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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- DHARMA WELL Life Abundance Zen Buddhist Sanctuary c/o Dharma Well 4503 - 229th Ave NE Redmond WA 98053-8316 -------------------------------------------------------------------- * * * The garden Zendo at Dharma Well is an ideal setting for a Zen retreat. A Zen retreat is a wonderful opportunity to come together for group practice, and the importance of this group practice cannot be overstated. Everyone, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, benefits greatly from the intensive focus that a retreat offers. A day of just sitting, walking, eating, and working together in silence sharpens our attention and helps recharge our batteries, giving us the strength and courage needed to continue strong and determined, moment-to-moment daily practice. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and bring extra work clothes if necessary. Also, try to arrive by 6:20 so you can settle before we begin. Breakfast and lunch will be served in silent, semi-formal style. Space is limited, so if you're planning to attend, please reserve a spot as soon as possible. You can also make arrangements to attend only part of the day. The fee for the retreat is $30; however, work exchanges are available. For additional information about any of these events, or to make reservations, please call Dhamma-Ratta or Dhamma-Dayavati at 868-2184. Gassho. * * * Updated: 17 Apr 95 Expires: ?? Sources used: [end]


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