SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING +quot;THE YELLOW BALLOON+quot; Sometimes, rather that +quot;SO

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SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING "THE YELLOW BALLOON" Sometimes, rather that "SOLVE" a problem, we need simply to "LET IT GO". This script might be especially appropriate for you if you feel that fear and guilt run your life! Again, some of the quotes in this script have been altered, changed, or otherwise added to. This increases its potential strength, by applying techniques proven to release negativity, by the usage of Wizardry. I think that you will find it of great benefit! The Wizard Ariel> LET'S BEGIN... Close your eyes and think of a container. Any kind you like will do: A plastic bag, a wastebasket, a copy of your physical self, or whatever comes into your mind's eye... Into that container put all the things you can think of which you feel guilty about, which you are fearful about, which have been a painful experience for you... Release all of the negative lower vibrations from your physical self into the container: Jealousy, Hate, Lust, Envy, Vanity, and Insecurity... Now imagine a large YELLOW balloon being filled with helium gas and then attached to this imaginary container... Part of you wants to hang on to your container a while longer, but you decide to let it go... As soon as you let it go, it goes up into the air. You can see the yellow balloon getting smaller and smaller, until it finally disappears... Now notice how much lighter you feel... Open your eyes and enjoy your NEW freedom! ====================================================================== REFERENCES: This is an adaptation of a script used by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky... EOF>


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