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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTHERN DHARMA RETREAT CENTER Rt. 1, Box 34-H Hot Springs, NC 28743 (704) 622-7112 -------------------------------------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+ | POSITION OPEN: | +------------------------------------+ 1995 Schedule of Courses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jun 30-Jul 7 Sandy Gentei Stewart Advanced...Retreat. 7 nights, $235 Jul 14-16 Susan Augenstein Meditation and Living a Full Life. 2 nights, $105 Jul 28-31 Rodney Smith Insight Meditation and the Heart. 3 nights, $135 Aug 11-14 John Orr Meeting Resistance with an Open Heart. 3 nights, $120 Aug 18-21 Lou Nordstrom Beyond Words & Phrases. 3 nights $120 Sep 1-4 Marcia Rose Vipassana Meditation. 3 nights $135 Sep 8-15 Teijo Munnich, Soto Zen Priest The Sixteen Bodhisattva precepts. 7 nights, $225 Sep 20-24 Thubten Chodron From Confusion to enlightenment. 4 nights, $155 Sep 29-Oct 1 Linda Gooding Taoist Meditation for Beginners. 2 nights, $150 Oct 6-15 Cheri Huber Training with the Precepts. 9 nights, $325 Nov 2-5 Bhante Yogavacara Rahula Vipassana with Yoga. 3 nights, $100 Nov 17-19 -- Work Weekend retreat; no fee -- Dec 27-Jan 4 John Orr/Jeff Collins New Year's Retreat. 8 nights, $275 Jan 12-19 1996 Sandy Gentei Stewart Zen Fire, Zen Ice. 7 nights, $235 [The listed retreat costs are for room and board; teachings are generally offered on a dana basis.] * * * About Southern Dharma ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Southern Dharma Retreat Center is a non-profit educational foundation, welcoming a variety of spiritual paths, whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats. Our goal is to provide a comfortable gathering place, removed from the everyday distractions of life, and to create an atmosphere of quiet reflection where one can nurture a sense of peace and uncover the truths within the heart. It is our intention to sponsor teachers from a variety of traditions, to maintain a supportive environment for meditation, and to keep costs to participants low. Members of Southern Dharma ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MSD is an expanding community of friends who make a commitment to support SDRC with donations of time and/or money. A portion of the annual membership goes to the Newsletter, scholarships, and special projects decided upon by members present at the semiannual meetings. The next Board Meeting will be January 14-16, 1994. It is important to call and register for the meeting as space is limited. Visiting SDRC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In order to protect the retreat environment we request that visitors call a day or more in advance to arrange a convenient time to come to the center. * * * POSITION OPEN: SOUTHERN DHARMA RETREAT CENTER SEEKS CO-MANAGERS Southern Dharma Retreat Center, located in the mountains of western North Carolina, is seeking a couple to assume the title, position and responsibilities of co-managers. All duties that an imagination can possibly conjure may well fit into the realm of the activities co-managers will find themselves involved. Southern Dharma is a meditation retreat center sponsoring teachers from a variety of traditions, as well as making the facilities available for private retreats and individuals as the schedule allows, and the managers deem possible. We ask that those applying for the positions be a couple rather than two individuals. The current managers receive a stipend of $900 per month. This includes a $200 cash payment in lieu of a health insurance program. This arrangement being the request of the managers. The new managers are needed no later than August 1, 1995, however, //any// earlier starting time is welcome. For details and answers to any questions please call Nadine Delano at (704)-622-7112. * * * Updated: 1 July 1995 Expires: 19 January 1996 Sources used: SDRC newsletter [end]


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