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The latest edition of this file lives on the World Wide Web at: Send updates and corrections to: -------------------------------------------------------------------- AMARAVATI BUDDHIST MONASTERY Great Gaddesden Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP1 3BZ England Tel: Hemel Hempstead (0442) 842 455 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1995 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Long Retreats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 15-28 Ajahn Amaro Jun 16-25 Ajahn Subbato Aug 25-Sep 3 Ajahn Viradhammo Sep 15-24 Ajahn Sumedho (for those with retreat experience & who are able to practice alone). Nov 10-19 Ajahn Sumedho (for people who have never done a retreat with Ajahn Sumedho) Medium-length Retreats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jul 14-19 Sister Candasiri Dec 27-Jan 1 Sister Siripanna Weekend Retreats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jun 9-11 Ven Sobhano Jul 28-30 Sister Upekkha Sep 29-30 To be announced Oct 20-22 Sister Upekkha Nov 24-26 Ajahn Karuniko Dec 8-10 Ven Sobhano (Young Persons) Dec 15-17 Sister Candasiri (Death & Dying) Elsewhere ~~~~~~~~~ Ajahn Sucitto will lead retreats at the following venues: Mar 17-26 Insight Meditation Society, Pleasant St., Barre, MA 01005 USA Apr 21-23 A.M.E.C.O. Foundation, Rome at Santacittarama monastery: Santacittarama via dei Casali, 3 Tratto 04018 Sezze Romano Latina Tel: 773-88032 Fax: 773-888 457 Advance booking is required and early confirmation is advised. For further details, send s.a.e. to RETREATS, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. Winter Retreat at Amaravati ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Every winter the monastic community at Amaravati and affiliated monasteries in England enter into a two-month retreat. Anyone wishing to come and assist the community (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, etc.) during this time should contact the Amaravati Secretary. Amaravati Cassettes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Low cost copies of taped talks by Ajahn Sumedho, other Sangha teachers and Pali and English chanting are available. For details and a list of tapes, send a s.a.e to: Amaravati Cassettes, 'Delfryn', 22 Pantllwyd, Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd LL41 4PP Wales. * * * Updated: 17 Apr 95 Expires: 31 Dec 95 Sources used: Forest Sangha Newsletter, No. 32 (April 1995/2538) [end]


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