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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- SANGHAPALA VIHARA #75 H Lane Novato, CA 94945 Tel: (415)-892-7529 -------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS TO THE VIHARA: Coming North on 10l: (FROM SAN FRANCISCO OR THE RICHMOND BRIDGE): Continue through San Rafael and north to Novato, and Exit East on Route 37 (to Napa = Sears Point Hwy)...Leave Hwy 37 = Atherton/Black Point: at the end of the exit ramp, take an immediate Left under the Hwy onto Atherton Avenue. . . Continue 1.3 miles, and after passing a Fire Station on your right, take the next right = H Lane... 75 meters on your left, before the road curves to the left, is the Vihara; park within the gate, and not on the road if possible. Coming South on 101: Either use the above directions with Hwy 37 [which is easiest] or Exit at first Novato exit = San Marin/Atherton Avenue, and go East over the freeway. . . bear to the right (and not onto Bugeia Lane, which forks to the left)... after the loop road Archibald Lane on your left, H Lane is approx. a quarter-mile down on your left. . . if you see the Fire Station on your left, you missed it.. . * * * Updated: 17 Apr 95 Expires: ?? Sources used: Sanghapala flyer [end]


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