SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING +quot;THE EYE TUNNEL+quot; Start by becoming deeply relaxed an

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SCRIPTS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING "THE EYE TUNNEL" Start by becoming deeply relaxed and going in your mind's eye to a very beautiful and peaceful place. Now think about the question you want to explore before you begin unreeling your inner visualization/AP and then put that question in your mind's screen. In this type of visualization it is helpful to have someone read the instructions to you, slowly, and allowing time for you to connect with the images. It is helpful for your guide to expand the directions to bring in all your senses...not only what you see, but also what you might hear, smell, or feel tactually, and especially how you feel emotionally. It is not appropriate, however, for you guide to interpret your visualizations. Only YOU can and should to that. ======================================================================= LET'S BEGIN... Allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation until you discover a kind of hole, or even an eye, in your field of inner vision. Propel yourself toward that hole or eye.... You now see that it is really a tunnel... On the other side of that tunnel is a place where you will discover what you are looking for... Now go into that tunnel and go on through it quickly. Notice everything as you go through, even fleeting impressions... When you emerge you will find the solution to your problem, either directly or in some symbolic experience... If you do not find it there immediately, follow the trail or path that you find there... As you do, observe everything around you. The answer to your question is there... Let yourself know it.. ======================================================================= The theme of journeying in search of a great truth appears in myths of all cultures. Since these adventures are symbolic of the inner journey or Astral Self, they provide wonderful images for visualizations. And so, instead of going through an eye tunnel, at another time you might explore a long, winding path; or climb a steep mountain; or travel across the ocean to a beautiful foreign land; or even project yourself to YOUR special place, where you always feel comfortable. The answers you seek will be at the end of your journey. (2) REFERENCES: Based on the script of the same name, by Win Wenger. It was inspired by the common experience in Yoga meditation--and others as well--of seeing an eye in the inner vision. Win's scripts are fascinating and can be found in the book "VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY", available by mail from Psychegenics Press, Box 332 Gaithersburg, MD 20760 EOF>


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