SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING +quot;THE MIRROR OF THE MIND+quot; After you have clearly defi

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SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING "THE MIRROR OF THE MIND" After you have clearly defined your problem, as honestly as you can, place the image of your problem within a blue frame... Now pretend you are telling you problem to a friend. What would you be saying if the problem were solved? Be joyous in what is happening. Tell them what you joy is like. Be specific... Tell yourself, "I deserve the solution to my problem"... See the solution in a white frame... Tell yourself, "I will sense what is right for my highest good"... Feel confident that the problem will be solved. There is no failure. There is only delayed success... ====================================================================== REFERENCES: This is borrowed from the variation on a Mind Control script developed by Peggy Huddleston, director of the Philadelphia Mind Control Center. EOF>


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