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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- INSIGHT MEDITATION SOCIETY 1230 Pleasant St. Barre, MA 01005 (508) 355-4378 (Mon., and Wed. through Sat.: 10AM-12Noon and 3-5PM) FAX: (508) 355-6398 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1995 SCHEDULE OF COURSES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sep 22-Dec 17 (86 days)THREE MONTH RETREAT (3MO $2,250) Sep 22-Nov 4 (6 Weeks) PARTIAL #1 (PART1 $1,150) Nov 4-Dec 17 (6 Weeks) PARTIAL #2 (PART2 $1,150) Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Michele McDonald-Smith,Carol Wilson and Steve Armstrong The three month course is a special time for practice. Because of its extended length and the continuity of guidance, it is a rare opportunity to deepen the powers of concentration, wisdom and compassion. The teaching is in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw, refining the skillful means of mental noting, slow movement and precise, open awareness. Prerequisite is one 9-day retreat with an IMS teacher or special permission. Dec 28-Jan 5 (8 days) NEW YEAR'S RETREAT (NY $240) Jack Kornfield, Rodney Smith and others The New Year is traditionally a time for listening to the heart and taking stock of our lives from the deepest wisdom within. This retreat offers a systematic training in mindfulness of breath, body, feelings, and mind. Emphasis is placed on incorporating a spirit and training of loving kindness into all aspects of the practice, developing our capacity for clarity and compassion in each moment. //Please note the special cancellation deadline for this retreat//. * * * Updated: 16 Oct 95 Expires: 5 Jan 96 Sources used: INSIGHT newsletter [end]


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