However, try some of them out and see what the effect is. If you are an airy person, a "light" plant like mugwort might be unsuitable. An earthy person however might find the "airyness" of amythest to lighten the load. I gave the plant and mineral correspondances together, because if you REALLY need a dose of that particular energy, you can mix several in a small pouch and carry it with you. For instance, if you really need more confidence, you might try putting a small rutilated quartz, dried carnation petals, an acorn, and some cinnamon (stick or powder) together in a small bag. Put it in your pocket or purse, and touch it periodically, just to remind yourself that it's there. Color can also play an important part, and in the next few pages, we'll discuss just how to make it work for you. Color Classifications of Stones ------------------------------- Here are some basic key words for stone/crystal colors: Color Keys Chakra ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Magnetism, harmony, wholeness All White Purity, service, wisdom, innocense 8 Lt. Pink Love, friendship, work, creativity 4 Pink Perception, love, prophecy, clarity 4 Red Faith, courage, blood, anger, communication 1 Orange Friendship, learning, enthusiasm 2 Yellow Inspiration, comfort, joy, love, communication 3 Lt. Green Responsibility, healing, idealism 4 Dk. Green Growth, abundance, dependablity, determinatin, will Lt. Blue Personal honor, self-development, self-knowledge 5 Indigo Intuition, synthesis, rebirth, creation 6 Grey Friendship, serenity, loyalty, dreams Violet Spirituality, gratitude, healing 7 Brown Love of nature, earth connections, stability Black Goals achievement, inner wisdom, seeking light Silver Receptivity, intuition, self-healing 9 Gold Action, force, growth, healing 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------- As a reminder, the chakras are : 1=root 2=sacral 3=solar plexus 4=heart 5=throat 6=brow 7=crown 8, 9, 10 ethereal body centers


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