SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING +quot;THE CONTROL ROOM+quot; Allow yourself to go deeper into

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SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING "THE CONTROL ROOM" Allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation, and imagine an empty room that you are going to create into a master control room for your life. First, picture a huge computer that can figure out any problem and decipher any code. At one end of the computer is a printout or teletype machine. If you ask the computer a question, all you have to do is stand there and read the print-out for an answer. Next imagine a TV console with two picture screens on it. On the left-hand screen you can tune in to a woman guide who can answer any question you have. On the right-hand screen, you can tune in to a male guide who can answer any question you have. Now turn on the left-hand screen and see who your female guide is..imagine her face and facial features, or any other features that of interest to you now. OK, now turn that screen off and turn on the right hand screen and see who your male guide is, and notice his features as you did with the other screen. OK, now turn the right-hand screen off, too... From now on any time you have a question about anything you can come into your special room, close the door, and using your computer or television screens, you can find out answers to help you... Now as your question and let the answer come to you... ====================================================================== REFERENCES: This is adapted from a script used by Jack Canfield. EST and other disciplines use similar visualizations. EOF>


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