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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- THE COMMUNITY OF MINDFUL LIVING 850 Talbot (rear building) Albany CA (510) 527-3751 -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE COMMUNITY: The Community of Mindful Living was incorporated by students of Thich Nhat Hanh in 1990 to give support to mindfulness practice within the individual, the family, and the society. We offer retreats, work for the rejuvenation of Vietnam, and publish books on socially engaged Buddhism and //The Mindfulness Bell// newsletter. * * * Precept Recitation & Discussion Each month, on the Saturday nearest the New Moon, we gather to recite the Five or Fourteen Precepts and discuss one precept. We begin at 7:00pm with meditation. Dates: * * * Morning Meditation Please join us Thursday mornings for sitting and walking meditation, 7-8am. * * * Outdoor Walking Meditation Please join us Saturday afternoons for outdoor walking meditation in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. For further information about this and other Sangha activities in San Francisco, contact Barbara DiPietro, (415) 864-2449. * * * Tuesday Evenings of Mindfulness Each evening begins at 7pm with meditation, followed by a presentation and discussion led by a community member, ending at 9pm. * * * FAMILY DAYS OF MINDFULNESS "For Americans to enjoy a simple, quiet day together is American Buddhism." -Thich Nhat Hanh For more than eight years, we have been welcoming families to join us for one-day mindfulness retreats at Green Gulch Farm, a beautiful, 115-acre meditation center near the Pacific Ocean at Muir Beach. Inspired by the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh, these days are designed to cultivate deep enjoyment of mindfulness practice in family life. Wendy Johnson, the head gardener of Green Gulch Farm for many years and an ordained Dharma teacher, provides her lovely guidance at these Family Days of Mindfulness. Each Family Day begins with a simple introduction to meditation practice, followed by a short Dharma talk. The young people are invited to offer their insights during the talk and throughout the day. Our time together is quiet and always includes simple walking and sitting meditation, and seasonal group projects. In the winter, we plant trees. In the springtime, we help sow and transplant vegetables and flowers into the fields of Zen Center's organic farm. In the autumn, we harvest crops from the bountiful fields to send to local soup kitchens. Following our outdoor period of working together, we practice a meal chant and then enjoy a silent vegetarian lunch. The afternoon includes play and discussion for the young people, anmd a chance for the adults to meet together and reflect on strengthening family life in our times. The day closes with a tea meditation, led by the young people. These days emphasize joyfulness and looking deeply into the heart of family life. Although the day is quiet, there is time for song, play, and real replenishment. Please join us. Please register early, specifying the ages of your children. Dress warmly, and bring rubber boots if you have them. For the half-days, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the garden. Please send the amount due to: Green Gulch Farm 1601 Shoreline Highway Sausalito CA 94965 (checks payable to Green Gulch) You will receive a confirmation letter, map, and other pertinent information. If you have questions or would like additional information, contact the Community for Mindful Living, (510) 527-3751, or Green Gulch Farm, (415) 383-3134. * * * Practice Groups in the Bay Area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Community of Mindful Living Helen Stoltfus & Alan Greenberg 850 Talbot Avenue, Albany 3524 -19th St (off Valencia), SF 510-527-3751 415-626-0943 Mona Bernstein Edie Hartshorne 2420 Sacramento Street, Berkeley Berkeley 510-486-8107 510-843-5504 Jennifer Biehn Ellen Peskin 2230 Ward Street, Berkeley 6409 Hillegass Ave, Oakland 510-843-0548 510-654-1810 Wendy Johnson Mary Ann Clark Highway 1, Muir Beach 5000 Sir Francis Drake, Woodacre 415-383-3134 415-488-0164 Peggy Denial 9175 Poplar Avenue, Cotati 707-792-2635 [end]


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