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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0594 - NewAge-R From: TONY PECORARO Public To: GLENDA STOCKS Date: 05/30/94 at 14:25 Re: Soul 1/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul We want to display shining divinity through our soul: This is the instrument -- our instrument -- for the full potential manifesta- tion of God Himself into His divinely created, celestial, momentary thought of the universe. The whole wondrous creation abides within us so that all we see out there, all we cognize and attempt to fathom, is but a minuscule reflection, in essence, of an infinite and potentially knowable grand structure of absolute existence, comprising all that is known and all that could possibly be known. The power and glory of human incarnation gives praise to the everlasting possibility of God-energy, God-love, spewing forth to every possible nuance that our creation could possibly give rise to. We attest to this from the very depths of being -- human being -- which has but one possible final goal in its journey through a conglomerate creation, and that is none other than Divine Mind through Divine Love. At the very center of our being where the very essence of life breathes, our energy to animate according to some will--there lies the essential core for everlasting happiness through procreation of multifarious life-energy, entertaining a dance of phenomenal existence through immersion into the noumenal Absolute. Such being the nature of our spiritual, constitutional makeup, it can be said that we move about on this earthly plane with a kind of remnant for the grand structure of creation dwelling deep within us. It can be reflected in all our sentient actions only if we so "desire"; but that this trace is evident at the heart of our being is univocally self-evident from personal revelation only. For those wishing to succumb to the ignorance of density, the despair of ignominious pursuits, insight into the nucleus of being and its possibility of Becoming--dashing into the genesis of ensuing evolutionary perfection--is but wanting! That light permeates throughout the very fabric of our soul is our solace for all intended Divine accomplishments by way of the human kind. Our intention as groping creatures seething in the dark but still seeking that yet unknown chalice of virtuosity and consolation is prudence and tolerance--indeed, love too--for that which is unveiled to our kind as the whole cosmos and celestial structure unfolds before us--before our very being! --ALP, 11-22-91 (Book 22) Humans are special, unique: They have an individual soul. Animals, on the other hand, share a group-soul. A "Monad" is an entity of living existence and living experience, a spark of the Divine Flame, partitioned, cut off, so to speak, from its source, but still retaining all that the source has, except in an individualized and concealed form. Having the hidden splendor of its creator deep within, the Monad sets off on a journey of "remembering" or becoming fulling conscious of its Divine Nature -- its Divine Heritage! We call this a perpetual state of "Becoming." The monad is the immortal part of man, and we may also call this, Soul. The soul is the vital principle or very breath of life in all creatures. The soul gains experience of earthly life through an earthly vehicle; in our case, it is humankind. The preparation of a particular vehicle (a physical body) for the soul to gain a certain variety of experience (this, and not that) is accomplished through "choosing" different kinds of human forms with different peculiarities and different inclinations. It is very easy to say that you most certainly chose your particular parents in order to attain a very specific kind of experience -- a learning experience--that you deliberately decided to take on in this lifetime. A soul will enter a vehicle (a fetus) during the time of early pregnancy; and it is possible for a human child to be born without a soul: These are people with absolutely no conscience whatsoever, no emotion on there face regardless of what they may be living out in life. Society can attest well to such abhorrence. When we look at ourselves, when we reflect within or upon Self, then the soul is not something "in us," but rather it IS us! It is NOT the vehicle (our body) that is us; it is just part of the soul, or better, an "instrument" of the soul, and it uses this instrument to move about and gain experience on a physical plane. As we live our lives and experience different things on our journey through creation, we may become "aware" of the soul's Divine Nature; that is, become aware of OUR Divine Nature. It is keenly a matter of our growth, our choices to seek greater development, and our ability to fathom a larger reality and a greater cosmic order that is not apparent or available to our physical perception or intellectual comprehension; and this we do by "letting go" of the binding attachments of physical limitedness. It is a living experience to become conscious of our soul's higher nature (OUR higher nature): It is NOT an intellectual deliberation or a mental comprehension via concepts. It is a "direct experience" of a higher celestial, more cosmic and divine revelation of a greater order: We simply "fathom" the great reality beyond the limited physical senses. Then we say, "consciousness"! Consciousness of this or consciousness of that, as in God Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness. Proof is an intellectual tool based on concepts and the human physical mechanism of comprehension. These are all great brainy functions, and we need them, too, to decipher those things we "cognize" or "apprehend" outside of the physical limitations, but the brain itself, with all its marvelous machinery, is not the originator or seat of deeper spiritual experience -- just the translator. "Being," as in "Pure Being," or the soul, is the "experiencer" of deeper realities: body just feels and interprets them, often trying to justify and prove them (our silly dense brains!). There are great marvels hidden within the human story in its Cosmic/Divine journey to full knowingness. We, as groping humans screaming to aspire, simply must "wish" to know: We must seek! This we made clear in our essay, "Soul" (11-22-91, Book 22) previously posted. We ask that you re-examine that work in light of this continued explanation. "An unexamined life is not worth living..." said a great greek philosopher. Do we wish to examine who we really are? the source and life or our very breath? And what if we come to know that we are immensely greater than what we thought? You see, to be greater, to become conscious of our Divine Heritage on the level of personal experience, is not "thought of": it is a "direct experience" transcending thought! Let us "play" with these thoughts a little, and in this play we will see (experience) the dance and play of creation! --ALP, 11-25-91 (Book 22) How do you know about humans? Couldn't you say that you know something of human nature even though you may not have a keen knowledge of all the facets of human nature? And wouldn't this have something to do with the fact that you are a human? And couldn't you find out more about the nature of humanity if it were your particular inclination to have more exact knowledge (experience) on the human kingdom? So it is the same with the Soul (not souls). I speak of souls from a position of personal experience because I am a soul, and it is my inclination to have more intricate knowledge of my own nature, whereas many others may be satisfied with a general knowledge only. A soul is not some foreign entity that attaches itself me; it IS me. What the soul is attaching itself to is the physical body. The fact that I say ME, introspectively, is NOT my body, but my soul! If I know anything about souls it is because I know about me (not my body). When you "reflect" (not necessarily "think"), then this is your soul; these are qualities of the soul. The very essence of you, who you really are, the breath of your life -- this is your soul. What you attribute to your body in the forms of afflictions, attributes, the sense of who you "think" you are--this is your personality or your ego, and it is this which IS the body, and it is this which dies upon physical death. Anthony (me, overtly, as "lower" self) is a personality, an ego: That which animates and gives life and power to Anthony is Anthony's soul. And because I am in my soul or because my soul is really who "I" am, then I can, if I wish, know about this soul, Anthony. The fact that this soul takes on a physical body, which becomes an Anthony, and a personality/ego which is Anthony, is the way the soul, my soul (my me...I) chooses to express itself in this life-cycle, giving it all the experiences Anthony has had, both the painful and the joyful. These are the learning experiences my soul has chosen at this point in its journey through creation -- on its journey in the process of "remembering" or becoming conscious of my own inherent Divine Nature, as we stated earlier. The human has several means of gaining knowledge of its environment. There is inference, testimony, and "direct experience." The first two are germane to western society. The third, direct experience, is little known in the occident, but is nonetheless a means of gaining knowledge of Self and environment, which is more valid than inference or testimony. This validity is based on fathoming directly (not through thinking) the internal structure of creation, life, existence, and the exact nature of the universe within which we have our sentient/Divine being. It is EVERY human's birthright to have (acquire?) this knowledge, and it is "apprehended" through "direct experience": Most of the western culture is simply unaware of this means of gaining knowledge directly! If any of this requires validation on your part, then don't take my word for it. Simply experience it for yourself (for your Self!)...directly! --ALP, 11-26-91 (Book 22) One basic premise in spiritual investigation and spiritual attainment is: Don't's ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer! I am always happy and eager to answer your questions, but I do this for discernment (mine & yours) and NOT for controversy or argumentation, so I will address your inquiry once, and I will not dispute your manner of reception. (Behold, Parts 1-6 [3-1-87, Book 9] have addressed these issues before.) Did you not read paragraph 2 of part 2 on the essay on Soul, where is says "Proof is an intellectual tool...." Was this not clear? My purpose in these writings -- in my spiritual investigation--is not to refute this dominating conscious view of reality that you have. My purpose is to know and discern through direct personal experience -- to fathom ultimate reality (both physical and spiritual realms) through a "spiritual discernment," not a mental, conceptual one. In a previous post to Zax 147, I spoke of the different means by which a human may gain knowledge of creation; I spoke of "direct experience," which may also be termed "direct cognition," spiritual apprehension (fathoming), or supersensual perception (not to be allied with physical perception). I have written several essays and commented in a previous post concerning this subject. I cannot -- will not -- argue with you on the validity of this means of ascertaining and deciphering the many wondrous facets and crevices of our great spiritual/physical/divine creation. You must simply "experience" this for yourself (your "Self"). I will neither give you "reason" nor "faith" to believe anything I say! It is not a question of belief, for belief lies in the domain of mental functioning, and what we are attempting to convey lies transcendent to the mental periphery. Furthermore, it matters little what I believe when it comes to the grand structure of ultimate reality, for here (or there?) lies a structure (for lack of a better word) of ultimate, Absolute existence, irrespective of my particular belief system, or even yours. The structure of our creation is such as it is: We either perceive it (cognize it, spiritually) in its wholeness and entirety, or we do not. This we made clear in "Cognitive Speculations on the Qualifications for Spiritual Investigation: Spiritual Science & Supersensible Research" (12-6-90, Book 20). "Discerning fact from fancy..." is more than just a mere mental judgment -- a pronouncement/declaration -- based on previous perceptive and cognitive associations. There is soul to consider -- the Self -- for we are, as the essential ingredient and animating energy of our lives, the initial sole player for any form of consciousness of reality. Let's be clear here: The soul is the seat for all life experience (living experience)--not the body! The body is simply an instrument used by the soul, the soul's glove, so to speak. If we use the physical body only (its brainy functions and mechanisms of conceptual comprehensibility) for discernment of reality, then what we will have is a fragmented, partial reality based on a limited sphere or dimension, i.e., an earthly, physical plane. However, if we include the soul in our fathoming of the ingredients that appear to us as reality (and then, after the fact [the spiritual experience], the brainy functions to conceptualize them for the intellect to communicate), then we will come up with more of the foundation of an ultimate reality, or better, that which gives rise to the physical reality as we know it. This is what we rightly mean by true spiritual investigation or supersensual perception. It is NOT cognitive thinking, but that which transcends thinking and gives rise to it (in which the cognitive thinking, after the fact, plays the role of "translator"). Again, the evidence you seek is your own personal direct experience, not another's! When you indeed have such a "spiritual insight" into the nature of reality, you will surely know it: It is not anything like a dream, thought, or fancy of any kind. Spiritual fact is not physical fact: Physical fact is a collection of information based on "empirical evidence." By "spiritual fact" we really mean "spiritual insight," a spiritual perception unlike any physical perception, but we use these cognitive terms to relate to cognitive thinking those things or notions which lie anterior to the thinking process, so that the language we use to describe the spiritual realms is not indicative of what these realms are like in terms of the authentic experience of them, but rather serve as an indication of the direction to which we are aiming, which can only become a part of one's awareness (consciousness) by the direct experience of them, and NOT thinking about them. Is this clear? And, as a final note, I will have no mention or discussion of "...channelling some universal soul..."; it has nothing whatsoever to do with the present discussion. --ALP, 11-26-91 (Book 22) ### * The MOG-UR'S EMS Granada Hills, CA 818-366-1238/8929 21.6K D/S * PostLink(tm) v1.20 MOGUR (#323) : RelayNet(tm) <*>


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